NuNaturals Stevia GiveAway–6 Winners Announed

Thank you to everyone who tried to get in on the NuNaturals Stevia action and entered the contest! 

Winners, please email me promptly at with your full name and shipping info.

Here’s who got lucky:


lilveggiepatch said…
Ooh, I’ve never tried stevia before! I’ve heard about this brand and I would love to test it out.


Anne said…
You’re on my blogroll, too :)


Melissa said…
This is by far my favorite giveaway in the blogworld and I have yet to win…I should buy stock in the company…I love everything they make!!!!


Lauren said…
I love stevia! That’s why I would want to win! :) I use it more then once a day!


Diana said…
And I will take credit again for joining the followers box. :) Tired of me yet?


TheFitnessFreak said…
I’m anxious to try this to see if it’s really non-bitter:) Thanks for the chance Averie!!  Thanks for playin’ kids and thanks to NuNaturals for helping hook this phenomenally generous giveaway up for my readers!!!   Question for everyone: If you could have your perfect product giveaway, what product (within reason!) would you want to see featured on a giveaway/contest?  Based on the feedback I get, I’ll try to hook it up!  


  1. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) Reply

    Ha ha – you're like me with my cream. You'll have to see what I thought about the So Delicious ones in my post tomorrow…I will say this. DO NOT buy the hazelnut. ;)

    Facial cleanser – I like the orange cleanser by Burt Bee's. CD likes using it in place of shaving cream. Good stuff!

    The thought of your breakfast has my teeth chattering. Looked good, but not in the gloomy grey that is Nashville.

    Hope you have a good day Averie!

  2. wow that was a lot of info, ok the salad looks amazing, but I swear raw squash just makes my stomach so upset

    next up.. I LOVE ginger chews. Oh man I am so addicted to those things, especially when I fly!

  3. My go-to facial cleanser of choice is Avalon Organics COQ10 Facial Cleansing Milk with white tea and sunflower oil. It's very gentle and pH-balanced. And best of all, it's less than 10 bucks!

    I am LOVING the new So Delicious Coconut Milk French Vanilla Creamer! And I just baked with the Hazelnut flavor. It made knockout scones! You can check out the recipe here.

  4. mmmm i just bought the vanilla and haxzelnut!! LOVE it but i agree the pint lasts like a week haha

  5. I use burt's bees cleanser too…don't remember the name of's NICE tho.

    I LOVE your second yoga pose…and I decided to do a few minutes of stretching in the am…but I am so tight then that it's tough..I LOVE the twisty bendy ones…AHH so much.

    I love your "wipes" ideas..but I have to collect essential oils and they are not cheap so it will be a while.

    you know all my cost saving issues lately…I definately have been staying away from stuff marts cuz I am too tempted…eating IN …and being as efficient in our home as possible.

    you gave ME great ideas recently!


    Happy Tuesday to ya

  6. hey girl heeeey! looks like i have missed out on some stellar recipes while i was gone. those cookie sandwiches are totally cute and look really yummy, i am going to have to whipe up a batch of something vegan soon for the dudes and those cookies may just have to be on the list. skylar is a doll! glad you found a delicious creamer, keep your eye out for some coupons maybe since the price tag is high! if i need to save some cash i will buy in bulk and freeze stuff in my mondo freezer. p.s. i got my seeds last night and i am STOKED! thanks SO MUCH!!! do you know how long i have looked for chia seeds? well, a long time. no more searching needed! ok this is long. i guess i just missed you! xo

  7. Can you believe that I'm actually jealous that you are eating cauliflower? Poor little Hayden's tummy doesn't like it when I eat it.

    Hey, I use that same face wash. It is natural and very economical. Love it!

  8. Wonderful blog!!

    I use vinegar and water to clean counter-tops, windows and well, just about everything.

    Great day to all!!

  9. Cream too! I am so excited! I hope they have it out here in Wilm. We tried So Delicious vanilla ice cream the other night! So yummy!

    Facial Cleaner – Good old Mary Kay – Still have some left over from the shop! And how long ago has that been! Yikes!

    I am so glad that I have found your blog. It's wonderful to see you and hear about how amazing your life is turning out. I am so happy for you. Man have we both came along way. A few questions and I am sure your sick to death of this one but what about protein. That's about the only thing different with our diets. When did the decision or how/ why did you decided to not eat meat any more. I hope you don't mind me asking. I am just curious about everyone's path. Especially when it is a person that I consider to be one of my life friends. Is there a past blog about this? What I am dealing with the most is friends (maybe they weren't really friends?) passing judgement and the comments. Your never going to eat that again. You don't drink any more? and the list goes on. It's been hard on Dan and I. I never thought that being healthy, eating differently, and doing cross fit would change my life so much. Okay so maybe a little to deep for a comment. But its just so lonely at times. And I didn't even move….miss you!

  10. Love the little Cool Whip sandwiches – so cute :)

    My facial cleanser favorites:

  11. Would it be wrong to want to take a straw to the Thai peanut sauce and just drink it? If so, I don't want to be right ;)

    The name you gave Gina reminds me of my old school AOL screen names from like 10 years ago! Haha!

    My face wash isn't anything special (Clean & Clear maybe?) however I do love me some Burt's Bees!

  12. I did not see all those vegan facial cleansers in TJ's but I'm definitely going to have to check them out when I go back! I recently finished my bottle of Aveno facial wash and I switched over to Burt's Bees. So far it's pretty good – I think it has menthol in it, because it leaves you with that cool, tingly feeling.

    I love your idea of using tree oil – can you buy that anywhere? I'm drooling over your oodles of noodles again. I've had spiralized zukes over the past few nights with Heather D's marinutta sauce and WHOA…that stuff is damn good!! I am continuously saving all of your yummy recipes. I can seriously see you writing a raw/vegan cookbook one day!! Have you thought about that?

    I took a yoga class this morning and I could barely walk afterwards. It was a lot of "straddle" posing (sitting with legs spread outwards) holding that position and stretching from there. My quads and adductors were screaming! I thought of you. :)

  13. Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) Reply

    How funny- I did that exact wrap today in yoga class! Small world!

    I use sooo little facial cleanser- seriously I've had the same one for 4 yrs…is that bad?

    I usually buy everything that I can "on sale" to save money. Exception: a type of flip flop that is ergonomic that I adore I just paid full price (Olokai) ugh- it hurt!

    Have a great one!

  14. I love holistic alternatives to cleaning products! Grapeseed fruit extract, vinegar, baking soda, borax – it's all good!

    I've seen the coconut milk products around but have yet to try them, they are pricey so I've hesitated to buy them yet. I'm not drinking coffee at the moment but if I do I will definitely check this out! I can do without sugar in coffee but I do prefer creamer! Non-dairy? Perfecto!

  15. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Reply

    Sorry I haven't had a chance today to respond to anyone's comment personally. Know that I love all of you and thanks for showin' the love!

    And thanks for all the facial cleanser recommendations…dammmmmmnn I'm gonna have lots to work with!

    Haley & Cindy-I use cheap tea tree oil from the health food store or WF. It doesnt have to be organic, I ain't eating it. So a bottle is like 4.99 and that lasts about 3-6 mos using it a few drops at a time. Essential oils, Cindy they are expensive and I dont go overboard but at like 7.99 for the Aura Cacia which is Frontier's housebrand, it's do-able considering it lasts forever.

    And to all who asked..yes, that dairy free creamer rocks. Sorry HEAB that you werent feelin the hazelnut. Hmmm…good to know.

    Alright lovelies, I gotta dash, but there's some good stuff in the dehydrator right now to talk about tomorrow!
    xoxo averie

  16. My favorite face wash ever is Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile! I think it's $7.99 and I promise your pores have never felt so clean! Seriously, give it a try. :)

  17. This may sound a little weird, but I actually love Dr. Brommer's tea tree soap/do everything cleanser for my face! It's cheap, it lasts a long time, and it really works! Also, I see that we live in the same city! Yay for other locals who love running and good food!

  18. awww Skylar is such a little cutie patootie – I wish I could come babysit for you! I'm babysitting this Friday night for two little girls and one of them is a cute little blonde headed princess just like Sylar :)

    Thanks for your comment and support on my blog. I'm just trying to be the best and healthiest me possible. I'm a slow learner sometimes – and learning to love chocolate in moderation is one of those things that is coming to me slowly!

    I hope you wont regret telling me to come on over for a rant if I need to!! hehehe

    have a lubbly day good looking ;)

  19. Oh GEEZ! Everything sounds so darn good!!! Yum Yum Yum!!!

    I'm a fan of 100% Pure for facial products ( Not too pricey, all natural, and good stuff. I've been using their Lavender Seafoam cleanser (among many other things I use of theirs).

    Cheers XOXO,

  20. i saw you on PB&jens blog and had to come over. so glad i did. you have an awesome blog, i can't wait to get reading.

  21. This post makes me realize that I need to eat more cauliflower! I can't even remember the last time I had it. Oops!

    I don't use a vegan/organic facewash, I use Dermalogic because I am really prone to breakouts. I am slowly converting over to organic beauty products though, so I will check out Burt Bee's like everyone is suggesting :)

  22. I've just discovered your blog after reading your guest post at Jenny's, and thank goodness I did!

    I practice yoga too – although only since June, but I absolutely love it, and really feel the benefits from such a wonderful workout.

    Your cookies and oaties look divine!

    Take care,

  23. I have tried for YEARS to find what works for my face and I haven't had any success yet. I tried tee tree one time and it felt like it was eating my face! I do better with Dove or just plain water. I use coconut oil to get eye make-up off.

    Man, that cookie looks SO good! I want to try some of your stuff, but haven't had much time to experiment lately. I have been having a breakfast cookie(with quinoa flakes) for the past few mornings:)

  24. OMGosh you sure can do some yoga over here girl! Your raw zucchini wraps look so yummy. I can't wait to read more here. :)

  25. I discovered your blog yesterday, and I am already hooked. So many raw recipes require quirky ingredients that I rarely keep on hand. I appreciate how you keep it simple and accessible. Keep 'em coming!

    My facial (and body) cleanser of choice is plain ol' Dove bar soap for sensitive skin. I wash with scrubby gloves to exfoliate and stimulate circulation. I've had great results with organic oatmeal-based soaps as well, but unfortunately, they usually contain scented oils that make my nose tickle.

    To moisturize, I use straight up coconut oil. Yup, the same kind most people cook with. (I keep a separate container in the bathroom of course!) My sister regularly makes playfully bitter comments about my flawless skin, so I must be doing something right!

  26. I am so excited about that coconut creamer! I hate soy so a non-soy, non-dairy creamer is eye candy for me : ) I just may have to try that one come November.

    I buy all of my facial cleansers from
    I love the Avalon Organics Vitamin C line. My skin looks great now that I started using it. The whole line w/ cleanser, toner, moisturizer and face serum cost under $40!

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