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I want to thank everyone who entered the Kay’s Naturals Contest!  Judging by the nearly 200 entries for the contest, everyone wanted to score.

Thanks Kay’s Naturals!



…..Drumroll please….

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  1. For me, I always want a teacher to teach 'harder.' It is always easy to slow things down a bit yourself if the class is too hard. But if it's too easy, it's really hard to rev up the atmosphere and push yourself if your main motivation isn't very difficult. Know what I'm sayin' chica?? :)

  2. Food Makes Fun Fuel Reply

    Have fun on your trip! And that's a good looking choice of balls, haha

  3. I prefer if an instructor goes harder — I can always slow things down, but it's hard to motivate myself to work harder than the instructor. I've actually stopped going to a few classes because the instructor was too "slow" for me. So I think you're probably doing great!

  4. Goal for 2010 = to be in the healthiest state of mind & body as possible.


  5. Fayinagirl (means Free One) Reply

    The thing from this year I am celebrating is taking myself (lost 40 pounds finally feeling healthy) and my 17 year old son (used to throw up & have migraines almost every day in spite of docs saying he wasn't "allergic" to anything and not being able to help him) from sickly to healthy!!!

    My intentions for 2010…to help as many other people as I am able through encouragement and cheering them on toward their goals. =)

  6. I love your choice of balls ;) TWSS!

    My intentions are to let go and stop being such a perfectionist!

  7. healthhappinesshope Reply

    My advice with your yoga students would be to definitely teach at the more vigorous level. Many of your students WILL be coming in to tone their bodies and get a good workout, especially in the cold months and during the holiday season. Even so, try to modify the workout for those who want to take it easy. If the instructor makes it feel perfectly fine to practice at a slower pace or level, the student won't feel self-conscious and uncomfortable taking it easy. And of course, everyone needs a breather, so include a few sequences of stretches and relaxing poses in ANY session. :)

    Hooray for a holiday trip!!! Sounds like you have a great plan Averie. I'd never want to completely cut myself off from technology and blog-land, but it is important to set limits when you're on vacation!


  8. I love my body pump instructor when the PUSH PUSH PUSH. The other day the instructor decided to NOT do biceps and I felt REALLY cheated. Her excuse was because we were running over time (because she was dawdling at the beginning of the class talking to her mates so we started late). Hmpf….upset much haha.

    Great goodies you scored eh :)

  9. have a WONDERFUL vacation averie!! and please do unplug and enjoy the fresh air (and sunshine?).

  10. Of COURSE I voted for you Averie!! I was just telling my vegetarian friend today that I have a friend who is vegan, gluten-free, etc, and totally buff (I meant you of course!)

    I'd definitely prefer to have the instructor err on the side of a harder workout. I always try to teach an intense class at Jazzercise because I assume that the students are working much less hard than me anyway. You can always take it down but it's harder to make it harder. Does that make sense?

    New Years Resolutions – generally I hate them…I just want to try to be more forgiving of myself and treat my body with the utmost respect (i.e. – feed my body when it's physically and not emotionally hungry). I also want to learn to love myself more, as cheesy as that sounds. Realize that I am deserving of certain things.

    What am I very proud of? Hmmm…perhaps these are not monomentous, but running a half marathon in 2006 (something I'll be doing again in 2010!) and obtaining my Jazzercise certification. That is the one place I feel completely at ease and confident in myself.

    Averie have an absolutely wonderful trip…I will miss you!!! Can't wait to see pics. :)

    P.S. – Merry Christmas!!!!

  11. kays makes my heart go pitter patter ;)
    great review girl!

    haha i LOVE that they have amazing grass for kids! perf for your little babes.

    HAVE FUN ON YOUR FAMILY TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to hear all about it :)

  12. Hi Avery, I am a cardio junnkie thst takes lots of group fitness classes. If I don't get my endorphine high because of working hard then I feel like it wasn't worth my time. Work them hard! ;) As long as there are options it everyone should be happy!

  13. Averie, did you know that you're nominated for a Best of Raw 2009award??!

    You're there under Favorite Blog!! Check it out:

    Of course I voted for you 'cuz I'm constantly on your blog looking up raw recipes! Good luck and hope you enjoy your trip!!

  14. have fun on your trip! I always give a teacher a few tries and if too many of the classes are easy I don't go back. I like classes where I actually can't or almost can't keep up/ do everything because it motivates me to my full potential.

  15. have such a wonderful trip averie! my goals for 2010? keep plugging away at the job thing and find a couple of amazing things to train for!

  16. oh averie…this post made me love you more! i love how you call them intentions – it is so true. as long as keep striving for intention, we will make progress.

    AND YAY FOR YOUR TRIP! AND AWARD NOMINATIONS! i am going to go vote for you after i leave you this comment (slash love note).

    your balls are mighty fine (TWSS), and i think the gingerbread ones could be in my future. all i need now is that food processor :)



  17. I definitely prefer a hard workout in yoga classes– but I often find a fast flow to be frustratingly easy compared with my favorite ashtanga vinyasa teacher's typical class, in which she always has us hold each warrior pose for a full minute or longer on each side about three times (in separate vinyasas) before moving into a faster sequence of vinyasas. I like to get in some real strength training, not just cardio, in yoga class, and I also find that a longer hold gives me a chance to really connect deeply with the pose on a mental level and work on maintaining calm and happiness through the muscle burn.

  18. have a wonderful trip, Averie! hope your little angel starts to feel better!

  19. Hey girl!! Personally i enjoy a hard workout. If Im there and taking the time I want to really work out hard. It always makes me feel great at the end of the class knowing I pushed myself. One of my instructors used to tell me that if you stay in your comfort zone you'll never transform your body and see what it can really do. You gotta push it a bit!=) So personally its just what I prefer.

    Thanks for all the product reviews. Im especially interested in the Chocolate from Xocai! It sounds really ineresting. And the ball trifecta is AWESOME!

    For me I was really proud that I completed a metric century. It was tough to do for me. And i dont know if I will ever do it again, but at least I can say I did it once!

    New years? hhmmm i usually dont make resolutions too much. But this year I really really want to take some time and take care of myself and those around me more. I had my priorites a little backwards this past year and Im looking to change!

    (P.S. Of course Im so voting for you!!)

  20. I swear, I don't know where you find all of this cool stuff!! I have been looking to find all the latest and greatest and never can and here you have all these cool finds up everyday! I'm so glad you do the footwork then share it with all of us : )

    As for classes, I prefer to be worked too hard. If I can't keep up I can always modify if I had to. Of course, I never do because I'm to big of a competitor : )

    Nothing momentous that I can think of at the moment, New Year's intention to stress less and live more ; )

    Have FUN on your trip!!!


  21. When I take fitness classes, I like instructors that make it hard. (Both physically and mentally, otherwise I get bored.) I may modify it to be what I want, but I want to know they will push me. That's why I take classes instead of doing it on my own.

  22. Love what you said about intentions vs. resolutions:) I can't believe this year is almost over!! I don't know what my intentions are for the upcoming year. Better get on that, huh? Or, I could just plan less:) Yeah, that sounds better!

  23. I'm so excited for all the guesties and of course your vacation recap. Um, there better be one! :)

    As for the group workouts, definitely on the harder side, because you can always go easy on yourself, but I think its harder to go hard on yourself in an already made class.

    Accomplished? Yes, definitely. 2009 was not the best year, but I did a lot of stuff (hello highschool graduation! Um moving away from home? Getting into college? Starting the blog?!) But 2010 will be better. :)


  24. Kris | Reply

    I hope you have a great time away with your family and you are relaxing and enjoying every minute of it!

    I kind of miss you already ;)

    My intention for 2010 is to be fully following my dreams and stepping up my goals!

    Talk to you soon Doll!


  25. Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) Reply

    Hey Averie= you have my 100% permission to not leave any comments on my blog- you need to detach and relax!

    Group class- I need to be challenged. If it's too hard, I can back off.

    Have a wonderful time!

    2010 is the year I strive to find balance between a weight I'm happy with and eating/exercise.

  26. Food Makes Fun Fuel Reply

    This chocolate company sounds soooo awesome. I can't wait to try them out!

  27. Oooh I really need to get myself a MagicBullet so i can whip a batch of these cookie balls! They sounds amazing!

    Kay's natural products sound great :)

  28. Are those really cookies? They look so tiny and kind of like cereal?!? :)

  29. I didn't know you can get so much protein and crunchy goodness for 110 calories.

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