Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies

How are you doing this afternoon?  Thanks for all the awesome comments from my Vegan “Thin Mint” Fudge recipe from earlier.  Just wanted to ask if anyone wants to come over for a Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookie?  My house smells awesome and I’d love to share a cookie with you!  Check here for the recipe info

And honestly, you don’t need a dehydrator.  Pop em in a 300F oven for 5 mins, or don’t even bake ’em.  The raw dough is quite delish on it’s own!

Things today were brought to you in VeganMofo spirit.

See you in the morning for some chia recipes and a new toy….


  1. uhhhh, unfortunately I still partake, although I try to make it once a week only and keep it under wraps on that one day.

    My favourite white wine is Sav Blanc, my favourite red wine is ANY!! I loooove cocktails too, and pimms… mmmmm. I try to steer clear of beer but don't always succeed.

    Sigh… I wish my social life (and friendships) was a little less revolving around drinking, but I guess that's just the way it is at 25 and I'm just trying to keep the manage minimal!

  2. Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) Reply

    Ha ha Averie… you are drogging…admit it! :-)

    I do imbibe, though occasionally. I went through a wine-tasting/collecting phase and now I have hundreds of bottles that will no doubt last me for the rest of my natural (and possibly unnatural) life.

    I do love cocktails as well, on occasion- like for special events (like 5pm rolling around…kidding!) Skinny cosmos, mojitos, etc. But of course if calories were no object, I'd be downing the pina coladas and strawberry margaritas … talk about pimping your smoothie! :-)

    Some time I'd love to hear why you don't drink at all any more. Much healthier lifestyle to be sure!!

  3. The Voracious Vegan Reply


    I don't drink any alcohol at all now, and haven't for the past 6 years. But during my university days I was quite the lush! You could often find me swilling Jack Daniels straight from the bottle!

  4. LOL for not taking a pic while the pan was on a fire. Geez lady, putting your home and safety first above the blog?? That's just crazy talk.

    I occasionally imbibe, wine is typically my beverage of choice. I can count on two hands (and probably a foot actually) the number of times I've been drunk. Pregnancy and nursing put a damper on that sort of fun and now it's lost it's appeal. A hangover + small children in the morning = NOT FUN. I don't have to tell you that though.

  5. oh…Averie, you are killing me. I have been eating some awesome stuff the past few days but I log onto your blog and my food PALES in compariosn! Haha :D

    I don't drink.

  6. Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) Reply

    Hey Averie, I enjoy seeing what yummy dessert you are whipping up every morning!! Lovely as usual. I don't drink.. used to but then started getting intense migraines.. took out the alcohol (and DAIRY) and boom, never felt better. I don't miss it at all. Hub drinks, which is totally fine by me.. it's just not something I really crave! :)

  7. Banana foster looks amazing. We still have a few classes of wine here and there. We have been boozehounds too – though not since the past 2 years. I feel much better about myself that I have cut back so much… now I really enjoy my one or 2 glasses of wine and that is it! :)

  8. I can quite happily live without alcohol (especially as when I am home I live in a dry country – Saudi Arabia does not allow any alcohol) but I enjoy drinking high quality drinks if I ever do ie I will spend the money to drink a really smooth vodka or an organic red wine (especially if I am in a region where it is local – like right now I am in one of the greatest red wine producing countries in the world!) I don't drink alcohol for the buzz anymore, but I just listen to my body and if I have been caning it hard and know it won't respond well then I won't take a drink. I am not black and white on the matter. I have been known to not drink for months and one over a year at a time. When I don't drink, I don't miss it either.

    Isn't it funny that those of us who have abstained for good or for long periods of time have had a crazy time with it as well ie Voracious, you and I have all been honest with our past with booze. I think it took that for us to get to this point now, what do you reckon?

    Nice recipe Averie. Yum :D

  9. That looks amazing! I love that Trader Joes Pumpkin Butter! I put it in my oats every so often!

    I do not drink anymore, I will have about 1-3 drinks per year (around the holidays or a special occasion). Mostly because alcholism is very close to me and alcohol doesn't do well on my stomach.

  10. That looks oh so yummy! You could totally do the same thing and just use rum flavoring instead of the real thing.

    Not a drinker, never was. I'm a water only kind of person. Although, I did go up to Julian the other day and had some Raw apple cider. It was soooo yummy!!

  11. Go bananas! Love this recipe! Would have liked to see the flame, but totally understand about not wanting to burn down the kitch.

    As for the vanilla beans, check them out on eBay. I got a pretty good deal on some organic ones. It was a little touch to rationalize spending the money, but they have lasted a long time and I keep replenishing my vanilla extract with them. Just close your eyes and hit the purchase button! :)

    As for my fave drink…it is def a margarita. But not with the crap mix junk. I juice oranges, limes and lemons, add some patron, a little agave, and yum. Transports me to a beach in Mexico!

  12. You have great things here.

    I am part of a vegan drinks group in southern california I am going to promote your blog in our group.

    Bananas foster looks like a winner. Though I have never tried bananas alchohol. Is the alchohol vegan?

  13. I love yoga and I am so excited to find others that do too! I feel like a whole new world has just been opened to me! I am vegetarian but lately my husband and I have been throwing around the idea of going all the way and being vegan. He is reading this book called the Omnivores Dilemma (I think that's right) and it has really opened our eyes to some crazy stuff! One of our concerns is that we will not be able to get enough calcium and protein especially since we work out alot. how do you make sure you get all of those things? have a good day!

  14. love the banana dish! Must go see if we have any rum!

    we might!!

    I don't drink often but I love a good margarita!

    not much of a wine drinker..get headaches..but when the mexican food comes out, so does my inner latina-Diva! haha

    I am sure you cooked out the rum!

    Happy Thursday!

  15. mmm i have never had bananas foster! ever! that looks great, and i love the fact that you get to light it on fire :) i love that TJs pumpkin butter though, it is REALLY sweet to me, so a little goes a long way, which is good. i only drink on special occasions now.. and trips to lake powell haha.. but i love beer. not cheapo beer, but good beer. fave is probably green lev. mm. send me your address peaches! i will mail you some stevia!

  16. Devan Geselle. N Reply

    …im thinking you should cook for me.
    delicous! yet again :)

    I made some chia pudding yesterday!! AMAZING!

  17. OMG yes you can come over now and cook some bananas foster for me por favor!

    you must open your own shop, mrs averie! you are too good with the food!

    i do love a good glass of wine, pinot grigio for white, or a nice pinot noir for red.

    the banana schnapps is such a pretty bright yelloW your pics are fabulous!!

    enjoy your day, aves!!

  18. HAHAHAHA. Enough said.

    That bananas foster looks so, so good. I've wanted to make some of my own ever since I tried Stogo's version… yum yum yum! My food processor is still a virgin…

  19. GEEEEEZ. all these dessert posts. you have to come over and make me food!

    thanks for your sweet comment the other day. i really appreciated it. sometimes work stuff gets overwhelming and i dont feel up to blogging.

  20. ps my family owns a vineyard in healdsburg's dry creek valley. we grow grapes for murphy goode's zinfandel. enough said?

  21. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Reply

    Thanks to all the ladies (and 1 man) who've been stoppin by showin the love this morning!

    I have totally appreciated your kind comments and your drinking habits. It's noon somewhere by now, right? Oh wait, it's 12:06pm here. Time to go get sloshed on my dessert.

    Kidding…I'm still on full on mommy duty for another 7 hrs til my relief gets home from work :)

    xoxox to all my friends!!!!

  22. Living and Loving in L.A. Reply

    Yum! I LOVE your desserts, Averie! Thanks for all of the well-wishes. I think a good strong margarita might be able to kill whatever is still left in my throat. Haha.

  23. Get out of town! Actually.. DON'T! I love your ideas. I need to get myself some rum because there are too many recipes that call for it.. and I don't want to use extract – I want the real deal and that spice and little burn going down my throat lol.. okay I just want to drink it. Heck it's even used to help the common cold over in the carribean. Seriously, you have such a creative knack in the kitchen. Anyone who scoffs and thinks that vegans only eat lettuce are kidding themselves. They need to just take one look at your blog and they'll be drooling. I know I am!!!

    I actually don't drink very often. My peers in college respect my decisions, but I think they think I'm judging them when they're drink. But the truth is I'm not. I'm able to relax around people without relying on alcohol, so when they drink they are finally as relaxed as I am when I'm sober, so they're fun to be around. But I DO drink – only when I feel like it, and if it's something that tastes good. Some of my favorites include, Lindeman's Framboise in any flavor (awesome Belgian beer they sell at Trader Joe's too FYI), White Russians, and Stoli Vanil + Root Beer. I also like this Brazilian liquer they don't sell in the states called Batida de Coco.. and they have a chocolate version too called Black Batida.

  24. Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl Reply

    That looks like a beautiful banana dessert, Averie – as ALWAYS! You're the raw dessert QUEEN!!!!

    That apple dessert looks yummy, too.

    I've never been one for drinking or smoking, etc. – the most alcohol I get comes via herbal tonics. LOL :-D

  25. I drink once in a while at a wedding or social function. I don't really enjoy it and always feel like poo the next day. I'm a fun enough gal without the booze :)

    The bananas in this post make me want to lick the screen!

  26. ooh, captain and i quite close… although i really don't drink much at all anymore. especially when i do things like last saturday and forget ;)

    and this bananas foster? brillz :)

    where are you in az??

  27. I just found your blog and I love love everything I've read!!
    Sooo much good energy.
    I'm a yoga lover, working on finding balance in my life.
    I can't wait to try your raw apple crisp…looks wonderful!
    Ohh, and please post more on the Lunar cycles. I've become more in tune with moon cycles lately, but i have much to learn. i notice Huge effects on my mood though.
    Sorry for writing a book!

  28. I love a nice glass of wine!

  29. How do you have so much creativity and recipe talent?? Can I have some? Haha! The banana foster looks amazing! And I don't drink–I'm only 20, but I'm still not the drinking/partying type. I've had champagne at family dinners for special occasions, and I really like that! I've also sipped my mom's pinot grigio before and I like that. But other than that, I totally don't drink. Not a typical college student! Haha

  30. Can you believe I've never had bananas foster? I should be shunned. Any recipe with bananas promises to be good!

  31. don't drink – never have. neither of my parents drink, and i was in a drunk driving car accident when i was young. even though i was fine, as a young kid that stuff is scary. i only remember it in flashes – hitting my head, waking up on a stretcher. i turned my head, saw a dead body on another stretcher, and flipped out. there are a few other memories, but basically since then losing control like that scares me.
    no judgement though- my not drinking is purely a result of my individual experience.

  32. Averie, I usually lurk (and drool!) here at your site, but decided to come out of lurkdom today to tell you that you rock the vegan desserts!

    This looks amazing! I am a big fan of vegan desserts and as a result, I have bookmarked nearly every recipe on your blog to try. This one looks like a winner :)

    And look at all that rum and banana liqueur that you have leftover. You'll just have to make some more bananas foster to use it up. Bummer :)

  33. I don't avoid alcohol per say but I don't really drink very often. Usually it's because I don't feel like I need teh sugar or calories and it usually leads to eating all kinds of things that make me feel yuck later.

    it bothers a lot of my friends, but I don't care. hubby drinks freely and it doesn't bother me

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