Soft Baked Mini Cream Cheese Puffs

These little puffballs came to be because another recipe failed. It’s so frustrating when that happens. But now I have a stellar recipe for cream cheese puffs that are ready in...


Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Butterfinger Bars

Nobody’s gonna lay a finger on my Butterfinger. Remember that old slogan? Well there’s truth to it with these because I wanted to hoard them. I always loved Butterfingers as a kid...


Soft Vegan Pumpkin Cake with Pumpkin Spice Buttercream Frosting

I’m not into complicated, fussy, layer cakes that dirty 10 bowls, only to create a cake that’s so huge it goes stale before it’s finished. I’m all about one layer, one...


Caramel-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Very little is better in life than a big, warm, thick, chocolate chip cookie. Except when that big, warm, thick cookie is stuffed with a plump caramel. We’re closing in on...

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Outdoor Triple Burner Stove and Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway ($350 Value)

I’m excited to bring you this giveaway for the Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove with Griddle ($200) and the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven ($135)

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Magimix Colored Vision Toaster Giveaway ($200 Value)

I’ve wanted one of these Magimix Colored Vision Toasters for years, and I finally got one. It was worth the wait, and I love this toaster to the point that I’ve...


Honey Maple Beer Bread

I hate beer. But I loved this bread. You will too. And it’s ridiculously easy. Hate may be too strong of a word about my feelings for beer, but not really....


Candy Corn White Chocolate M&M Blondies

Every year I see these M&Ms around Halloween, and don’t do anything about them. But this year I decided do something about them. And by that, I mean baked into soft,...


Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

Caramel, apples, and the fall are made for each other. And while these bars bake, you house will smell like a fall-scented bakery. No candles required. Last fall I made a Caramel...


Lofthouse Soft Sugar Sprinkles Cookies

I’ve baked plenty of Christmas cookies, but had never baked Halloween cookies. This was the year to change that. These sprinkled-up cookies are buttery soft, tender, slightly chewy without any cakiness....