Zevia GiveAway for 6 Lucky Winners!!!!!

Have I got one mack daddy of a GiveAway for you!!!!!   Well, for 6 of you actually!!!

The kind folks at Zevia (go check ’em out) have graciously wanted 6 people to become winners.  Yep, that’s right, there will be 6 winners!  

Here’s a little bit about Zevia:
ZEVIA™ with stevia is the first all natural zero calorie soda. It contains no artificial sugar substitutes – no aspartame (Nutrasweet®), no sucralose (Splenda®), and no saccharin (Sweet ‘N Low®). ZEVIA™ contains only natural ingredients and comes in six all natural flavors: ZEVIA™ Natural Cola, ZEVIA™ Natural Ginger Root Beer, ZEVIA™ Natural Orange, ZEVIA™ Natural Twist (lemon-lime), ZEVIA™ Natual Black Cherry, and ZEVIA™ Natural Ginger Ale. 

1 Grand Prize Winner Receives:
*1 mixed case (24 cans) of a variety of 6 Zevia Flavors
*1 T-Shirt

5 Separate Runner’s Up Will Each Win:
*6 cans of a variety of Zevia Flavors
*1 T-Shirt


How To Enter
For each thing you do, please leave a separate comment on my blog with words like “This is my Entry #1 because I just left this comment.”

For the next thing you do, leave another comment and say something like “This is my Entry #2 because I posted this contest on my blog and here is the link…”

7 Ways to Enter–Each Way Gets You One Entry (Remember, leave a separate comment on my blog for each entry you want.  If applicable, please leave the link to your Facebook/Twitter/Blog in the comment you leave me.)
1. Leave a Comment Here telling me why you’d like to win and try Zevia

2. Become a Follower of my Blog (Choose Follow Publicly)

3. Link this contest back to your Blog

4. Post this contest on your Facebook or Twitter

5. Go check out Zevia’s Blog and leave a Comment over there

6. Become a Facebook or Twitter Fan of Zevia’s

7. Add my Blog to your Blogroll

***The contest ends at 12 noon (pacific time) on Monday, September 7, 2009 (Labor Day)***

Winners will be randomly generated.

I will notify the winners via email and will get you in touch with my contact at Zevia who will ship your Zevia beverages and tshirts directly to you.

Have fun everyone!  Thanks Zevia!


117 comments on “Zevia GiveAway for 6 Lucky Winners!!!!!”

  1. You? Rude? NEVER! Stop that – I love all your new purchases :) That's the same spiralizer that I have too, and it's definitely the best one out there!!

    Ahh sorry about the salad dressing incident :( Glad you played it safe though!!

    Pigeon pose = love.

    Oh yes, I DEFINITELY need to slow down – still working on doing/moving less.

    Blogging has introduced me to so many new things and people.

  2. yahoo three cheers for PB2!! i don't really love it in "PB form" (i.e. mixing with water) but it's nummylicious sprinkled in cereal, smoothies, yogurt.. etc :) can't wait to hear your thoughts!

  3. Hey I'm hannah, and I'm delurking (is that the word?) lol. I love seeing the stuff you bought! In fact, can you do a review of both the spiralizer and the mandolin-because I've been thinking about buying them but am a little hesitant.

  4. VG-Well ya know, I hate to drone on and on oh lookie me, lookie what I bought but after not putting anything on a credit for like 4 mos, the floodgates just opened :) Glad you like your spiralizer. Now we'll be spiralizing twins cuz we have the same one. xoxo

    Hi Jenny! I hope I like it, if not, can you say GiveAway time :) Thx for stoppin by, have a rad Sunday.

    Hannah-Amen and thank you for delurking yourself! I will def. post reviews of the spiralizer and mandolin in the form of hopefully some new food and of course the appliances themselves. Gotta mix it up, yk? Keep on stoppin in and speakin up, please :)

  5. Oh goodness, the mail man is going to be your friend soon! Spiralizer, mandolin, and PB2?! Fun purchases :)

    I'm with Jenny, PB2 is best used in other things. Hope you like it!! I need to try the banana soft serve (I'll bet it would be mighty tasty with PB2 ;) )!

    Blogging has introduced me to about 85% of what I eat! The bloggies are a well fed group!

  6. Hey Averie! Thanks for the shout-out!

    Let me know how you like the PB2 products.

    I would have done the same thing with the salad, but for caloric rather than allergenic reasons…sigh.

    Yes, slowing down is good- tell that to the hubby who put the cabinet together backwards because he was being speedy gonzales :-)

    I've only just barely started blogging- ask me again in 6 months :-D How has it changed you?

  7. Love all the new purchases!

    I need to try the vanilla agave! Love your vanilla apple creation!

  8. So I tried this sunflower seed butter from TJ's last night at my friends — HOLY CRAP!!!!! I'm buying it ASAP!

  9. I have that same spiralizer! I love it so much :) Like the others, I'm a huge fan of mixing pb2 with other foods–yogurt, oatmeal, hot chocolate, you name it! And using it to make a pb sauce. Yum! I've definitely discovered a lot of new foods and recipe ideas from blogging.

  10. K- Thx for the shoutout, yeah, hope to keep the mailman on his toes round here delivering the goodies to me!

    Deb-Hope the kitch remodel made lotsa headway for you today. What a chore. Oy. How has blogging changed me? In a nutshell, shows me pics of other people's food and inspires my kitch creativity and also helps re-affirm that it's ok to be raw and vegan and whoever doesnt like it can piss off. LOL

    Meg-The Madhava brand of Agave is what I used that's the vanilla infused, tad pricey but worth it. I'm sure you could just spike regular agave w/ vanilla though. Hmm…maybe I will :)

    OhOne-Yeah, I was clueless about SunnyB til very recently. Thx Deb! but I am on the wagon now!

    Anne-Thx for stopping by and for entering my contest all those different ways, awesome! I will cruise your bloggie for spiralizer recipes in action!

  11. I LOVE the Paderno spiralizer!!! It's brilliant. :) I love the pigeon pose…it's one I can actually do! At least I think I can do it. I'm working on crane a lot and I can balance for a bit – not a minute yet, but I'm getting there!

  12. Averie, I'd never, EVER think you're rude–you're just excited, girl! And I love it when you share any of your news with us!!!

    I can't wait to see what you make with those sweet purchases–and do let us know if the PB2 is worth all the hype. ;-D

    Awesome yoga pose–as always.

    Blogging has changed my life for the better, and definitely in too many ways to list here in the comments. I've met so many awesome people (like YOU!) along the way and the community is just so amazing. I've learned so much from each of you and have been encouraged and inspired beyond belief. I always take away something new and refreshing either from getting my own posts off my chest, or from reading exciting ones like this one you just shared.

    Have a fantabulous weekend holiday, Averie!


  13. I can tell that your blog is going to be a bad influence on my wallet–I want ALL of these fabulous gadgets, esp the spiralizer and the VitaGod:)

  14. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! Wow–a spiralizer AND a mandolin? I'm jealous ;) From my zuchini experiment over the weekend, I think I definitely need to get at least one of those!
    You are so incredibly fit! The yoga photos are awesome. I need more yoga in my life.

  15. What awesome purchases you've made!!! I'll have to say I'm a bit(okay-a lot) jealous:) Can't wait to see how you like the spiralizer!

    I can definitely relate to needing to slow down. I was out of town this weekend and felt overwhelmed when I got home with too much to do and not enough time to do it. I think it's time for some relaxing yoga.

    Glad you are in your new home. I'm sure it will be a blessing for many years to come:)

  16. I can't wait to hear how you like that spiralizer. I've been checking some out, too, but have waiting to make the purchase. I bought a VitaMix about a month and a half ago (LOOOOVE IT!), so I've also been trying to be good with the purchasing. Have fun with the PB2. There are so many great ways to experiment.
    Oh, and just love your new house. Beautiful! Lots of luck.
    Yes! to pigeon pose. That's my go-to pose after a tough lower body weight training session. I think that I could fall asleep in pigeon. ha ha. Have a great holiday. – Nancy

  17. I love shopping bonanza's too. I just went on one myself last night to another country no less hehe, to get some almond butter, yogi teas and other bits and pieces that are hard to get here. I love what you have bought! :)

  18. Yes, blogging has changed me! I spend way too much freakin' time on the computer!!;)

    I had thought about trying the PB2 before so I was glad to check out reviews on it for my vegan only days:) Gotta love Pure bars, I eat them all the time!

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