Raw Vegan Chocolate Turtles

I came up with a shortcut homemade version that take you precisely 10 minutes.

Raw, Vegan, 3 Ingredients.

Raw Vegan Gluten-Free 3-Ingredient, 10-Minute Chocolate “Turtles”
1/3 c pecans (walnuts will do in a pinch)

1/2 c melted chocolate (i.e. 2 Full-Size Squares of Melted Baker’s Brand Chocolate because it’s dairy-free, or melt 1/2 c Chocolate Chips, or a Cocoa Powder/Agave/Coconut Oil Mix)

1/8 to 1/4 c agave + pinch of salt.  Freeze this mixture to create your raw vegan caramel sauce.  Or, use your favorite Caramel Sauce or Caramel Ice Cream Topping


Yields: 4 Turtles.  Intentionally a very small recipe, feel free to mass-produce.

First, melt your chocolate (Raw Foodies, use whatever ratios of raw cocoa powder, agave, & coconut oil suits you to keep it raw).  I use the 45 seconds in the microwave trick and melted about 1/4 c worth, which is 1 Baker’s Chocolate Full-Sized Square. (You’ll melt the other square later).

Take the 1/3 c pecans & Divide into 4 Piles on parchment paper or wax paper for easy removal & Pour the melted Chocolate over the Nut Piles.  Try to distribute it evenly.

Next, Pour the Caramel Sauce of your choice over the Chocolate-ized Nut Piles

I love Caramel so I was not shy about going heavy-handed.

Pour Chocolate over the Top.  I melted up 1 more square now.

Transfer to the Freezer or Fridge to allow for hardening.

In a half hour or less, look at how chilly & yummy that Vegan Turtle looks!

The Underside of the Raw Vegan Turtle

And the side view

Do you like Turtles?



  1. Your post always inspire me to be more adventurous with my meals. Everything looks great!

  2. healthhappinesshope Reply

    Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about your stressful morning. That's never a fun way to start out your weekend, but it sounds like you made the best of it and didn't let it get you down! :)

    OMG I SOOOOOO get you on the Nordstrom Rack chaos. Honestly, I can't STAND stores like that. TJ Maxx, Forever 21… they just overwhelm me and make shopping truly frustrating for me. I LOVE shopping, but only when it's more structured and enjoyable.

    Thanks for the shoutout Averie!


  3. chocolate--covered Katie Reply

    I'm with you! I get overwhelmed by those sale racks! Too many choices, too little order :/

  4. chocolate--covered Katie Reply

    I'm with you! I get overwhelmed by those sale racks! Too many choices, too little order :/

  5. Kris | iheartwellness.com Reply

    Oh Averie, what is this Holiday coffee??? I think i am in love!!

    I am reading over the link back to your site tomorrow when I have more time! Thank you :) And i am going to email you, or you can contact me at iheartwellness@gmail.com re: allergies baby!!


  6. LOVED this recap!! :) that coffee sounds aweeesome! i am totally with you on the chaotic sale rack thing..

    ps you are like my yoga role model

  7. yahooo for Nordstrom rack. :) And officially, I think I've commented on all your previous blogs I got behind on. :( So I hope you seee them!

    P.S.I made your broccoli slaw with vegan dressing today for lunch and (didn't even let it merry for 4 hours, as I was eating THEN AND NOW.) but it was fantastic! We keep a jar of apple cider vinegar (Braggs as well) mixed with raw honey in the fridge for multi-purposes and I just mixed that with our safflower mayo. Delish! And I found a new love? Raw broccoli, holy YUM.

    And ugh on the yoga lock-down. C'est la vie.

    Have a great Sunday Miss Averie. I am officially 1 post to go on my reader, till I'm caught up! Yay.

  8. Aw don't you hate when your day starts out like that? Bummer. Ah well I hope the rest of your day improved big time. As for shopping, I really hate it actually. I am such a bad shopper. As long as I know where to get what I am looking for, I like to be in and out!

  9. gingerbread coffee? woah. thatd be SO amazing. Haha. i have definatly had coffee grindes expand and explooode. so not fun.

    You are so awesome to do Tribute posts :D. I always crave everything you post on your blog. its no wonder everyone is mixin' in thurr kitchin' to make your yummies!!

    your lulu lemon outfit is super cute. I need to do a lulu shop.. its been to long. Their bags are stunning!

  10. ohhhh, sorry today was a pain. GOSH I hate days like that…makes me nuts.

    but your week's recap was worth it!

    I love your lulumon pics! sweet!

    Have a relaxing Sunday

  11. Thanks for posting a recap! I definitely missed that turtle post and they look uh-mazing. Holymoly.

    I don't usually like flavoured coffees, but gingerbread sounds wonderful! (san grounds, of course). I sometimes like to sprinkle cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in the coffee before I brew it, so I bet I'd love that stuff :)

    Ugh. Bad morning. I hear ya. But hey, today's a new today and the world is ours to tackle :D Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!

  12. The Voracious Vegan Reply

    So much fun stuff (except for your yucky morning). I LOVE the idea of making some tasty turtles, I used to love those in my pre vegan days.

    I'm glad to see you were so inspired by my peanut butter cups that you've been making them nearly every day! Aren't they the BEST!?!?

    Hope tomorrow morning is a bit better for you!

  13. sorry to hear the morning didn't quite go as planned… :/ i have to be in the right frame of mind to tackle places like that! a tasty week my friend, as always :)

  14. You did post one of my links. Thanks :-)

  15. Sorry you didn't make it to Yoga! I had a frustrating experience one time. I was going to yoga(45 minutes away!). I pulled over at a Wendy's to use the bathroom and when I got ready to leave, my car was messed up!! I was 5 MINUTES away from class and could NOT get there!! I was SO mad! Oh well:) Better luck next time!

  16. oh gosh! Sometimes on days like that you just have to laugh. That coffee sounds yummy! I'm going to TJs next week and will be on the lookout for it for sure.

    BTW-Thanks for your sweet comments (I always look forward to them) :)

  17. Oh man…that sucks about being locked out of the yoga studio. I'm sorry! Murphy's Law it seems….when one thing goes wrong it's kind of like a domino effect. At least the coffee tasted good!

    Seeing your roast potatoes made me think of my mom. They made me smile… :)

  18. Sorry you got locked out! I need to take you to the Last Chance Nordstroms! Bargain shopping heaven!

  19. I'm so jealous of your espresso machine.


  20. thanks for the recap!! since I've been away seriously this was great and let me look back at a couple recipes I missed.

    hmm shopping.. I am not great with the huge stores, so I usually hit the sale rack and then bolt unless it's not busy. I like the smaller stores…more focused.

  21. Alisa - Frugal Foodie Reply

    I'm glad your day picked up! You are making me hungry for roasted veggies :)

  22. i hope you find that little blue box under your xmas tree girl ;)

    i'm SO glad you got my comment just in time!! how fun is that :) haha i can't believe your coff machine exploded though. boooooo. you're super good at salvaging the bad things. so mayjah props to you girl! have a fun sunday!!

  23. Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl Reply

    I haven't had time to comment on all your fantabulous posts, Averie, but I've been reading 'em! :-D

    First, congratulations on your yoga teaching gig!! YAY!!!

    And, girl, you've overdone yourself with all these yummy recipes you've been posting!! The peanut butter cups are GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to make those!!!

    Too bad you got locked out of yoga. And just by a few minutes. That's sad. Hopefully it won't happen again.

    And thanks to linking to me, from when I made your chia seed pudding. It's soooooooooooo delicious! I'm out of chia seeds now – gotta stock up soon!

    Keep rawkin' the blogosphere!!!


  24. I hope your husband hits up Tiffany's as well! If my mom hits it up for me for Valentine's Day (lol she's waaay better than any boyfriend), then your hubby must fulfill that duty lol. :p Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about things not going your way but I'm glad you had some ups in there! I adore the picture of you in that apron. It makes me wish you were my cooking partner in crime! I hope you have a restful and enjoyable Sunday. Ahh peacefulnesss.


  25. I posted about your Raw Vegan PB Cups and EVERYONE agreed they are addictive little buggers!

    Aww sorry for the stressful morning. I am going to yoga later I need it! Lululemon rocks just wish I could afford even a shirt in there!

    Um I buy at TJ because I'm in college, but I HATE it. I get so lost and overwhelmed. I need order in my life. Like an aisle with my name above it because it drives me CRAZY to have no order in my life!

  26. Hi Loveeeeeeeeeeee
    These recap posts are neat- I really enjoy being reminded of all your wonderfulness!!!!!!!

    Vegan slaw dressing is something I obviously need to make soon.

    I really need to put my chia seeds to use soon as well.

    I loveeee stores like TJ Maxx and Forever 21. Yes it is overwhelming, but I find amazing deals always!


  27. Darn it! So close and yet so far : ( I LOVE being in group yoga classes too so I feel for you.

    That is NOT how you break in a coffee maker ; ) Glad you were able to salvage one cup. It sounds delicious!

    Okay, so I got the almond butter ready to go and I'm on this darned cleanse! The stars are not aligning for me to have some of those chocolate almond butter cups : (

    You know what's sad? I take my kids to the Rack for clothes and I get mine at Old Navy. What's up with that?!? It's easier to shop for them there than it is for myself. I get my real deals at the grocery stores. If I don't save at least 50% I feel like I've failed. Oh well, I'll have my day : )

  28. I am a thrift whoreeee. In fact, I've never set foot in to a nordtroms ever, and dared to enter a bloomingdales but once and almost died. I am a slave to TJmaxx and Marshalls and have been known to venture in to goodwill in pursuit of hidden gems.

    So sorry to hear about your stressful morning, madaam! Hopefully that java (oh my god!) salvaged the day.. sans the grit.

    p.s. I will pay you to open up your own coffee and baked goods shop and wear that apron. Something to think about ;)

  29. I'm terrible in department stores. I get so overwhelmed!!

  30. ohhh everything looks so good! chia seeds seriously freak me out when they are upclose! haha…but they taste so good I could eat them all day long!

    ahh I cannot believe this happened with the coffee!! at least you salvaged one cup and boy does it sound delicious!

    tiffany's?? saawwweettt tell him to read this post hint hint…

    I hope to get some bloomingdales/lululemon goodies!

  31. I just emailed your blog to five of my clients so they can try some of your raw vegan desserts…

  32. I am definitely going to have to get some of that gingerbread coffee! I don't have a drip coffee maket, but maybe I can force it to work in my French press? ;-)

  33. hello gorgeous. sorry about the calamities you ran into! i need to make your PB cups~i have been reading around the 'sphere how incredible they are. not that i would expect any less!

    as far as rack shopping goes, if i have the time to do it i actually find it relaxing to sort through all the stuff :)

    off to catch up on some other great posts by you :)

  34. In my opinion it is a good point of view. Thank you.

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  41. You can also make raw veg caramel sauce by blending medjool dates in a food processor until it resembles caramel. It makes an amazing dipping sauce for apples and I bet it would be awesome for making these turtles!

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