Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Here’s a favorite Raw Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipe….


Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Combine in Vita-Mix or Food Processor
2 ripe avocados
1/2 c agave
1/4 c cocoa powder

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
Dash Vanilla Extract


Blend until smooth and serve


Put in container and chill in fridge, or freeze to make it really decadent like a thick mousse-ey ice cream, or make it pretty and do it up parfait style in glasses alternating layers of chocolate mousse and strawberries or other fruit.  Or as I mentioned, you can even thin it out a smidge more with an extra dash of agave and this will become your go-to frosting.  Serious.


And if anyone wants to really go crazy with chocolate, try Raw Vegan Brownies

Recipe and step-by-step instructions are here

Have you ever made a raw dessert?

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  1. Hey averie, miss you guys! I would love to win the bars!
    Stephanie (Henry, Gwen)

  2. This is my entry #1.
    I would like to try Fruition bars because I absolutely love FRUITY bars. The nutrition stat looks fab too ;)

  3. This is entry #2 for number5.
    I learned that there are three lines of bars for Probars: Art's Original, Sweet&Savory, and FRUITION!

  4. This is my entry #3 for number 9. I've commented on your review post!

  5. Entry # 1: I would love to win these because my Whole Foods doesn't carry them! I've heard the blueberry is like a dream:)

  6. This is my entry #1 (if Canadians may enter). I'd like to try these bars because they look like they'd be a handy snack to take hiking or cross-country skiing.

  7. This is my second entry, for method #5. I liked that the ProBar website offers sweet and salty bars, something that I haven't seen from very many brands but that I enjoy a lot. Cherry Pretzel looks amazing.

  8. This is my entry for # 1 – I've never tried these and would LOVE tooo! I just recently made a huge change in my diet to eat healthier and excersier and I've been trying to find bars I enjoy..these have been the only ones so far that will tickle my fancy.

  9. This is entry number 2 stating that I follow your kick ass bloggg! =]

  10. Yay! Okie smokie
    this is my entery numerou uno!
    And I'd LOVE to try these bars because A) never had them
    and B)because if you say they are good.. they must be REALLY good.

  11. This is my Entry #1 :) I'd really like to try those!

  12. this is my entry #1

    I would LOVE to try the fruitrition bars…a bar with yummy dried fruit AND chia seeds, thsi sounds so amazingg and I love fruity bars with chunks of real fruit!!

    you ROCK, averie!!

  13. This is my entry 2

    you are OBV on my blogroll and I am a follower!!

  14. this is my entry number 3 for number 5. I learned that there are 2 servings of fruit in every bar! I also love that there are 3 different lines of Pro bars, love the idea of cherry pretzel and kettle corn bars!!

  15. This is my #1 entry to win a probar. I'd love to try them because I have never had one before!!

  16. #1 Entry –

    I've been seeing these bars all over the blogging world but can't find them anywhere! They sound SO healthy and yummy. I would LOVE to try them!


  17. Entry #2-

    I'm following you on Twitter!


  18. Entry #3-

    You're on my blogroll (of course!)


  19. Woo.. love give-aways! This is my entry #1 Ms. Averie: I would like to try Fruition bars because I have never had em AND they look like a super healthy snack to take to work (when that mid morning hunger creeps in!)

  20. This is my entry #2.. You are obv on my blogroll.. wooo. :)

  21. I tweeted you, baby! I want to try ProBars! (this comes from my 4-year old AND me!)

  22. My tummy would thank you if it was able to try ProBars!

  23. I don't often enter many giveaways but I love ya Averie and this one sounds REALLY good! Not as good as giveaways of your home goodies, but beggers can't be choosers! :)

    I'll post a link on my blog and then post here again..

  24. This is my #1 entry

    I would love to win these bars because I pack several healthy lunches every day for my beautiful family and with 2 fruit servings in each bar and the fact that it is made with chia seeds…hello!!! Totally sounds amazing!!!

  25. Entry #1- I would like to win these Probars because I have never tried them and they look delicious. Two servings of fruit in one bar seems pretty amazing too.

  26. Entry #2- You are in my blogroll!

  27. #1 entry.

    I loved their Superfood Slam bar so I'd love a chance to try more of their bars. :) Kroger doesn't have these.

  28. "This is my Entry #1 because I just left this comment."

  29. Entry #2 number5.

    They have a lot of flavors I need to try and some of them are 70% raw and vegan.

  30. This is entry #2

    I didn't realize Art created this company in 2002. I love a man who knows his way around the kitchen! ;) hehheee!

  31. entry # 1: because I've never had these bars before!!!


  32. Of course I'd love to win some bars. They'd come in handy around here in a pinch. I'm having less and less time in the kitch.

  33. I am always looking for new pre-run snacks! I think these ProBars would hit the spot!

  34. this is my entry #1..id love to win because ive never tried them!

  35. this is entry 2…i follow ya already!

  36. this is entry 3…i am linking back to you!

  37. this is entry 4..i checked out probar's site and the sweet&savoury line looks delicious!

  38. this is entry 5..i follow you on twitter too!

  39. this is entry 6..i commented on your review. what a great giveaway!

  40. Entry #1 – I would love to try these bars. They look yummy!

  41. This is my comment for my one and only entry.

  42. Entry #1: I would love to try these bars! They sound sooo yummy!

  43. Entry #2: I follow you on Twitter!

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  45. Entry #4:I learned that these are healthy, raw bars, that are 100% Vegan!

  46. Entry #5: I became a fan of ProBars on Twitter.

  47. Good Morning Averie!
    This is my post #1
    I would love to take these bars home because they sound wonderful and trying new bars is my 'thing' :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. My comment #2 – I am already a loveveggiesandyoga.com follower ;)

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