Give Away: Bora Bora Bars, TShirt, Mug

The kind folks at Bora Bora Foods (go check ’em out)

are going to help hook up One Lucky Reader with a  Stash of Bora Bora Bars, an Organic Cotton TShirt, and a Mug


*For more info, Check out my Bora Bora Review Post


12 Ways to Enter–Each Way Gets You One Entry  (something for everyone, even if you don’t have a blog!)Remember, leave a separate comment on my blog for each entry you want.  If applicable, please leave the link to your Facebook/Twitter/Blog in the comment you leave me.

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Bora Bora - Tropical Sesame Cranberry Box of 12
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***The contest ends on Friday, December 18, 2009***

Winner will be randomly selected.

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 Bora Bora

Thanks Bora Bora Foods!
p.s. Trip to Bora Bora unfortunately not included (this time)


  1. Wowww, I have never met Alison before, but I think I'll definitely be back. She's amazing! That is so awesome- I love reading about those "a ha!" moments.

    And you my dear, are also awesome! Rocking bod as usual. :) Hope you're enjoying yourself! xoxo

  2. Wow – super inspirational story Allison!! Thanks!

    And holy 6 pack Averie, you hottie!! :)

  3. Congratulations to Allison. So accomplished.
    Averie, I hope you are having a safe and enjoyable holiday. Relax and enjoy life because your personality is shining.

  4. Smokin hot 6 pack there lady! Thanks for sharing your story Mama Weeds!

  5. great story about mamaweeds! she looks amazing

    I hope you are enjoying your fun in teh sun in Aruba!!!


  6. Great guest post, we love Alison.

    I so wish I was on the beach with ya!!

  7. great post alison! you are an inspiration to everyone and i hope you know how much i value you and your blog! love it so much. and damn girl~check out those quads in the race photo!!!!

  8. I've never read Alison's blog before and I am so glad she did a guest post because I can't wait to learn more about her! I loved reading about her journey – thanks Alison!!

    Averie I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself! The weather and water looks gorgeous…

  9. Going to check out Alison's blogs right now. What a beautiful and inspirational story!

    speaking of beautiful and inspirational….

    you possess so much inner and outer beauty, Averie, and I am so inspired by your strength and confidence! I love you so much! You do YOU, baby! xo


  10. Great interview. What a success story! She looks positively glowing.

  11. hi averie,
    i was wondering if you were as fit as you are now before you started yoga. do you have a story?

  12. Thanks again Averie for the chance to share my story on your blog!

    And thanks to everyone for your sweet and supportive comments.

    Totally jealous of your Aruba pictures Averie, it's cold and snowy here and the beach is looking mighty fine right about now! Love you girl!

  13. great guest post!! this was an AWESOME story that i really enjoyed reading!!

    Averie-i hope you guys are still have a BLAST!! i love what you said about being at "peace" about christmas!

  14. your comment meant a lot to me! thank you!

    you so hawt. i jealous.

    yeah, first time in awhile i cried! hopefully it doesn't happen any more!

  15. Those blues in your Aruba pictures are to die for! How beautiful!

    Loved the guest post… I need all the inspiration I can get these days!

  16. <3 Alison- she is so fabulous, witty, and fun! I enjoy reading her blog every day.

    You look like you are having SUCH a fabulous time. I'm still jealous ;)

  17. great guest post!

  18. I love that you and hubs don't feel the need to exchange gifts…so many couples still live in that obligatory trap and spend lots of money on things neither really needs or wants. Good for you!

    Of course if you just find that perfect gift…why wait till birthdays and Christmas? There's no better gift than a surprise either.

    ALISON…love your story…it's so inspiring and sharing your struggle and triumph I am sure inspires others!

    love your last pic Ali! You look so radiant and beautiful.

  19. Paige@ RunningaroundNormal Reply

    Oh myyy those beach pictures are absolutely beautiful, Averie. I'm jealous, even with my cruise being last week! haha And look at that bod!! All your yoga practicing pays off in a maaajjor way, girl!
    That Aruban grocer looks soo interesting! I wish I could have experienced more of the islands' grocers we visited. Damn that limited time! hehe

    Allison – what a story! You are such an inspiration, and that is such an accomplishment. Great post.

  20. Averie, I wish I was on that beach with you. It is beautiful there.

    Allison looks great, too. You go girl! I've always wanted to run a marathon, but can't due to some past injuries.

  21. Andrea@WellnessNotes Reply

    As I said on your blog, you are such an inspiration, Alison (both when it comes to health as well as parenting!).

    Enjoy your vacation, Averie! You look so amazing & happy in the pics! :)

  22. Thanks so much for sharing that amazing story of yours Alison! What an amazing accomplishment. You look fabulous so all that hard work and dedication paid off.

    Hope you are still having a fabulous trip Averie! All your pictures look absolutely fantastic.

  23. Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) Reply

    Wow, very inspirational. I must admit that when I started keeping a food journal (and making shakes and weight training) the weight fell off for me. Unfortunately, I became pretty obsessed with calories and decided to step back from counting them- the result? I gained a few pounds. Right now the sanity around not counting is worth it, but I do miss the super lean gal I was when I was counting and keeping fastidious records. Sigh. Thanks so much for sharing your world, Alison! And huge congrats to you!

  24. marla (Family Fresh Cooking) Reply

    Alison, thanks for such an inspirational story. You look fabulous and I bet you feel even better. Living a mindful lifestyle with everything we do enriches our lives to their fullest!! Gotta go check out Mama Weeds!
    Averie, thanks for sharing your inspiration with us…BTW what the heck is that Chocopasta stuff. Oh my!

  25. mama! what an inspiring journey – i think it is so important to look at weight loss holistically. it is counting calories, eating right, exercising…EVERYTHING!

    i think you have shown moms they can do the dayum thing too…and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your short bob haircut! sooooo cute!

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