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How’s (late Saturday night) or Sunday going for you my sweet bloggie friends?  I am really having a great weekend so far!  As I had mentioned I would be doing, I went to yoga on Saturday morning.  I loved being in the company of other yogis, which admittedly has been a little dry since moving to Phoenix 8 weeks ago.  But I enjoyed myself so much, I am going back Sunday morning!  Yay for yoga!  Then, as if yoga two days in a row in a studio wasn’t cool enough, I am meeting up with a fellow Phoenix blogger.  We somehow realized we both live in Phoenix and so we’ve got a coffee meetup planned.  Yay for new friends!  What’s on your agenda for Sunday?

I am really glad you were getting your “spaghetti” groove on with my Raw Vegan Pasta Noodles & Raw Marinara.  And for those of you who are interested in a spiralizer, that little bugger is the best 29.99 I’ve spent in a long time, for sure.  Christmas list anyone?

And thanks for clue-ing me in about what your go-to dinners and quick meals were.  I loved reading what everyone grabs and gravitates to in a pinch!

So as promised, let’s talk about the Highlights of my Week in Food.  If you missed last week’s recap, here is is.  

But for this week:
Monday I gave Thanksgiving dessert new meaning with my Vegan No-Bake Pumpkin Pie (Gluten & Soy Free)


Tuesday I rocked out the Vegan Fajitas with Sweet-Ginger Lime Sauce


Wednesday I sweetened up your world with the 5 Minute Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


Thursday was a Veggie Medley starting with  Dehydrated Kale Chips

Fresh Massaged Kale Salad

And Roasted Sweet Potato Fries and Sweet Potato Curly Fries

Friday I graced you with the Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Coconut Snowballs 

And I made some Dark Chocolate Macaroons


Saturday I posted Raw Vegan Pasta Noodles & Raw Marinara


and no meal would be complete without Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Today I made some Butterfinger Oats for Scott.  1/3 c dry oats, cooked with 2/3 c water.  Swirled in cinnamon, brown sugar, and topped with a 1/2 banana, 1/4 c butterscotch chips, and 1 leftover Halloween Butterfinger bar that I crumbled on top.  Not really healthfood or anything but Scott loves this weekend treat!

And just because I didn’t get enough yoga in at the studio today (kidding).  Yoga Here Today is Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose)

Tip of the Day: My Chia Seed GiveAway!!!!!  If you’re not already entered, go get your pretty self entered for a 3 Pound Bag of Chia Seeds!!!!!   Contest ends Sunday so hurry!!!!!!!!!!

What’s your Highlight of the Week?  Not necessarily food, but just something that you really savor and enjoy?  For me, it’s the 4 hours either Saturday or Sunday morning/midday that Scott takes Skylar and I am not mom, I am just Averie.  I get to do whatever I want with my free time!  Undoubtedly I try to get ahead on veggie chopping and carrot peeling and spend time in the kitchen doing boring things but I try to get out and do yoga, meetup with someone, browse through non-kiddie stores like Bebe or Victoria’s Secret, drink a Starbucks alone without singing the ABCs, you know, just enjoy my few hours alone!  What’s your Highlight of the Week?

Stay Tuned For The Chia Seeds Give Away Winner to be Announced AND 3-Ingredient & 5-Minute Homemade Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls…

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  1. I love to create things! I do not think of myself as very creative compared to others, but I love to try. :)

  2. HALF MOON POSE!!!!!! My favorite!! Well actually, TWISTING half moon is my favorite :)

    I too love making pottery.

    Enjoy the yoga class on Wednesday!

  3. uh pottery is so fun! AND MESSY
    I actually have to have some sort of creative outlet (or 2) or I get nutzy. I am NOT Picasso, or anything..although I would LOVE to go to ART school..but each season brings it's artszy fartzy crafts. Right now it's yarn. Come Spring I will be dragging out my sketchbooks and paint…of course kitchen time is always a creative outlet (one YOU are amazing at)….I love it and need it!
    fun topic!
    I am sure Skylar LOVED playing with clay!

  4. Averie,
    I am making the kale chips tomorrow but don't yet have a dehydrator. Do you think it would work in the oven?
    Thanks! Can't wait to try them.

  5. Mmm, anything containing tahini, I love. In fact, I even love tahini all on its own – I'll just eat it straight from the jar with a spoon. Love my sesame seed paste. :)

    I once painted my own set of dishes at Pottery Studio – love creating. Painting is one of my favorite things to do. I'm not that great at it, but I don't care. It's so relaxing, and I totally lose track of time whenever I paint. I should do it more often!

  6. Mmm, now I definitely want some roasted potatoes. I also used a little tahini today, but due to being short on time, I simply used it plain to jazz up some broccoli. Still delish!

  7. I love Half Moon. My legs are SO STIFF right now, so I really need it!

    Love the pottery class! That sounds like so much fun… I loved making things with my hands when I was little. Still do!

    I'll re-cap it fully tomorrow, but those snowballs… blew me away. So freaking good. Almost tastes like there are nuts in there!

    Tahini sounds great too… thanks for the recipes and have a lovely night!

  8. Definently a creative person! I haven't ever tried pottery though but have always wanted too. Anything to do with art whether it be cooking, painting or pottery are all very satisfying!
    I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you avoid gluten/soy/dairy etc. because you are allergic? And if so, when did you find out you had allergies to them?
    Skylar is really lucky to have a healthy mum that makes yum stuff too! :P

  9. That dressing looks quite yummy!

    I've let my boys paint pottery and they had a blast. It's a good reminder for me because I haven't done it in a while and it would be a good Christmas present :)

    Creative? Yes, I think I can be. Of course that would require time to be creative and I don't get a lot of that around here. Maybe one day agin soon : )

  10. I am not too creative as some people, but I have my moments! So excited for you that you get to teach yoga!! Have a great class.

  11. Yay! I've been wanting to know what kind of coconut you use!
    I used the blue and white sweetened bag from the regular grocery the first and second time I made them (the bag made about two batches.) But then this time I went for the store's generic brand as it was slightly less sweetened and seemed flakier. But the batch was just not right. I couldn't even get it to form a ball to save my life.
    I think I'll stick with the blue and white bag, and just save it for a special treat when I need a little sug. Thanks for answering my question! Hope you guys had fun at pottery class!

  12. gah! i misssss you lady! i am back now though. i did a quick read of your SEVEN posts i missed! so, i am in love with what you have been creating. dude, how is that cookbook coming?! that pumpkin pie looked incredible. skylar is a doll! i got like 4 of the items you got at TJs while i was in cali. i LOVE that chutney! i got the apple cranberry chutney as well. <3 glad to be back.. xoxo

  13. Sadly, I am out of tahini. My goal for tomorrow is to restock. Well, that and fold some laundry and take a shower. But tahini is at the top of the list.

  14. aww skyla is seriously the cutest kid in the whole world. probably due to the amazing food this little lady gets to enjoy everyday.
    love the tahini salad. anything tahini is yummy to me!
    have a wonderful hump day

  15. I really liked that Tropical Fruit Larabar but YES it was sort of crumbly and dry. I was surprised by the pineapple flavor and really like it!

    What a great mommy and me day out, my girls would love that!

    When does Skylar turn 3? I know you've said before she's 2.75 – her bday must be coming up soon?

  16. A pottery class sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to hear how it goes. Skylar is the perfect age to start enjoying activities like that.

    That salad looks amazing! I love the idea of adding agave nectar into the dressing.


  17. I would have to classify myself as uncreative.

    Man, I really need to pick up some Tahini!


  18. Love sugar snap peas.. your salad looks super yum.

    Pottery class sounds awesome.. I took classes when I was a teenager but haven't done anything in awhile. I'm not very artsy but I do enjoy making jewelry (uh very simple jewelry) every now and again. Its easy and a lot cheaper than stuff you see in little boutiques!

    Happy hump day Averie :)

  19. Your snap pea salad looks crisp and yummy, little Skylar is WAY too adorable, and those snowballs look decadent!

    I take a mommy & me gym class with my 4th kiddo, too cute.
    He basically chases me around the gym for an hour :)

    Good luck with the new job prospect! Hope it works out well for you. With all these incredible poses you twist yourself into, you should have your own yoga studio…you're amazing!

  20. My lord! That is some serious chocolate goodness Averie!!!!! Lovin the half moon pose!

  21. I wonder if TJ's knows how much the blogging world is in love with them?

    This pottery class sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to hear all about it :) Such a relaxing activity.

  22. i never have commented on your yoga poses at the end of each post (WHICH I LOVE) and I love this pose! this and pigeon and warrior 2= three of my favorties! I wish I lived close so I could take your yoga class!! that dressing sounds amazing, I always have tahini in my house bc my father is israeli so he always mixes it in his hummus…I can't wait to make it!

    so cute about the pottery class! that will be so fun!!

  23. hahah I love your link back to the post on the vanilla bourbon from TJ's. "Any extract will do….a shot of bourbon wouldn't hurt either" teeheee…is there something else you add to that softserve we don't know about? :P I have only tried banana soft serve once and it didn't exactly work out the way i planned. My blender apparently has blades that go up too high and the banana doesn't get there so all i get are unblended bananas at the bottom of my blender. hahah Lame huh?

    Averie, how do you get through all your daily raw goodies??? I mean, if it were me I'd just sit there and eat until the whole batch is gone, but I'm assuming you don't do that. hahah Where does it go?? Lucky neighbors??

    I LOVE multi-colored potatoes, and you cut them up into THE perfect size. I'm so tempted to go buy some potatoes this weekend…especially the purple ones. :) Have a wonderful day Averie!!

  24. Half moon and triangle are my two fave poses!

    And what awesome dressing. I'm thinking about a new tahini variation soon — I've been craving it lately :)

  25. Thanks for the tahini recipe! My very first cooking effort with tahini went into the trash after two bites; I was following a recipe that ought to be outlawed for screwing up something as fabulous as sesame. Your dressing sounds great and I've got what I need to make it. Must overcome recently-acquired tahini aversion!

  26. Re: your kale chips, BEST NEW RECIPE I have tried in ages. You are a genius. I can't stop shoving them in my face!!


  27. Averie I made the chocolate coconut snowballs yesterday and it turned out amazing! I thought they tasted better when frozen/refridgerated because the flavors kind of absorbed together. It's so delish!

  28. Just catching up now baby — I am SO excited for you on the possible job opportunity :) I had a good feeling about your job apps — don't know why.. Just call me miss cleo :)

    that is absolutely adorable that you are the peanut are going to a pottery class!! Can't wait to see what you whip up! Perhaps a new oats bowl?!

    I [ try ] to be a creative person. In HS I was really involved in the art program in my school — unfortunately at college I haven't had the same opportunites :( it's sad really, I'm thinking of taking some classes at the art studio in my town but they are crazy expensive. Perhaps that should go on my christmas list :) hmmmm…

    Okay this comment is a legit novel — ciao for now love!

  29. Have fun at your pottery class! I seriously can't wait to hear about this possible yoga job!

    I've never been a big pottery girl, but my mom did teach me how to knit when I was little and I love nothing more than zoning out in front of the tv and knitting up a storm!

  30. Congrats on the yoga gig. I knew you would get it.

    Love the pottery making. I used to have a bit of a paint 'n pottery addiction myself. Some of it has been seen displaying food on my blog.

    How did you get your hands on all these new Larabar flavors? They just carry the basics around here. I can understand the crumbling factor, as certain ingredients just have a tendency to do that.

    For example, I ended up with some different textures when I made my raw play dough. I think the apricot one was the crumbliest.

  31. I love half moon pose but I don't think my legs feel the same way. Do you usually flow from half moon to standing split? Every class I have ever taken flows like that and I hate standing split. I need a new way to flow. Any tips?

  32. I made tahini dressing today too, but it wasn't that thrilling… I think I may take your idea to add some vegenaise! It makes everything taste better, does it not? ;)

  33. I'm always looking for new salad dressings! I need to go buy some tahini…I had a bad experience with it once and have been scared to use it again :( I will try it now!

    Yummmy snowballs. Those look ooey gooey and delicious.

    Have a good night!

  34. I saw the live feed on the right hand side of the screen… I look like a stalker! I'm really enjoying your site. :) Just made the chocolate chip cookie balls. YUM. Eyeballing the sugar snap pea recipe now.

  35. this is the way a blog should be! thanks!

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