Winner of the Bora Bora Foods Give Away Announcement!

I want to thank everyone who entered the Bora Bora Foods Give Away!!!    Judging by the 200+ entries for the contest, everyone wanted to score!!!!!!!

Thanks Bora Bora Foods for this Awesome Give Away!



…..Drumroll please….

You’ll have to Click Here to find out who the Lucky Winner Is!!!!!!!

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  1. I learned from the Nutridel Cookies website that they are located in various clubs, restaurants, and health food stores in California! I live in Cali but Northern… they're south. :( Oh well, that's why I'd like to win!

  2. I checked out their website and learned that they are handmade in small batches and use no animal products. Yum.

  3. These look so good! I would love to try the pecan!

  4. I'd try the almond or flax. Or the oatmeal. Oh, who am I kidding? I'd try all of them!

  5. Just linked back to the giveaway on my blog!

  6. You're on my blogroll

  7. Nutridel = nutricious + delicious. LOVE IT! I may have to add this word to my vocabulary!

  8. These cookies look delicious and really healthy, I would love to try them. :)

  9. you are on my blogroll!

  10. and my google reader :)

  11. and i follow you :) haha this is so repetitive

  12. andd i would love to try the flaxseed because of the health benefits…i've never tried flax!

  13. andd i would love to try the flaxseed because of the health benefits…i've never tried flax!

  14. Just tweeted this great giveaway!!

  15. Let's see, if I were to buy these raw cookies I would probably choose the oatmeal first and then the pecan. Actually how 'bout the flaxseed and almond. I want 'em all!!

  16. OK, I have an aprés Christmas post coming up and if I get it out before Friday I will attach a link to this giveaway :)

  17. Gotta go get some sleep…cause Santa Claus is coming to town :) why do I want these cookies 'cause they r healthy raw ones. Just looked at your post on them: what did I learn that they are crunchy, sweet and crispy + 14 grams of carbs per cookie. I want to try some good raw food treats!

  18. I just visited Nutridels website. What did I learn? They say they are "all natural goodness and sunshine" like miss Averie. They come in packs of 2, 'cause 1 is never enough! They a sweetened with a hint of molasses. YUM!

  19. i would love to try these- i think almond would be amazing

  20. added u 2 my reader :)

  21. i love nutridel but have only tried one flavor – would love a chance to sample a few more!

    lynn @ the actors diet

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