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How’s Saturday going for you?  Whatcha up to?  Shopping, chilling, hanging out, frantically searching for gifts?  Fill me in!  It’s Scott’s birthday today and so I’ve been trying to make his day as special as possible!  We got hot & sweaty together this morning.  On a 4 mile power walk which was great!  And we spent time together as a family but I took Skylar for the afternoon so he could sit back, relax, and enjoy the beach and some much-deserved alone-time on his birthday!  Tonight, he requested Italian food and since the kitchen here is small and I don’t really care to spend time boiling vats of water for noodles that I can’t eat and turning on an oven to bake the rest, we’re carrying it in from one of the bazillion Italian restaurants here on the island of Aruba.  I’ll keep you posted how the food looks and if we get into any trouble on his birthday with a night out on the town.  Kidding, we have a toddler with us!

I’m glad you enjoyed my Chocolate Themed Post yesterday.
I provided backlinks for some of my popular recipes like my Raw Vegan PB Cups 

and my Raw Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes


And also graced you with my take on Raw Vegan Overnight “Chocolate Brownie” Protein Oats


It tastes like an oatmeal-inspired chocolate brownie to me!  Thick, fudgey, and delish!

But let’s get started with recapping my week’s eats and events.  If you missed last week’s recipe recap and Highlights of the Week, here you go, check it out!

For this week…
Sunday Heather Guest Posted about Veggies


And Yoga

Monday I went in Search of Coffee in Aruba

With Skylar in tow

But found Cute Bowls for 50 cents each

Tuesday Katie made Raw Tiramisu Balls Babies
znyc 594

And I brewed some of my own coffee in a coffee pot I brought from homeAhhh, heaven.

And mentioned Gena’s Special Cleanse & Great Pricing!


Wednesday I had a Mega Grocery Store Shop-A-Thon.
I found everything from Dutch White Chocolate and Hazelnut Pastes and Nut Butters


And more Hazelnut Pasta and Pure Chocolate Pasta.

To Amazing Cakes and Breads

Banana Cake and Pineapple Cake.

To Overpriced Veggies

To Maranatha AB & Goddess Dressing halfway around the globe!

And there was Time at the Pool

And Time at the Beach

Thursday Alison of Mama’s Weeds Guest Posted about her Weight Loss Success Story!


And we had a morning at the Beach
Then we came in for lunch.  And a much needed nap!

Friday I announced the Winner of  the Bora Bora Foods Give Away!

If you missed the Winner, Click Here to Find out!

Also on Friday I posted about Chocolate In Aruba:
White Chocolate

And Bittersweet Chocolate


Cappuccino Themed Chocolate Bars

And these Dark Chocolate with White Nougat & Peanut Chocolates

And Raw Vegan “Chocolate Brownie” Overnight Protein Oats 

And I made High Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

A we received a lovely Dark Chocolate-Colored Statue

Aside from chocolate there was a Kale, Brock, and Cuke Salad with Vegan Slaw Dressing

And rice with a Garden Salad with Vegan Creamy Tahini “Cesar” Inspired Dressing


We also went to the beachAnd I read.  A real, live book!  Something not from my computer screen.  Amen!!!!

I know Alison has been all over this book forever.  And so has CindyAnd so has half of the blogosphere, no doubt.  I’m addicted to reading blogs a little slow in cracking this book, but I adore it so farAdore.  Especially the part where Brendan discusses that we need sunlightPerfect.  I’m on the Equator at the moment so that totally works out for me.  Heather was just talking about her love of the sun, yesterday, too.  Seriously the recipes in the Thrive Diet are awesome, worth the price of admission for sure!

And I also read some old Yoga Journal Magazines.  I had a stack I brought with to catch up on.  Yay for catching up on the printed word, not the screen-typed word!

After we came in from the beach, I feasted on a kale, brock, cauli, cuke, and sugar snap pea salad with my homemade  Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing.

And Skylar had a fruit plate

And mango

with some fresh, locally-made, cinnamon-raisin bread.

Yoga Today is Bhuja Pindasana

Tip of the Day:  Busyness and Rushing.  When you feel harried, crazy, rushed, running around like a chicken with your head cut off,  and like you can’t catch your breath, just stopClose your eyes.  Think to yourself, I have all the time in the world.  I don’t have to rush.  Envision a wise sage or Buddha sitting and calmly meditating peacefully.  Hold that mental image as you breath in and out for a couple minutes, or 5 slow breaths in and out.  When you open your eyes, carry on about your day, but just hold onto that bit of peace and calm and non-rushing attitude that you allowed yourself for those few minutes.

Do you meditate?  Do you believe in quiet moments?   Is sitting and being present, still, mindful, and peaceful easy or hard for you?  For me, as I get older, and as I have practiced to find the sweet spot of being mindful and aware, but not being too detached nor too hyper-focused on things, especially on outcomes, the practice of meditation and slowing my mind has gotten easier.  But…  My mind is always going a million miles an hour and it has taken years of work and a conscious choice to slow it down, to downshift my brain’s gears, and my meditation practice has helped.  What do you do to find peacefulness and calmness?

Stay Tuned For a Guest Poster who tweaked My Raw Vegan PB Cups Recipe…

just in time for the Holidays…

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  1. nahh im not a drinker!! haha ive actually drank ONE time in my life..back in highschool..and i dont plan on doing it any time soon! maybe on my 21st bday-but who knows! i think it can be super dangerous for girls in college too..some girls go to frat parties and get VERY wasted and dont even remember the night, and that is scary to me!!

    wow your sunset pics are BEAUTIFUL!! i love them!! i love you and skylar! she is so beautiful like her momma :)

    have a GREAT christmas Averie, i cant wait to hear about it!

  2. My favorite drink is definitely water, in fact, it is basically the only thing I drink not including green smoothies/juices. I was never allowed soda as a kid and so I think I never developed a taste for it. And I quit drinking 6 years ago and haven't looked back since. I guzzle water, the colder the better, all day.

    I love all these photos, as usual you've made me incredibly hungry! So many beautiful, tasty, Rawwwkin treats!

  3. Awesome pics, YUMMY TREATS!!!! I use to drink, but I find my stomach is better off without, although that martini is looking good around this time of year! :)

  4. girl who needs the lover drink when you've got your own in a man ;) haha

    i drink so rarely! i hateee the feeling of being hungover the next day and losing the entire day. im crazed like that. to me it's just not worth it and i think i'm fun without it! but i do have the occasional fun night and love every minute of it!

    glad you're having so much fun in aruba!!

  5. awwwwwwwwwwww…great pics. those drinky menus look too crazy for me.

    so my solution to your drank sitch is this. a trip to the dieden vineyard in 2010. yes? good, its a date. hopedully we will both be back in ca by then, ha!

  6. The drink list looks great. I rarely drink, but I think I may have been tempted by all those yummy sounding drinks.

  7. i love drinkin water, barley tea, green tea, and fresca!!! no alcohol for this petite asian! HELLO glow. =D

    thanks, i'm feeling pretty good!

  8. Wow aruba im jealous! I would kill for a ray of sun right now :) My favorite drink has to be coconut water even though i never get it anymore because it so expensive.

  9. merry christmas my beautiful averie!!
    i enjoyed reading this post and your daughter is just the sweetest kid in the world. who could blame her for loving her nuts??? ;)

  10. You and your little lady are making me so jealous that I am in the cold midwest!
    Obviously my favorite drink is coffee followed by water, which I realize makes me sound like so much fun! :)
    Love all your veggie photos too! There is nothing quite like a giant bowl of fresh veggies, right?

  11. Coffee and water for meee. (I do have a love for wine, I'll have to tell you more about that later. ;)) BUT, wine kind of goes a long with my love of cooking and food. And its a treat. Not a normal thing.

    Love all the pics though. You're beautiful Averie! And gahhh, 5' 11" holy cow! You can tell you're tall with the yoga pics, but didn't know how tall. My best friend is about 5' 11" too, so when (when, not if!) we meet up, I'll be used to the height difference.

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