Tahini "Cesar" Salad & Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

How are you doing today?  Now that the week is playing out and moving right along towards the weekend, we can all let out a sigh of relief that some R & R time is right around the corner!  I’m going to be teaching a yoga class Saturday morning and am beyond excited!  As I had mentioned I was going to be doing, I took a yoga class at the studio today that I am going to be teaching at it and I love the vibe, the energy, the practice space.  It was wonderful!

Then I took Skylar to the Mommy & Me Pottery Painting activity we had planned.  It was too cute watching her paint.  Like a bad Mommy, I forgot my camera but I will post pictures of her plates after they are fired.  They were pretty much a smeary hodge-podge of paint; the paint-your-pottery equivalent of scribbles, but to me, it’s Picasso.  She also kept asking for Blue.  I am a pink girl but she was loving blue.     

I’m glad to hear yesterday’s Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs were a hitYeah, num-num in my tum-tum!  Shout out to my lovely friends, Lil Veggie Patch and Raw Juice Girl who both made these.  I hope you enjoyed your balls as much as I do, girls.  TWSS

And of course the Raw Vegan Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Raw Vegan Creamy Tahini Dressing Recipe

And your reports on whether you deem yourself to be creative and telling me about your creative outlets with everything from knitting to jewelry making was really fun to read about, too!


For today’s greenery, I made another salad and flooded it with the Creamy Vegan Tahini Dressing.  Romaine, Carrots, Cukes, Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Sugar Snap Peas, and the Tahini Dressing.  Then I added some spicy sesame-coated almond bits on top.

It’s my Tahini-ized Version of a Cesar Salad

Who needs anchovies and Cesar dressing or croutons and gluten when you’ve got Raw Vegan Creamy Tahini & Sesame-Coated Almonds?  Not I.

For Dessert, here’s a recent Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls episode.  For full recipe info, click right on over to here!  5 minutes til heaven in your mouth if you get started now, just sayin’.

Cashews & Oats


Add the Liquids (Maple and/or Agave or both, Vanilla Extract)

Add the Chocolate Chips

Blend for a Second

Make your balls

After refrigeration they looked like this

And as I got closer to inhaling a ball it looked like this…

And unstuck balls look like this (TWSS)

Couple Shopping Finds Now..
For all you MAC users, I recently picked up the Magic Mouse.  It’s only been out about 2 weeks and I have to say, I love it.   It took a day or so to get used to, but now I am in mousey heaven.

Lightweight, responds with a light finger touch, wireless and rather than clicking the Back Button on your browser to back out of webpages, you can finger swipe across the top of the mouse and back out of webpages that way.  Great little gadget if you’re a MAC user.

In light of the fact that I’m going to be teaching some yoga classes, I wanted to spruce up my workout duds a bit.  I found a Lululemon Sports Bra on sale, in pink, in my size.  Score!  That baby had my name written all over it!

And with my purchase I got a re-usable Lulu bag.  They must’ve known I had just been talking about all the green lifestyle choices I make.  It’s nifty to be thrifty.  Sorry, that just popped into my head and I had to write it.

Yoga Today is Hanumanasana (Full Splits or Monkey Pose)

And after all that shopping, I just had to pop a few 3-Ingredient 5-Minute Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls, too.   Yum.

Tip of the Day: My EcoStore USA Give Away!!!!! 


Your chance to win a $25 Online Shopping Spree!  You really need to get on this one to help green up your life, so go Get Entered Now!!!!!

Justine Has a Give Away, too!

Second Tip of the Day: My Yoga Mat is the Manduka Black Mat Pro,  all the way.  People have asked me what I use, and in my opinion, that’s the best.  It will last you a decade whereas other mats will shred and erode and wear down but not the Black Manduka.  It’s a quality investment in your practice that will pay off.  

What’s your favorite brand of workout apparel?  Are you brand loyal or do you bounce around?  Do you shop based on price, function, cuteness factor, or what?  Gimme the dish!  I am Nike brand loyal to my running shoes.  For my yoga clothes, I love Be Present, Prana, Lulu, and there are some tiny niche lines that sometimes have cute pieces, but that’s very hit and miss.  And regional, at best, distribution on some of those.  For Sports Bras, that is extremely hard and hit or miss for me.  Target ones are too flimsy, some of the high-tech ones are too restrictive, so I am always on the hunt.  What kind of workout apparel do you buy?  Or do you just sport a hanes tshirt and call that your “technical fabric”?  Does it matter even?  What do you think?

Stay Tuned For A Great Use for Apples…

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  1. You and Skylar are so cute in your matching outfits!

    Girl, I don't know if you know but PB cups are my favorite (I just posted a pic of the processed orange-wrappered deal). They're next on my list of your goodies to make!

    Witnessing awkward (or potentially violent) things like that are so uncomfortable. I don't know if I would say something in every situation, but if it looks like a parent is really manhandling their child, then yep.

  2. Aww.. Mommy/Daughter photo op!

    I think my hubby would pee his pants if he saw that recipe! I would love to make them and use them in a dairy free ice cream recipe!

    I normally just keep my mouth shut. I'm a very non-confrontational person.

  3. Hi Averie! I recently discovered your blog and I have to say I absolutely love reading all of your posts. I just made my first batch of your raw vegan chocolate coconut snowballs and I can't wait to taste them!!!
    Looks like you had a great weekend and your PB Cups look heavenly. I will definitely make them soon! :)

  4. I wouldn't say anything. If the littering bothers you, and it's not on private property, maybe you could go over one morning and pick it up in front of him with a plastic baggie. That would send the message.

  5. Oh man Averie – I can't believe *I* never thought about us meeting up while we were in AZ!! I feel so bad that i never mentioned anything sooner. I guess because a part of me thought I was going to get out of going until the very last minute. I am still thinking we can meet up some time in the future though!

    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog – you always leave so many great thoughts.

    As usual your food looks amazing…for once I'm not craving something sweet so the potatoes and veggies are making me salivate this time! Skylar looks so cute, as always. How fun that you got to meet up with another blogger!

    If I had the balls to say something to that guy then I probably would. I hate seeing people flick their butts and litter like that. It's so annoying…as for the kid situation – I don't agree with how that mother acted, but I am not yet a mom and I feel like I have no room to criticize. I thought my SIL needed to discipline her 1 year old a lot more than she did (or at least tell her not to scream for no reason) but then perhaps I'm wrong?

  6. Those vegan PB cups look PERFECT!
    I always just junk dark chocolate into the jar, but there's something about all the textures and shapes that you got perfectly right!

    Hmmm….those are all such grey areas. With the mom, I would just let it go. But with the guy flicking cigs, since you see him every morning, you could make a comment, like, "Hey, just a heads up, leaving your cigarettes lit is a fire hazard. Would you mind not? I'd just feel more comfortable."
    And then you can always just take off running, if you're like me and afraid of conflict. ;)

  7. Wow 1st one to post! So exciting! :-) I have decided to make the apple crumble and the raw pumkin pie for my deserts on tukey day. (it's always good to have your desserts under control for a big fancy meal first…I mean who cares about the first 5 corses! Ha! ;-) )And I may even have the soft serve? I haven't try to make that yet but I will be tomorrow! Yeah Mondays are my kithen day! Yippie!

    What to say to people…. I am a wimp, so I rarely say anything. The few times I have said any thing its never worked out. Ends up just ruining my day. The mother you'll never see her again so you could have just quickly said something and maybe it at least would have taken the anger offthe kid on onto you instead. But the old "fart" you have to pass him most days so that one I would put a little more thought into it, don't want to ruin your run everyday. I'll have to think some more on it…

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog. Love ya!

  8. What a fun coffee date :) mmm PB cups. And how good does that salad look on top of the roasted veggies? I love a good hot/cold combo! Your arms look so incredibly strong- LOVE it!

  9. Ohmigosh those peanut butter cups look amazing!!!

  10. AVERIE!!! OK, honestly, how does your brain work? I am in awe every.single.time I read a post of yours. I mean, do you think "hm, ya know, I'd really like a reese's cup today. What can I do about that?" And then you whip it up? I'm just amazed.

    A lot of times I want to say something, but I normally just shoot them the hairy eyeball (AKA a nasty/disapproving look). I'm not sure it does any good!

    Off to go catch up on your other posts! XOXOXO :)

  11. I had a great time with you and Skylar today! Can't wait for our next "girl date!"

  12. Hi Averie! I just started reading your blog and really enjoy it! First, I love the idea to add ground ginger to the potatoes. I love roasting all kinds of potatoes and will be trying that next time. Also, the peanut butter cups look absolutely mouthwatering. I will definitely be trying them! My hubby LOVES Reese's cups, so I'd make him happy that's for sure! I've never used nutritional yeast and am not familiar with where to find it/nutritional benefits/etc. I'll be looking into that. Could I sub with some ground flaxmeal for now?

    About those those tough situations…Maybe "Hi there! Do you mind not throwing your butts outside? I'd appreciate it so much!" haha I don't know! That mom situation, hmm yikes. I'd maybe say a prayer for the kiddo and the mom to have more patience and love, but that's just my own beliefs. I don't know how you'd approach a mom like that. Good question!

    Sorry for the REALLY long comment! Take care, Averie!

  13. yummmmm, your recipes are so dangerous to me because I totally use the healthy ingredient excuse to eat to much, too bad they can't be calorie free too!

    On a side note, I know it's not the style of your blog, nor would I want it to be, BUT do you think there is any chance you might be willing to post a full day or two of what you eat? You have such a unique, yummy, and healthy diet that I would love the complete picture.

  14. Okay real quick before I go to bed…I keep going back to the PBC's I am so going to have to figure out how I can make these so I can eat them! I have never melted carob yet…guess what has been added to my list of to do tomorrow… Carob, Almond Butter Cups…To bad I have to sleep…Sweet dreams! Do I have enough !points in this comment? Just trying to make sure you understand how excited I am for PB cups experiment to begin! Nighty, night XOXO

  15. I take Snuffy to Starbucks but I don't let her "down" she likes to sit at the bar in the high-top chair and watch the baristas make drinks ;) I love the Raw Reese's!! These would be great for the holidays, thank you! As far as the mom in BN, I agree that she was just having one of those moments. I would not have said anything. In those situations, I will say something if someone is compromising the health or safety of myself or my child. There may be situations involving an animal or child where I would not hesitate to say something

  16. Nooch in peanut butter cups? How interesting! Yet another creative and simple recipe I can't wait to try from your blog. They look amazing. :)

  17. Fun meetup and nice of her to be proactive and engage Skylar!

    Those PB cups look amazing. Q- can I make something equivalent with my fave rasted Carob powder?? Help me figure something out!!

    Re. Butting in. when I was younger I used to do it (you know to save the world), but having been burned and hurt on many an occasion now I sadly just look the other way. Or I'll really choose my battles. but for the most part I do keep mum.

  18. So glad your Girl's Day went well! What a fun blogger meet-up, especially since Sylar was kept entertained!

    I've made my own PB cups before… SO amazing homemade. LOVE 'EM!

    Hmm… I think it really depends on the situation with random comments. I think a dirty look would get your point across in the situation you described. Often times, there are discreet ways to make your point (fanning your hand if someone is smoking by you, saying to a friend next to you "Don't you just hate it when people throw their trash on the ground" if you see someone littering, etc.) especially if you don't know the person at all. You don't want to put yourself in a potentionally harmful situation by making a criticizing comment, no matter how well-deserved it may be.

    BTW – Love your "Squash Master" title you gave me! You crack me up!


  19. OH am so making PB cups! OMG! Thanks for that!
    you look so pretty in that pink sweater! very ruffly! love it!

    so glad you had gal time out! and your new yoga gig! PERFECT…you are really getting settled into your new town!

    and the butting in topic…I have to literally bite my lip. unless it's something that directly is harmful to myself or kids…I just try and let KARMA deal with them.

    I can't say I've never butted in… but even though I get irked…I try and just live and let live.



  20. You and skylar are SO gorgeous <3

    PB cups were my obsession when i was a kid. I loved them. Can you believe I still have not found nutrional yeast anywhere? ugh.

    i hate litering too :( but i am not very good at confrontimng peopl.e

  21. You girls are sooooo cute! I love that pink jacket you're wearing! And Skylar is too cute in those shades!!!
    I'd be weary of saying something to a misbehaving parent, but if I really felt like there was an abusive situation going on, I'd try to get help if I could from another onlooker and maybe we could figure something out together? In L.A., I just assume everyone is always carrying a gun, regardless of what they look like, and in the interest of you know, not getting shot, I try to stay out of other people's business.
    That said, if a child is in danger, I think you should do something…

  22. i love your posts!! PB cups-that is genious.. and your daughter is so beautiful!!

  23. hmmmm.. it's a hard one. When it comes to the litter bug I would definitely say something because it's pretty black and white – he's definitely doing the wrong thing (no ifs or butts haha!). But with the Mum, I don't know, I'd be more inclined to think it's none of my business and I doubt me saying anything would make one jot of a difference.

    Let us know what you decide to do about the butt head!

  24. What a great weekend! Those pb cups look so yummy! i think I'll try them with some almond butter!!

    As for butting in, I have learned over the years to stay out of things unless they directly involve me. If someone tells my kids how to behave when I'm out and about I quickly remind the person that my children already have a mother. It works well : ) Of course, my kids are pretty darned good so it's only happened once. I don't think that lady will ever forget me ;o)

  25. I'm making these tomorrow. I promise.

    I tend to be one of those people who say something. When I don't, I always regret it, but I always try to be overly sweet and nice and tactful about it, or make a joke out of it, naturally.

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