20 Father’s Day Gifts Under $20

Newsflash for anyone who hasn’t thought about this yet, Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17, 2012. Time to start thinking about it.

Here are 20 gift ideas for the Dad who cooks (or likes to have a cold beverage) and all are under $20. Nothing is golf-related, there are no ties, and no grilling tongs.

Who knows, mom may even “borrow” one of dad’s gifts.

1. Owl Measuring Cups, $19

2. Bottle Openers, $7.50 to $9.50 each – Parrot, alligator, mermaid, or turtle

3. Tervis Water Bottle, $19.99

Tervis® Clear 24-Ounce Water Bottle keeps your drink as warm or cold for as long as it takes to enjoy it. This clear insulated tumbler provides a powerful hydration innovation. Comes with easy-open, push-button lid. Opening is large enough to fit ice cubes. Greatly reduces condensation. Fits most cup holders and easily hooks onto backpacks and gym bags.

4. Leather Phone Case with Free Monogramming, $19 – the least food-related of the bunch but I thought it was a great value

5. Cuisinart Sandwich Grill $19.99

Not only does this sandwich grill help you make delicious sandwiches, but you can also use it to make omelets or French toast.

7. Food Thermometer, $7.99

8. Fish Butter Dish, sale $7.99

9. Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons with lifetime warranty, $4.99

10. Vintage Wood Board, $15

11. Seven-piece Martini Set, 19.99

12. Seven-piece Bar Set, $19.99

13. Six-piece Mug Set, $19.99

14. Vintage Wood Serving Set, $19

15. Top Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Silicone Base, $11.99 to $19.99

16. Blender, $19.99

17. Immersion Blender, $16.99

18. Creme Brulee Torch Set, $19.99

19. Silpat Baking Mat, $19.83

20. Make him this gift: Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups and Ice Cream

What are you doing for Father’s Day or how will you be honoring the fathers in your life?

No plans for us other than to just make sure Scott has a relaxing day. I’ll cook whatever he wants, we can spend time together as a family, go for a nice walk or whatever flows and is low key and casual.

Any great gift ideas for the father who already seems to have everything?

Truth be told, I’m not buying him any of these gifts. We don’t exchange gifts for holidays anymore and for the past 5+ years we haven’t given each other gifts on birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s days, anniversaries, Christmas and Chanukah, or any other holiday. We buy what we need throughout the year and he told me not to get him anything so I won’t.

But I will cook. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all.

If you have any great gift ideas, link them up. I always like to look.

45 comments on “20 Father’s Day Gifts Under $20”

  1. I love the monogramed iPhone case!! I already have picked up an iTunes giftcard (I know…how lame am I, but he loves music!) for Fathers day. This will make an excellent Christmas present though! :)

  2. My Dad is a fantastic golfer and just loves it, so golf related gifts are useful to him for Father’s Day. I did NOT get the golf gene and haven’t ever picked up an interest in the game. He (and my husband) like martinis and I like the look of that martini set! My husband is a police officer and is scheduled to work on Sunday–so I should probably make him a good lunch (including a cookie cup w/ ice cream for dessert)!

  3. Yes, I think I would have to borrow that torch from my hubs! LOL Great list!

  4. Great list! I have a feeling I might be making one of your desserts this weekend. ;)

  5. I love your ideas for father’s day gifts. I truly wish my father would go for something like any of those things. He just doesn’t cook, really, and honestly, I really think he has EVERYTHING. It’s always a tough one, knowing what to buy him for that special day and I do like to do something, even if it is teeny tiny, as a token of remembrance and love. Usually it is a card with heartfelt feelings written out and the boys signing it as well cause he is their grandFATHER and that is always the crowning touch for him anyways!

    As for my man, we usually go out to dinner, just like we did for Mother’s Day, down on the SC wharf and it is always so pleasant. I make breakfast for him, too – or brunch – and it ALWAYS includes eggs! The boys get him funny cards and we spend the day together as a family.

    Have a happy Father’s day with Scott and Skylar, Averie!

  6. Great finds.. those double chocolate chip ice cream cups look divine.. I like the owl cups.. and the leather phone case is perfect.

  7. The owl measuring cups are awesome!!!! LOVE those.

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