Blondie Vegan Macaroon GiveAway!

I decided to make some Blondies and I ended up with more than I need.  

Does anyone want to take a few off my hands?

I will be picking the winner randomly on Monday (10/12/09) afternoon 

Creative Comments or Entering More than One Way Score You Brownie Points in my Book.

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Things today were brought to you in VeganMofo spirit.


  1. hey averie!
    just came across your blog and wanted to leave a little comment saying how impressed i am by yout yoga pracise. i love my yoga more than anything, it just gives me the balance i need in my life.
    your vegan baking looks fantastic too. i managed to read back a bit and have found some yummy food i cant wait to recreate.
    have a great start to the week

  2. I have always been a vanilla girl.. which is weird because I'm definitely not a vanilla kind of personality! I have been starting my day off with the banana soft serve- with some raisins and some peanut butter drizzle.. YUM!!! I really want to make some of these donut holes though… mmhmm.. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. The Voracious Vegan Reply

    Oh I am definitely a chocolate girl. I loooooove chocolate SO much! I have to have a few pieces of creamy, dreamy dark chocolate every day or else I just wouldn't be able to function!

  4. I'm definitely a chocolate person, but I'll take vanilla, too. And, donut holes in any flavor sound good to me.

    I wish I had more time for yoga. It is so relaxing. I try to get it in when I can, but I always reserve a time slot for it on Sundays. I even make my hubby take care of the kids while I do it, so I can get the full effect.

  5. I'm a vanilla. It's not because I'm boring, but because you can add so many different things to vanilla! I love the versatility!

  6. chocolate covered Katie Reply

    Oh my goodness, Averie, we REALLY think so alike that it's scary! Although my recipe is different today, the chocolate balls I'm going to post LOOK so similar to your gems. Great minds think alike, and yours certainly is great :)

  7. I am definitely going to make some of those soon. So delicious! I like both vanilla and chocolate. So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk ice cream = amazing. Even better when topped with dark chocolate chunks. Oh great, it's 9AM and I'm craving chocolate…

  8. Sheri (Green & Crunchy) Reply

    I'm a chocolate girl. All the way!

    Your desserts look scrumptious as always, by the way! Your donut holes are a lot like my Earth Balls — dates, nuts, and add-ins, rolled into balls. Yummy raw balls. TWSS!!

    You need to pop over to my site. (Hint: there are some new glass straws in your future :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  9. Sheri (Green & Crunchy) Reply

    I'm a chocolate girl. All the way!

    Your desserts look scrumptious as always, by the way! Your donut holes are a lot like my Earth Balls — dates, nuts, and add-ins, rolled into balls. Yummy raw balls. TWSS!!

    You need to pop over to my site. (Hint: there are some new glass straws in your future :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. The Apple Hill Adventurer Reply

    those raw donut holes look mighty tasty! anything with maple in it is okay by me :)

  11. Ok, I admit I'm not so much into yoga but I love when you post these runner's stretches!!

  12. Chocolate…but some days

    it's all about the MOOD

    as usual you've out done yourself in the sweet treats dept~

    and great advice..I LOVE my am yoga now..even if it's just a few minutes! weekends I get a longer time but M-F it's just 15-20.
    good enought!

    and I love your two poses today. I needed a closer look at the one the triangle I think.

    Happy Tuesday…glad to have internet again!

  13. healthhappinesshope Reply

    Great recipe once again! I love how simple and quick they are. And, of course, how delicious it sounds!!! :)

    I'm a little of both… it really depends on my mood and what I'm craving. One day, I'll need my vanilla, but the next I'll be digging chocolate!


  14. those look like just the poses for me!! and yummy donut holes :)

    hmm, i would say vanilla, but i do love chocolate… i always went for a twist as a kid!

  15. I'm a vanilla gal…. don't get me wrong… I LOOOOVE chocolate, but I usually chose vanilla 1st. Hope you had a great weekend!!! :D

  16. I am totally split personality… I could go either way. I might have a slight tendency towards vanilla now, but it used to be towards chocolate.

    This recipe sounds soooo good :)

  17. Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) Reply

    YAA Im on your blog! lol
    As usual, Averie, amazing recipe. Im curious where you get your ideas?! You must have a stocked pantry, as well. I find when I have ingredients on hand I'm much, much more willing to try things. It's hard to go out and buy stuff then make something and not like it. I have the staples in the kitchen, BUT I need to start a better supply (then I can become a baking machine!)

    I like vanilla … and chocolate (depends on the day and my mood)

    Have a super afternoon :)

  18. nice balls! i am more vanilla. i love vanilla bean. it is my favorite flavor of anything! i really should just try yoga. maybe i will be able to touch my toes by the time i am 40. so i havent mailed your nunatural stuff yet, i left it in my bag at marshall's house! but i am going up there (he lives 35 miles from me blech) tomorrow so dont mind the delay <3 oooo bloggie meetup! i want to meet up with YOU!

  19. sloppy balls in my moufffff.. oh, so so dirty.

    whoa – seriously, Av .. were you reading my mind this week?! Just recnetly I have realized how often I put things off and procrastinate. It really is so important to JUST GET STARTED .. just do it (nike knows whats upppp) once I take that initial step to just get things started I find that it's not so bad after all… just finding the motivation is the hardest part.

    thank you for being my life coach :) love to ya! xo

  20. Kailey (SnackFace) Reply

    Averie! This is my first time visiting your blog and I already love it! You have such amazing positive energy and your eats are making me hungry! And I just finished dinner! Crazy!

    I'm so a chocolate girl! I currently have a bag of vegan carob chips in the cupboard, but really, chocolate is the only way to go for decadence!

  21. Ooo a blogget meetup! Can't wait :D

    Girl, I love how easy those are to make. I think I'm going to show your recipes to my parents when I visit and I'll have them choose their favorites and have them help me make them. I always wanted to "Bake" with them. I think they'd really enjoy it.. if they don't enjoy the process then I'm positive they will enjoy the taste. I'm definitely going to talk up the samoa recipe lol.

    Yes! If anyone is considering yoga- just do it! No pressure if you're not flexible. It's your practice and you can make it what you want, short as you want, anything :)

    I am mostly a vanilla girl, but I also like my chocolate. It depends really. But you mentioned the dark-chocolate helping to boost the mood. I remember hearing about that, and now that the sun is going to be shining less (that has an affect on my mood), I think I'm going to get a couple bars of dark-chocolate. Let's just call it my medicine :D


  22. Sarah @ The Foodie Diaries Reply

    Dearest Averie,

    With every post I read, I become more and more sure that I want to come live with you. I'd happily eat a vegan diet and make a fool of myself accompanying you in all your yogi endeavors. Please mull this over :)


    PS–Vanilla all day every day! When I first moved to Spain, one of the first questions the woman I lived with asked me was what kinds of desserts I like. I explained that I'm really not a dessert person and definitely not a chocolate person–and that, when it comes to sweets, I always prefer vanilla. However, I pronounced vanilla wrong and we literally had a one hour conversation of me trying to explain the flavor I was speaking of and her looking at me like I was crazy. We ultimately went to the grocery store and I showed her a bottle of vanilla hahah

  23. averie…i had 3 posts to catch up on, and i swear, with each one, things got better and better! you are a serious raw dessert queen. the donut holes are CALLING MY NAME :) also, triangle is my fave pose!

    i got so happy when i got your email…i shall be writing you back soon. have a lovely night dear!

  24. Oh chocolate for sure! I can't wait to try the choco version as I have already eaten all of the plain version, yum!

    I get to do a long yoga session on Thursday and I can't wait! The long hike wore me out.

  25. You've done it again Averie! I'm lovin' the balls..heheheh…I like your yoga advice, too – I started out great but haven't been keeping up with it as well as I'd like. I will say that my headstands have gotten a lot better though! :)

  26. I prefer chocolate in it's original form but I prefer vanilla flavoured things (like cake or ice cream) :) So I guess I'm split personality too!

    FYI: My shoulders are sore from last night!!! woohoo – lovin me some yoga :D

  27. Yay yay yay!!!!
    i can read your blog again :D

    thanks for all the help, averie! you seriously rock my world!

    Those donut holes look insanely good! I would make them.. but my room mate used to cococa powder:( boo!

    I am both a huge vanilla and chocolate girl. i have no favorites, they are both winners in my book.

  28. The only downside to making the chocolate donut holes, is that I can't stop eating them! I am a texture girl and the chewy texture of this is to die for! I store them in the freezer and they are perfectly chewy and delicious!!

  29. Hi! I just discovered your blog and couldn't be happier with the ease of most of the sweet recipes!! Many Thanks to you for being so generous with your recipes and ideas:) I went straight home and made the donut holes with flax – incredible flavor! Quick question though – i found i had to add more moisture to get them to hold together better and wondered if maybe i didn't grind my seeds long enough? do you grind yours to a very very fine powder or just enough to break up the seeds? Thank you! and oh, my husband (meat/potato man!)is actually willing to eat these!!! many extra bonus points for you haha… thanks again!

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