Easy Favorite Hummus

I’m a crazy, ridiculous, can’t-live-without-it hummus addict.

With sky high prices on small containers that I can devour in a day or sometimes a sitting, I’d go broke if I had to rely on storebought hummus. Solution? Make it myself in five minutes.

Easy Favorite Hummus - Don't waste your money buying hummus when you can make it at home in minutes! Fast, easy, foolproof, and tastes way better than storebought!!

It’s mindlessly easy and homemade tastes better. Find the exact ratios of ingredients and tiny tweaks that you like best by using my recipe as a jumping off place. Blend, taste, and tweak to your liking.

Key hummus ingredients include garabanzo beans (chickpeas), garlic, lemon juice, salt, and tahini (sesame seed paste). It’s usually sold near peanut butter, cooking oils, or in the health food aisle of most mainstream grocery stores or readily available at any natural foods grocer. There isn’t a substitution for it and while you could omit it, your hummus won’t taste like hummus without it.

Easy Favorite Hummus - Don't waste your money buying hummus when you can make it at home in minutes! Fast, easy, foolproof, and tastes way better than storebought!!


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