Kay’s Naturals Give Away — For 2 Winners!!!

The kind folks at Kay’s Naturals (go check ’em out) are going to help hook up Two Lucky Readers!

For Two Winners…

Kay’s Naturals is generously giving away A Sample Pack PLUS THEIR NEW…

Kay's Sample Pack - Click Image to Close

….Their New Cookie Bites:
“We are dedicated to bringing to you, our customer, better alternatives to gluten free snacks and cereals. Made with a better balance of soy protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and good fats, our products are delicious and uniquely satisfying snacks and cereals that can actually help curb the appetite, whether at home, at work, or at play.”

New Cookie Bites

11 Ways to Enter–Each Way Gets You One Entry  (something for everyone, even if you don’t have a blog!)
Remember, leave a separate comment on my blog for each entry you want.  If applicable, please leave the link to your Facebook/Twitter/Blog in the comment you leave me.


1. Leave a Comment Here telling me what you’d buy & why you’d like to win The Kay’s Naturals Sample Pack + Cookie Bites


2. Become a Follower of my Blog (Choose Follow Publicly)

3. If you use GoogleReader, put my blog in it.

4. Link this contest back on a Blog Post of yours

5. Follow Me on Twitter

6. Post this contest on your Facebook or Twitter.  For Twitter users, please use this:
“@LoveVeggiesYoga is Giving Away Kay’s Naturals Check It Out! http://bit.ly/6gH0G7”

7. Go check out Kay’s Naturals website and leave a Comment here telling me something you learned.

8. Become a Twitter Follower of Kay’s Naturals

9. Add my Blog to your Blogroll 

10. Go Check Out my About Me Post.  Leave a comment there telling me something you learned.  Make sure you leave a comment back here too telling me you did that.

11. Check out my Raw Desserts Label and find a recipe you love.  Leave a comment on any Raw Dessert Recipe telling me something that catches your eye.  Make sure you leave a comment back here too telling me you did that.

***The contest ends on Tuesday, December 8, 2009***

Winners will be randomly selected.

Please remember to check back to see if you won and I will get you in touch with my contact who will be shipping your products directly to you.

Have fun everyone!  Thanks Kay’s Naturals!

 ****All Love Veggies and Yoga Readers who use the coupon code “averie” will receive 20% off their entire Kay’s Naturals order!!!!  I’m thinking great holiday gift or stocking stuffer idea!

0 comments on “Kay’s Naturals Give Away — For 2 Winners!!!”

  1. Ohhh my love, these cookies look divine and I think I will add them to my list of treats for my Christmas gathering this weekend!!

    thanks for the comment on cardio – I should make more time for yoga as it is more gentle on the body and I really enjoy it. Do you know if yoga burns cals? I just need to work on toning my legs and I will be happy as a clam ;)


  2. You're a trooper for making it through your morning run in the cold! But was it 23°F like it was here today?? ;)

    My favorite cookie IS gingerbread!! Love your latest recipe.

    Oh and I still think you should recreate the delicious Trader Joe's Peppermine Joe-Joe cookies. Mmm…

  3. They look fabulous! I ended up making gingerbread muffins today- nom nom. The healthy everythingtarian link to me wa sjust because I had been requesting her recipe over and over :) You can find it here:


  4. Im a skipping straight to your questions Ms. Averie!!

    1. As a kid it was snickerdoodle.. ahh loved em!! Now my fav cookie is something with raisins and oats.. uh oatmeal raisin perhaps? lol
    2. Extra mula would be put in savings.. we almost ready to buy a house (uh ALMOST)
    3. Blogging is def going to be sporadic for like 2 weeks around christmas. We are traveling alllll over the place and I want to spend quality time with my family not be obsessed with blogs. BUT I know Ill be checking here and there and will be posting recaps probably once or twice a week!


  5. Holy yum! Raw gingerbread goodness… cant wait to try these out :)

    Im wondering if I can find teeny tiny gingerbread man cookie cutter to make them into shapes. How cute would that be?

    I second Kris's question, does doing yoga burn calories? I really wanting to tone up my arms and stomach, and im getting so bored with cardio and strength training.

  6. I just got back from Target! Love that place… it's just filled withso much cool stuff :)

    Mmmm after seeing your cookies and Chrysta's gingerbread Fudge Babies, I'm in a gingerbread-y mood!

  7. Hey! I just found you!! yay!!
    your stuff love yummy!!!!!!! And those cookie dough balls look insane! :)

    Come visit my neck of the woods when you get a chance!! :)


  8. Oh yum! Anything sweet and gingery is up my ally :-)
    I love ginger cookies, peanut butter cookies, or anise cookies the most, probably. oh, and chocolate. Hell I like it all!
    I would definitely save it for groceries since that's probably the amount I'll need to make it comfortably through next semester, haha.
    I'm going to try to post and read just as much as ever. Since school will be stopping, I don't think this will actually be a problem and I'll have more time than ever.

  9. Yesterday I went for a 13.24 mile run – my aunt-in-law told me it was 23F yesterday morning (I just know it was cold here in St Louis). I had ice in my hair at mile 6 & it had melted by mile 13 (I'm a slow runner too). Today I made your vegan creme de menthe bars and I just tried them tonight after a wonderful dinner w/my husband. WOW! FANTASTIC RECIPE!!!!! Thank you so much!! I was going to double the recipe, but they are incredibly rich & I think they may last a little bit :-)

    I have always loved mexican wedding cookies.

  10. You should definently write a book Averie! I can actually imagine it being the biggest success.
    I've never done that yoga pose before, but I will have by the end of today! Thanks ;)

  11. ahhh i love love lovee that yoga pose. it's like the best feeling in the world for my broken hips!

    gingabread balls sound delectable :)

    glad you had a nice weekend. most of my weekend was spent doing the schoolwork thang with a little shoppage here and there!

  12. That pose saved my quads. For realz. Cycling kiiillls my quads (I think I must pull up on the pedals more than I push down) and I could live in that pose after a spin class!

    I've never been to a Target. I think I may want to keep it that way :P

  13. I made some cookie dough balls today that I am going to post tomorrow. BUT – they are not like yours. :) LOL, they are full of flour and dairy, but still yummy. And artery clogging!

  14. My fave? Your raw vegan cookie dough with WW flour. P.S. you must write a book.

  15. Hi Averie! Just wanted to let you know I made a various assortment of the raw cookie dough balls today for my family and they were a huge hit! I'm talking, all 20 balls were devoured in less than an hour.. and this by a family whose usual desserts are of the buttery-sugary variety. Thank you soooooo much for creating and blogging about these. Can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

  16. I LOVE IT
    I wish I had Kitchen energy left tonight but I am DONE.

    Plus JJ needs his mama for a bit tonight. Plus I have to do some stretchy moving before bed and a new week starts

    plus i need to download week 4 of Couch to 5k..I am ready

    plus….do I have enough excuses yet?

    blogging and the holidays?

    Our holidays have not been too nutsy yet and it's MY goal to not let them get there.

    One, I can't afford to buy everyone I know a gift…we decided to make our shopping list just for those closest to us. I have decided to make cookies or treats for other family and a plate for the office.

    Our life is busy enough just as it is. I don't want to get all off track by being crazy over Christmas. So far my pace is perfect. I am crazy busy (like normal) but just enough holiday cheer to make us all happy and warm inside!

    Our holidays is about MY family…and not the world. ( I don't mean that to come off selfish…I have enough Christmas spirit to last all year long…and I try and spread cheer and giving all year long…so I don't feel compelled to over do it in the 6 weeks from Thanksgiving to New years.

    So, I plan on doing my daily post. reading might be off here and there but I already have to catch up sometimes.

    I am more concerned about keeping my cardio consistent too.

    so there you have it!

    I had an idea tonight about my gingerbread men…Instead of making faces and such on them…I want to make a frosting and make sandwich cookies.

    I also want a big gingerbread man and woman cookie cutter and make one per person…like for my nieces / nephews…decorated like them with their names….wouldn't that be cute?

    sorry for the rambles!
    I love your pose today. good running reminder!

  17. Those raw ginger cookies look so good! I'm vegan and have been trying raw lately. I'd estimate that I am doing about 30 – 45% raw (depending on the day). I'm amazed at how much I love it! I'm ready to try some new recipes and this one looks great! Thanks!

  18. 1. Favorite cookies?
    oatmeal chocolate chip, but macaroons are becoming really close in 2nd

    2. If I have a $1000. I would buy a Vitamix. I'm just about to start on juice fast for 92 days to lose an entire person my 'should be' size and need to save up money for a Vitamix and I really want a good dehydrator too. I also need all the money for the veggies and fruit I'm going to go through every day for my green smoothies :)

    3. I plan on going through my google reader fairly fast and may skim over some things. I do this when I'm busy. I always, however, 'favorite' the sites I love the most, to come back and read thoroughly. Especially when they have recipes or anything about raw food and juicing. (I love your blog so I plan to do this with yours, don't want to miss anything)
    One of my favorite blogs is pure2raw, and over their American Thanksgiving they 'checked in/posted' quite a bit. I appreciated every little bit they did. I think if you want to wait until you have time to blog and just enjoy your holidays everyone will understand, and most will not have time to notice your brief absence. I love my Google Reader even if it means I'll have a hundred posts to read if I don't check in at all over the holidays :)

  19. YUMMO, Averie!! I cannot wait to try this recipe out! As far a sthe running goes, it has been in the 20's the past 3 days worth of my runs! Once the toes go numb it is easier to get through it….

    I definitely need to up my Yoga, my hamstrings and glutes are so tight it's ridiculous!!

    WRITE THE BOOK…I'm buying!!!

  20. Just came across your blog and I think it is WONDERFUL :)
    Great tip re the yoga pose – I am trying to incorporate more yoga into my training as it leaves me feeling so fantastic!

  21. I'm sorry, I really like your blog but it bugs me how you're calling some things vegan when they aren't. If the chocolate chips you use aren't vegan, then the dessert *isn't* vegan. I don't care if you're a vegan or not, I just don't like when something's called vegan when it isn't.

  22. though I am mourning the loss of my beloved autumnal food fare, gingerbread is the one redeeming winter flavor. This recipe is yet another winner, Av — why am I not surprised? :)

    koodos to you on the run this morning, girl! I am such a weather diva and refuse to spend more than 10 minutes outside if the conditions are less than ideal.

    nighty night angelpie! <3

  23. I love gingerbread : ) YUM!! You have been one busy lady this week.

    We just back in town so our weekend was spent unpacking, cleaning, errands, catching up on things. No holiday shopping yet, although got some ideas.

  24. 1. fav cookie=mint chocolate anything
    2. that is such a toughie..shopping spree at whole foods? baha
    3. blogging will be spread out! got so much to do and ppl to see over break!

  25. White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies! :D Those would be really hard to make raw and vegan, though :(

  26. Those look great, Averie! I swear I'm going to make something of yours this week, I am determined! Just need to finally buy the ingredients!

  27. Okay. these gingerbread cookie dough balls look AWESOME

    i actually just put walnuts on my grocery list for tomorrow. i am making these. and not sharing with anyone.

    1. What's your favorite cookie? Gingersnap
    2. If you had an extra thousand dollars to play with, what would you buy or do with it?
    TRAVEL! to thailand
    3. definatly hard to tell.. probobly spiratic. less photos, more photos? who knows!! lets find out :D tee hee

  28. I HATE running in the cold too! It was only 15 this am, so I had to go to the gym. So much better to workout outside, isn't it?

    My all-time favorite cookies are ginger cookies, but I won't turn down a cookie of any kind! I'll definitely be trying this recipe!

    I have a yoga pose request for you; can you do/show/give any tips on getting into the Birds of Paradise pose. I am okay with binds in general, but I can't seem to "get" that one. Thanks!!

  29. Oh yummy! It's true that the only real reason for making cookies is to eat the dough. You are just cutting straight to the point.

    I don't know what my plan is over the holidays for blogging. I say don't worry about it and just post when you want to. I still plan on reading, but may not be able to comment as much.

    Have a good evening, hon!

  30. I'm sorry to hear that your whole family has been feeling a little under the weather! Better now than on your vacation, right?! Can you believe how chilly it has been here in the morning? Regardless, I am definitely jealous of your nippy run! I can't wait for my back to start feeling better so I can get back out there!

  31. Oh my goodness! yesss! Im so totally excited about these ginger bread cookies. They look fabulous!!! I cant wait to try them. Im gonna make these up right after work tommorrow. Thank you so much for posting that recipe! I also love all the variations that you gave with the recipe as well. So awesome. Seriously, if you write a cook book, please let me know, I would love to buy it!=)

    hhmm my favorite cookie…thats hard, I think its a tie between oatmeal cookies, snickerdoodles, and chocolate peanut butter chip. Its so hard to chose!

    I think if I had a thousand dollars to play with I would probably either visit my family on the east coast or take a really awesome vacation. Either way I think I would use it to travel with. Its been awhile and a good long vacation sounds really great right now.

    As far as blogging, I think Im going to do my best writing and reading but with the holidays it is a bit tough. Im going to try and read as many as I can though but it might not be as consist and as I would like.

    I must say, you are super brave for hittin up that Target. That is something I havent attempted yet. I keep driving by it as Im out running errands and that parking lot is always slammed. I love Target though so hopefully I'll just go for it one night. Ha!

    Thanks again for that wonderful recipe! I can't wait to try both ways out, one dehydrated and one as cookie dough balls. Yum!
    Have a fabulous evening girl!

  32. The peppermint donut holes look amazing!

  33. ohh wow you know a way to a my heart don't you?! my fav cookie is gingerbread OR oatmeal raisin, both I adore and could eat a whole batch of with ease.

    I love truvia! yeah its fake and blahblah, but I like it and I have totally weened off splenda which is even worse. I found that it is the best thing to real sugar that is on the market. It looks like sugar and doesnt have that artificial taste! I cook with truvia and put it in cold items too! (ice tea, overnight oats) and its tasty!

    ahh target this time of ayear is a madhouse isnt it?! Jason and I went to the mall for about 10 minutes yesterday and it took us a half hour to park, he was not a happy boy, but that will teach us to go to the mall on a sunday before the holidays!


  34. That is a great pose tip! I have been experiencing some lower back/sciatica pain over the past week and I did yoga on Saturday, and the pain was virtually gone afterwards. I was so excited! I'm glad yoga reminded me how seriously healing it can be :)

    I think my favorite cookie is actually a ball – peanut butter balls that my mom makes for the holidays, dipped in chocolate. Talk about delicious.

    If I had an extra thousand dollars, I would grab my best friend and do a cross country road trip. She deserves a break in her life right now and it would be SO fun!

    I think my strategy is to continue posting normally and maybe do what you did and try to do some wrap up/review posts every few days or so. Or maybe just shorter posts, fewer frequency? It will be interesting to experiment!

  35. Those gingerbread cookies look absolutely fabulous! I am SO making them today : )

    It is way too cold to run outside. That and the fact that it's raining cats and dogs!! I'm sure you'll be getting some of this soon!

    My favorite cookie would be spritz. They are SO addicting! If I had $1,000 I would buy a whole new wardrobe because all of my clothes are too big now.

    I HAVE been too busy to read blogs regularly. I also have been too busy to update my own blog often. I don't worry about it though because this to shall pass : ) You could totally post less right now. It's a busy time of year so it's totally understandable!

    Go relax and enjoy the day : )


  36. Good questions.
    I would have to use the money for rent. Financial stress is actually my biggest burden now. And I have several burdens :).
    I am amazed by your abilities. I try to do about 15 minutes of yoga occasionally , but it is just the gentle-meditation type. I go for a walk daily, about 30 minutes. That has been my thing for the past year and I feel that with a different direction in perhaps fall of next year, I might incorporate more into my days.
    Have a nice day.

  37. My weekend consisted of working, spending time with the gal pals and spending three hours on Sunday catching up with all the blogs. Once I get down to business, i GET DOWN to business. :)

    I love these gingerbread cookies! I'm not a big fan of gingerbread, but these already look super delish.OH- I may try and buy a lot of products, but on my to do list is still your pumpkin pie, apple crumble, and flax seed in your raw cookies- I have yet to try all of those, and its been on my list for like months as well. (Never enough time, or days, I tell you.)

    Have a great Monday Averie! Ohh, and about the blogging- mine will be regular posting/reading- but I'm looking forward to all the guesties you have lined up. :)

  38. It's definitely worth it to brave the crowds to get a few tasks crossed off your to-do list. I always feel better once I get in a productive shopping trip!

    Well, an extra $1000 would DEFINITELY be saved and put towards my yoga teacher training! :)

    Being that I have my surgery on Dec. 22, I think I will have AMPLE time to keep up to date with the blogs! Haha, expect a few random "I am bored and dying for entertainment" holiday emails coming your way. No pressure whatsoever to respond! ;)


  39. ooh, i would do those with the pumpkin addition you suggested :) my favorite recipe? hmm, good question. anything with peanut/almond butter! if i had extra $$ it would go towards paying off my student loan…

  40. I think chocolate chip cookies are my fave- and a close second would be white chocolate macademia.

    $1000. You mean for me all me and my selfish needs? Hmmm, can't think of any big ticket item I need. You stumped me.

    Blog reading etc? I try to only post every other day anyway, and I'll just keep up on my peeps as best as I can. We have no major travels. I might recycle some old posts at some point. Not sure when. re=write them, make them more current, that sort of thing.

    Your Ginger cookies REALLY look good- and so easy. I have a butt load of flax seeds at home just begging to be used. Maybe when I get back I'll make these- thanks!

  41. You've outdone yourself again AVERIE. Man I can practically taste the ginger as I look at your pics. Hey btw I was thinking after reading this post, that you must have a hell of alot of leftovers, considering how much you make. Or do you give your food away sometimes? Or Skylar and Scott help eat it all up? :)

  42. You are definitely a creative cook and uncook! Thanks for the great recipes! Those gingerbread babies look mighty tasty! I will need to try those out! And a cookie I would like to see would be a raw chocolate crumble cookie… like the "real" ones with the powdered sugar on top… healthy version…?

  43. thank you for all the recipe inspirations-you're amazing!

  44. I have to close comments on this post because it's been hi-jacked by spammers and I am getting really nasty spam so thanks for the comments everyone, they are now closed on this post.

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