Raw Vegan Pasta-n-Pesto & Peanut Sauce-Recipes

What’s shaking in your world on the weekend?  Have you had a productive day?  By productive I mean, nourishing your body, mind, and soul.  Hopefully you’ve gotten to lazily read the paper or some blogs while drinking coffee or tea, or maybe you got in a lovely workout.  Whatever it is, I hope you’ve had a chance to recharge your batteries and be “productive” in the way that best works for you!

Thanks for all the praise from yesterday’s Vegan (almost Raw) Girl Scout Samoas Cookie remake that I did.  They were really fun to make and I am pleased with how closely they resemble the real Samoas! If anyone tries them, please fill me in!  I know a couple of you hotties wrote to me saying you were going to make them, so let me know how it goes!

And I also posted the Raw Vegan 5-minute Donut Holes if you’ve got 5 mins to spare and are feeling munchy, these are for you.


I know that I’ve done sooo many desserts recently so I thought I’d switch it up and show you a dinner I made.

First, I spiralized 2 zukes.


Then, I combined:
About 15 basil leaves (loosely packed it would be 1/2 c, tightly packed it’d be 1/8 c, I just used 1 package of organic fresh basil, de-stemmed)
About the same amount of spinach, about 1/2 c very loosely packed
Juice of 1/2 lemon (careful if you don’t like things lemma-licious, go easy)
1/4 c raw walnuts
Cracked black pepper

Then I mixed this in my New Blendtec using the Pulse feature

And then added about 1 Tbsp EVOO and pulsed again

The Result

I must thank the Fitnessista for her recipe inspiration.  In her recipe, she also added garlic and salt, but since I am a fan of neither, I omitted both.

While I was making this, Skylar was hot to trot to have a taste.  What 2.75 year old begs their mom for raw spinach, walnuts, and basil?  Why the offspring of a raw vegan mommy, I guess. 

Anyway at dinnertime, I tossed it together with zuke noods for Raw Vegan Pasta-n-Pesto.  

And added mixed greens, B.S., Cauli, Carrots, Cukes and Tomatoes to the Mix.  Very good.

But remember how I had spiralized 2 zukes?  Well, I whipped up another batch of Peanut Sauce in the Blendtec.

Averie’s Peanut Sauce Today (I even tweak my own recipes so if you look back the last time or the time before that, they are all slightly diff.)
I used the last 1/3rd of the jar of PB (so a generous 1/2 c)
Juice of 1/2 an orange, about 1/3 c
3 Tbsp Maple Syrup
2 Tbsp Agave
3 Tbsp Sesame Oil
1/2 Tsp Ground Ginger
Cracky Blacky


Tip of the Day: When in doubt making Peanut Sauce, there are 3 things you cannot skimp on: Peanut Butter, Sweetener (agave or maple syrup), & Sesame Oil.  If you are feeling like you’re almost there with your concoction, but not quite, use more Sesame Oil.  And then, you will probably need to add more sweetener, and trust me, it will all work out.  Beautifully.

 I’ve said it before to some of you privately, but don’t be afraid to use your sweeteners when cooking, raw or otherwise.  If you don’t, the food is not going to taste quite right or it will seem a little low cal, off, or just not quite there.  Some may disagree, but I have to say Katie, here’s your Hug-A-Carb plug via my little plug for sweeteners.

Anyway, then I poured it back into the jar for storage.  It’ll last 5-7 days in fridge I’m sure.  If it lasts that long before I slurp it all.

And had a little boatload reserved to go over the other zuke noods.

For dessert we munched the Vegan (almost Raw) Girl Scout Samoas knock-offs I made.  And yeah, they went down like butttahhhh.  

And I also popped a couple Raw Vegan Donut Holes

VeganMofo in the house today.

Yoga today is an Astavakrasana Variation

Please go enter my Vegan Blondie Macaroon Give Away if you haven’t already!!!!!!!!!!  I’d love it if you could spread the word about it, too!


You know I like to make my own sauces and dressings and really don’t use store-boughts for those things.  What do you make at home that you’re proud to shun storebought for? Or, what do you wish you could make at home so that you could give up store boughts?  Maybe if you tell me what you’re wishing for I can help you create a recipe….

Stay tuned for A Desserts Week Recap….


  1. Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl Reply

    My goodness, girl, this is one HUGE review post. LOL

    Looks like some cool stuff. The Flax sounds interesting. I LOVE coconut oil! And that chocolate looks YUM!!!

    Sorry I haven't been commenting a lot lately – I'm burning my fingers up writing a gazillion words! LOL


  2. I've never had nooch but it took me a whiiiiile as I was reading blogs to figure out what it was :D My fave bloggie finds are greek yogurt, butternut squash fries and oatmeal, I didn't touch any of that stuff a year ago!

  3. great review! lots of yummy stuff.i love the name of that company "a matter of flax," so cute!

  4. Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) Reply

    Okay, you rock. Thanks for the internet update info. I have first period at school free, so guess what I spent my time doing?? Nope, not school work. lol

    Im obsessed with Mary's crackers.. in fact, I have the entire box sitting on my desk for lunch later.. I would really like to try those tomato flax things. How cool. I really enjoy when bloggies give reviews on products!

    Have a super day! :)

  5. So So great.
    I'm a newbie to your blog and I just can't seem to leave it alone!!

  6. Holy product review!

    You have scored big time!! I love your blog and can't wait to try those donut holes, I love raw donut recipes, check out my blog at


  7. Angel (Shanghai Monkey) Reply

    Can you use lucama to sweeten coffee??

  8. K from ksgoodeats Reply

    I LOVE all of the reviews!! Thanks! Yum to the dried hummus – this gives me another chance to keep eating hummus ;)

    Haha to the sawdust comment! Your sawdust looks delicious! As does the raw vegan donut holes – there's a high possibility I'm drooling over them!

    I hope you have a wonderful day with the little one!!

  9. 1) Love that pose!! (Reminds me of skating!!)
    2) I saw Janetha's goodies from you and I smiled so big!!!
    3) Do you have a facebook? We should be friends!!
    4) I love your veggie eats! I think I need to come visit and have you cook for me !!!
    5) I have heard so many good things about Matter of Flax!! They were always so expensive at the store though!!
    6) Love your raw baking!!


  10. Tons of reviews for you Averie! And I def think you can turn your bloggie treats into a business/cookbook, whatever. They are so good, I would buy them!

    Glad I finally got back on your blog. I was having withdrawals!

  11. ohhh so many product reviews! i love the brand name "matter of flax".. how clever. love it. it is so fun to say. i got the pom coffees too! i am going to put marshall to the test. i have heard elise talk about nooch but i honestly have no idea what it is! it has a great name though. can you tell i am all about names? i would be a sucker for a good marketing ploy. annnnyway! stuff i have picked up on from blog land includes breakfast cookies, overnight oats, CHIA! have fun flying solo with the little one!! xoxo

  12. ohhh what foods or products ???

    Chia and flax seeds…
    Coconut EVERYTHING
    DATES….always liked them but now I can't live without them
    nooch (thanks for the definition…didn't know what that was)
    green smoothies…
    healthy fats!

    nice reviews!

    Happy Wednesday to you too~

  13. you did score big with the product reviews!

    and can i say, yay for firefox! i never have any issues.

    i never did oats in a PB jar before i started blogging. :) greatest thing in the world.

  14. oh man, guess I need to start a blog so I can score goodies like that. Totally jealous

  15. wowza — you are rollin' in goods. No one deserves them more than you :) hope you enjoy everything sweets!

    Have a great hump day beautiful! No humping, ya got me?! ;)

  16. I have been reading food blogs for about 4 months, and have learned about so many new foods/recipes that I had never heard of previously and now cannot imagine my life without! Number one is green monster smoothies. Who would have thought that heaven tasted like pb, banana, spinach, and kale in a blender? Other new standards are: Ezekial english muffins, agave, banana soft serve, nootch, and butternut squash fries. Thank you Averie and all you other bloggers for bringing your foodie genius to the masses!!

  17. Hey girlly! Hope all is well while you and the babe are flying solo. You HAVE to let the hubby out every once in a while! :P You are so lucky to get such awesome products to review. I want some!!!!!! :D

  18. Wow, so many great products! Those tomato crisps look yummy! I bet they would taste good on salads or dipped in some Raw Hummus, yum!

    I made the chocolate doughnut holes last night and added some cacao nibs then rolled them in coconut. All I can say is, yummo!! Thanks for the recipe, it's always good to find a delicious way to get some healthy Omega's in there : )

  19. Jessie (Vegan-minded) Reply

    Hi Averie! Thank you so much for your kind comments.

    There are so many wonderful products in this post, I am experiencing a bit of sensory overload! Those Navitas Naturals items look especially awesome and healthy.

    I love all of your raw vegan desserts too :)

  20. The Matter of Flax sounds great! I'm glad you posted these because I always love to see what raw things are out there. I think when people adopt an "unconventional" lifestyle they get very creative! Most stuff isn't readily available so you improvise and it's wonderful! I can even see the creativity and experimentation in your eats.

    I was actually wondering – do you sell the stuff you make? I would really love to try some. I know you post the recipes but some of the igredients are ones I don't have on hand. Not to mention – you ARE the expert ;)

    thanks for the well wishes! I had a butterfingers today and thought of you lol. Even though it's not dark chocolate it made me feel good because they're one of my faces!


  21. Whoops! My iPhone decided to change faves to faces hahaha

  22. healthhappinesshope Reply

    Great reviews Averie! Totally jealous of all those goodies… those crackers certainly sound intriguing!


  23. Thanks so much for the product reviews! I actually have never heard of Lucuma powder and Im going to go out and try and find some now. I also love that you added what they could be used to replace! Thanks. Love the dessert pics too. Looks amazing! I think the biggest thing Ive learned on alot of food blogs for me has been about raw foods. I love them and have been really experimenting alot more with it. Ive been having a blast with it!

  24. Look at all that loot you got to try! I think I'm drooling more over your Nativa Naturals stash – I've got some of the Vega products heading my way and can't wait to try them.

    I never tried almond butter until I read about it in blog world. Greek yogurt, hemp milk, kashi crackers, green & black chocolate – basically everything I fill my cupboards with these days!

  25. Sun warrior vanilla protein powder! Chia seeds. Agave. Almond butter.

    'nuff said

    PS: and a wonderful big good morning to you Averie :D

  26. Hi! I just found your blog through Janetha's awesome blog and I have to say, I'm lovin' everything about it!! I love products reviews, and even more dessert recipes and ideas!!! Can't wait to read more. :)

  27. holy swag, batman! Haha…those crackers have your name all over them. :)

    Yikes…foods from blogs? Pretty much most of the things I eat! Nut butters, oatmeal, seitan, tempeh, yogurts messes (I have been eating greek-style yogurt my whole life, but never with the stuff I mix in now), hummus, felafel…should I stop?.. :P

    Thanks for the browser tip. What is REALLY weird now is that my internet is 'down- your blog is the only one I have been able to access! No facebook, twitter, email..nada. You got superpowers or something?

  28. LOTS of cool stuff in this post! I love the yoga pose at the end…you should also do a book of yoga poses!! That'd be so cool.

    I've taken lots of great ideas from your blog – the raw cheesecake and the raw apple crumble (that I plan on making), Larabars, salad dressings, oodles of noodles, nut butters, Chobani and other Greek yogurts, and I recently got some samples of Stevia NuNaturals. I haven't blogged about them because let's face it – I haven't blogged about anything lately – but I also need to try them!

    I've had no problems with your site since switching to Safari. :)

  29. First we wanted to mention that we are both chocolate lovers, although Michelle sometimes leans towards vanilla more!

    We love Navitas Naturals too!! So far when we read other food/health blogs the products they have reviewed we have already tried before, so have not seen something new yet. It is nice to see people like some of the same products we do : )

  30. wow you are the luckiest gal everrr!! what generous foodie gifts you got! you must be so siked!!

    those flax crackers look amazing! as do the tomatoes

    from reading others blogs I have certainly widened my horizons when it comes to food. I have tried new products such as different cereals and lots of squash!! I love the reviews everyone gives! Oh and different flavors of larabar such as the coconut cream pie! I would have never tried that before reading someones blog that had an amazing review!

  31. great review. that is def. one of my favorite poses! i have to try those donut holes! i am all things chocolate-lol

  32. So many great reviews! I'd love to try some of that POM.

  33. wohoo look at that loot. I have been interested in Lucama powder for awhile, so I will be anxiously awaiting your usage and thoughts on what it does for the body

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