Tribute Post 1: Photos From Readers’ Who’ve Made My Recipes

How are you doing today?  I’m doing great!  As I mentioned, I got hired at a local gym to teach yoga and today I did all my HR Paperwork and drug screen.  It’s quite ironic to me that as a yoga teacher, I needed to do a drug test.  Since getting pregnant with Skylar nearly 4 years ago, I have not drank alcohol.  At all.  Unless vanilla extract countsLet alone any doing anything else.  But I know they need to test for these things, it’s just kinda funny.  I like to think of myself as a poster child for clean living.  Unless Raw Vegan Chocoalate Turtles count.

Speaking of which, I am so happy those were a hit!  I guess I’m two for two this week on remakes of store-bought candy.  Ahem, did I hear anyone say Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups?   Anyway though, thanks for the lovely comments on the Raw Vegan Turtles!

Today in honor of all the readers who’ve written me to tell me they were going to make some of my recipes and actually did so, and then posted their version of my original recipes on their blogs, I’m featuring those readers who’ve sent me links & pictures.

*This is an Open Call Going Forward because I would like to do more of these types of posts, so if you make a recipe of mine, take a picture, email it to me, and I’ll get it published here.  If you have a blog, you don’t need to do anything more than just send me the link.  I will just “lift” the picture from your blog because I am sneaky that way.

So without further ado, here are the Reader Pics.  
Each pic has two links:  First, the link back to the Reader’s Blog
And the Second Link goes back to the place on my Blog where the Original Recipe is Posted.  Enjoy!


Karin of Give Me Bananas Made My Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe


Erin of Living & Love LA sent in a pic using my Chia Pudding RecipeLove the Raspberries on top!

And Erin sent in her take on My Raw Vegan Apple Crumble Recipe

And Erin sent her pics from my Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs Recipe

Mama Pea used My Kale Chip Recipe

And Mama Pea made  My Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups Recipe

So did Rachel (who doesn’t have a blog, sorry Rach can’t link ya anywhere)


Angel of Angelic Monkey made My Version of A Breakfast Cookie (for Gina’s Inspiration, click here)

Abby of Abby’s Vegan Eats Made My Banana Gluten & Soy Free Vegan Banana Nut Muffins

Heather of Heather Eats Almond Butter made a version of my Broccoli Salad & Vegan Slaw Dressing


And Heather tried her hand at My Dairy-Free & Vegan Coconut Milk Countertop Kefir

Coconut Milk Kefir

Lori & Michelle, the Pure 2 Raw Twins, made their version of My Vegan Gluten & Soy Free No-Bake Pumpkin Pie

Devan of Watermelon Tequila made my Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Michele of Healing with Raw Juices made my Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

raw vegan chia seed pudding recipes

raw vegan chia seed pudding, vanilla, thick

Katie aka Lil Veggie Patch made My Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Snowballs
Chocolate Snowballs

Hayley Made My Raw, Vegan, No-Bake, Gluten & Dairy-Free Cheesecake


Cindy got in on the Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Action

Bekah made my Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough BallsTiny balls down there. TWSS.

And Bekah tried my Kale Chip Recipe


This lady and dear friend, Alison of Mama’s Weeds, has been a huge fan and supporter of mine!  Check out some of the recipes of mine she’s created…

Alison made My Raw Herbalicious Goddess Dressing

Bottled Goddess Dressing

On a Salad
Alison Made Banana Nut Balls for Breakfast using My Maple & Flax “Pancake” or Balls 5-Minute Recipe
Banana Balls

Alison Created Chia Pudding from my Chia Pudding Recipe


Alison Made Chocolate Donut Holes using My Raw Vegan 5-Minute Chocolate Donut Hole Recipe

Chocolate Donut Holes

Alison Made Pumpkin Donut Holes using My Raw Vegan 5-Minute Pumpkin Spice Donut Hole Recipe

Pumpkin Donut Holes

And while making her MamaBars, Alison remembered a tip of mine….  To Refrigerate Dough for a half hour if it’s too difficult/tacky to work with
Banana Bites

Erika of Dancing Around the Kitchen Made My Raw Vegan Cheesecake
food 188

Yoga Today shows my Gratitude to Everyone who reads my blog. Thank you, Namaste Friends!
Garbha Pindasana

What’s your Proudest Recipe or your Biggest Recipe Success Story?  For me, I am pretty proud of the Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups, the Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls, and the Kale Chips

But honestly, I am most proud of the fact that I cook.  When my husband met me 10 years ago and he opened my fridge, and there was nothing in it except water, hot mustard, and maraschino cherries.  Cupboards?  Triscuits, Peanut Butter, Vodka, Tequila.  Cooking meant putting Cheerios in a bowl and adding milk.  I dined on Triscuits with PB, Triscuits with hot mustard, and vodka with cherries.  Fast forward 10 years, I am a kitchen appliance junkie, there is nothing I am scared to make, I love to create things from scratch with just an idea in mind, and I make nearly 100% of everything I eat from the ground up.  So that’s my kitchen success story.  What’s yours?

Stay Tuned For A New Appliance & A Kitchen Tour & Mini Review Post of my Appliances.  And Part 2 of Readers’ Photos Will be Posted This Weekend…

79 comments on “Tribute Post 1: Photos From Readers’ Who’ve Made My Recipes”

  1. Averie! First off all of your creations look amazing as always! Secondly, thank you for your comment today on my post. I'm totally in the same boat as you, I read more posts than I actually comment on. I try to sort of "round robin" my commenting. There are just so many great blogs out here, that its hard to comment on them all.

  2. Those cookies look awesome! (and so do your veggies as usual)

  3. I've come to the conclusion that making your desserts is very dangerous – they disappear within minutes!!! This isn't to say that I have a house full of people eating them, either. I can't seem to control myself around your deliciousness!! Those almond butter cookies look waaaaaay too yummy…

  4. Yummy almond cookies!!!! You've gotta tell me where you find your vegan caramel syrup because I am in desperate need of some!

  5. ummm i actually DO have all these ingredients on hand! i may have to give these a shot for the big t-day this week!

    that side yoga pose is ridic. how long did it take you to really feel like you had mastered many yoga moves and made progression?

    yay for artfests – those are my fave!

  6. mmm… Those cookies are like the raw version of some I posted on my blog last week. I'll have to try them out!

  7. Hey girlie! So glad you got your yoga in today. :) Those cookies do look absolutely delicious!

    To answer your question on my blog, I never really had a hard time 'telling client's' how it is. I am compassionate to a point, but I also don't really take any crap. They are obviously coming for a reason, so if they don't feel like pushing themselves and my motivation isn't helping, I'd rather not deal with them and take on the clients who want to change themselves, ya know?

    I do agree that it is difficult and different in yoga!

  8. HOW DO YOU DO THAT ANGEL POSE?! I would fall on my face! hahaha
    I made your peanut butter cups today, but I used too much chocolate and not enough nut butter. I will try again soon.

  9. man lady, the pics of those cookies are making my drool! can't wait for wednesday!

  10. Those cookies look sooo good!! I almost wish I DIDN'T have all of the ingredients on hand, since I know soon I will make them up only to gobble them up with my husband in about 5 minutes flat, like with your choc. peanut butter cups ;)

  11. Why do I torture myself like this? I am now drooling over these yummy pictures as I sip my lemonade, really!

    I wish I could let more things slide. I am an obsessive, picky,
    perfectionist. It's gonna kill me one day I just know it; ) My all or nothing personality doesn't help because I feel like if I let one thing slide the whole house will come tumbling down. You're right, I need to get over it. Maybe I'll splurge and put a few vegan Chocolate chips on my almond cookies and use some pumpkin puree :o) Thanks for the permission!!

    Love ya',


  12. I may back off my "raw cranberry orange" relish I am supposed to be bringing to the get together. i think I am going to try and make it again but bring the other just in case.

    and people are funny about their stuffing so I am a little apprehensive to bring my apple cranberry one.

    I don't the moment I am a little freaked by it all.

    that and our desserts we are hosting. I might just go get a pie and make a few other things.

    I am glad you gave your tips today. i needed a reminder.

    definitely going to try your almond cookies.

    do you keep almond "flour" already ground up to use or do you grind it as you go? and do you just use raw almonds? did you soak them first?


  13. anon is ME…not sure what happened.

    oh well. no incognito going on here…just lazy fingers!


  14. Yum, Averie! Another winner! I hope you had a great weekend…I went running, hiking, shopping at the farmer's market, you know, the usual.
    Can't wait for your Thanksgiving desserts!!!
    Oh, by the way, I announced the chia seeds winner, and she is so excited to try your puddings!!

  15. great post averie! we should never have to sweat the small things.. because its so true.. in a week, a month, whatever.. no one will care if I braided my hair, or wore it in curls.. or made chocolate chip cookies vs. shortbread. Its how you FEEL and how you go in with confidence and proud of what you have accomplished. Each day everyone has accomplished something. You did AWESOME hot yoga, and loved each moment. Thrive on that!! and thrive on your stellar recipes :)

    love you

  16. Another awesome dessert receipe! And love the salads. On the starbucks front- when I get syrup- I go full sugar. I think the fake stuff is way worse for you in the long run than a little sugar! SO with you on that. I agree that the pumpkin spice is strong- I get less pumps than what the usually put in ;)

  17. Oh, Averie. That is a pose (one of many) I fear I'll never master!

  18. More great yoga poses, more great cookies… FABULOUS!!

    This year, I'm going to let my stressing slide.

  19. Those cookies look fab! Your a yoga inspiration! What an amazing holding pose unbelievable! x

  20. Hey Averie! First off, Im loving your tip of the day. I could not agree more. No one will notice the crap you stress about.. its useless. This year is going to be totally stress free, for me, though. It's just the hub and I. I need to impress NO ONE! lol

    I love today's recipe. So easy and they sound/look amazing. I have a list of things I want to make over my few days off and this might be going on it. You could use little cookie cutters to make them "festive" for the season. (hello raw vegan almond butter santas!)

    Enjoy your day ;)

  21. Check out this uplifting and inspiring video on why people choose vegan:

    Also see Gary Yourofsky:

  22. Averie, I would seriously like to crawl into your head a bit and see how to think of these amazing recipes! You are a Raw Dessert Guru and every one of your creations impresses me :)

    We love love love raw cookies and make them often…sometimes I pop em in the dehydrator a bit just to warm them. These ones you've posted are next on my 'to try' list…they look so good that I don't think they'll make it into the dehydrator for a warm-up!

    Glad you had a sweaty and awesome yoga class and a fabulous family day — thanks for sharing your lovely sweet life with us all :)

    xo Sheri, who is off to make Averie-cookies!

  23. You did it again with the AB cookies!! I haven't had AB in so long – I'm starting to feel withdrawal effects.

    Artfest sounds like fun!! We have stuff like that in the summer around here and some ideas that people have are brilliant.

    Hope you have a great Monday :)

  24. Aww, the cookies look so cute with the little chips on top! Not to mention DELICIOUS!

  25. did you wrap those up to send them my way?!?!?!?! hehe OMG they look so delicious!!!!

    I am really going to cherish this thanksgiving with my family and realize hwo lucky I am for all of us to be as close as we are, both relationship wise and in proximity (we all live in Boston) :)

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