Birthday Party, Grocery Finds, Vegan Sweet Treats, Gratitude

Happy Hump Day!  We’re halfway there and I am really looking forward to the weekend!  I’ve got some cool yoga classes lined up, but we are also going to throw Skylar’s 3rd Birthday Party

When I say party, I should really define that as an intimate celebrationWhy?  Because we’re new in town and don’t know too many people, so it will just be the three of us, and that’s totally fine by me.  More desserts for us…haha!  Thanks to everyone who chimed in with all your special memories about the parties you had as kids!  The birthday girl has requested cupcakes so that’s what it shall be and other than that, I am in girly-girl birthday party planning mode!  Any more tips??

I’m glad you enjoyed yesterday’s post about my Yoga Class with the Yoga Master Dharma Mittra & the words of wisdom he had that I shared.

And of course I know you loved the Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls, too!

Melts in your Mouth, Not in your Hands!

And Thanks for Giving me your Perspective on PatienceAnd what’s easy and what’s challenging for you to be patient with.  I like hearing everyone’s take on topics like that!

Moving on to a few grocery finds…
I picked up these little crackers that were on sale for $1.99 in the organic section of the regular grocery store.  Michael Season’s Baked Multigrain Chips.


They are wheat and gluten free, although Skylar and Scott don’t have to be gluten-free, as I mentioned before, wheat & gluten are inflammatory and harder to digest for everyone, so I try to keep it to a minimum around here.

And while I was at the grocery, I stocked up Sale-Priced Fruit


Cherries!  I love cherries and haven’t had any in about 6 months!  

They still weren’t exactly cheap, but they were on sale and that was good enough.  And they were perfectly crunchy & juicy…ewww! to mushy fruit!

Strawberries were on sale for $1.88 for 2 pints!

Skylar Loves Her Berries!  Yay for Strawberries!  
Still sick, but happy nonetheless!

And Greenery.  Not on sale but essential!
Brock & Sugar Snap Peas

TJ’s lettuce mix, organic peas, and a yellow pepper

And a red pepper

I also love gum.  I know, classy to be chomping away, but there are worse things, right!  Anyway, these are my newest obsessions.  The Extra Family Fruit Sensations. 

The lowdown:
The Mango Smoothie tastes like an Orange Creamsicle, more orange than mango, really good
The Island Cooler is faint, pineapple/mango-ish, and is very light in flavor, and is the most subtle of all four
The Watermelon is a big Pop! of Sweet Watermelon flavor
And the Strawberry-Banana tastes more strawberry than banana and is also a pretty “big” flavor like the watermelon.  
Nothing worse than bland gum!  Or gum that loses it’s flavor in 30 seconds!  For the gum chewers and connoisseurs, what’s your fave these days?

Here was a bowl of greenery I savored:
Everything was raw except the Brussles Sprouts which were steamed for 1 minute.  Brock, sugar snap peas, carrots, tomatoes, yellow peppers, romaine, cukes

Dressed With a Fresh Batch of Vegan Slaw Dressing that I made yesterday

Oh, Remember the Tempt Ice Cream from my  Grocery & Mailbox Finds Post?

Scott, the resident ice cream connoisseur not to be confused with me the gum connoisseur, says that it’s “Amazing!”  I don’t throw that word around lightly.  This is a man who used to enjoy his full-dairy, full-fat, Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate ice cream and tons of specialty high end ice cream before I transformed him into a non-dairy guy, so for him to give this 2 Thumbs Up, that’s really saying something. 

I am not the best judge of ice cream because I prefer balls, any day.
For Dessert, for Scott, because that ice cream is long gone, I got busy with a batch of Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs
I generally make a batch fill up 4 bowls with the chocolate snowballs
And then he can grab out of the freezer, as needed.
Which is kinda dangerous because these are delish!
For my dessert, I snagged a No-Bake, Gluten-Free Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bar
Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars = Good Stuff!  

Shoutout to Danielle who made these and so did Tess and so did…hmmm.  Ok, having major Alzheimer’s Moment here.  There were at least a couple other people who made these…I swear to you, once upon a time I was magna cum laude.  Now I can’t remember everyone who made these.  I apologize!!!!!  My excuse: playing nursemaid with not enough sleep to a sick kiddie!

Yoga Today is Camel (Ustrasana).  Open your heart chakra, let the love in.  And give extra special thanks & gratitude to the Universe this week for all the lovely blessings you DO HAVE in your life today!  Even if life isn’t perfect, there’s always something to be grateful for.  What are you grateful for today? 

Tip of the Day:  Be Grateful!  I am grateful that I have an awesome little girl, who still happens to be sick boo-hoo but we’re rockin’ the natural treatments for colds like extra vitamin C, zinc, ginger, and extra antioxidants, I’m grateful for my husband, and all the new friends I have made in the blogosphere since I started blogging!  I am so grateful to all you guys who are always reading, leaving supportive comments, and encouraging words!!!!!  Thank You!!!!

Also if you’re into Vega, here’s a way to Save:

Vega Sport Performance Optimizer

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products at the Sequel eStore.
Enter promo code VNEWS-SPORT
at checkout. Offer valid through February 14, 2010.
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Have you tried Vega?  Do you like it?  Do you like their Bars? Or their other products

What’s your Favorite Gum if you’re a gum chewer?  I’d like to get more into mints, tooAny recommendations on mints?  Before I walk into teach a yoga class, which I need to hustle because I have to go teach a 5:30pm heated power flow class, it’s nice to have a mint, ya know?  But, I don’t like anything too strong and overwhelmingly pepperminty though.  I don’t want my eyes watering or anything!

What are you Grateful for Today?

Stay Tuned For Yummy Eats…


  1. A big bag of homemade goodies from you would put the biggest smile on my face! I don't know anyone who would think otherwise. ;)

  2. Those peanut butter cups look devine!! I would use sunbutter instead since I can't have peanuts. I think I might like to try one with white and dark chocolate! Happy Birthday again to your little cuttie! Three is such a wonderful age! So fun to hang out with!

    We don't do anything for Valentines day although I usually make a little gift to send with my son Jupiter to school for his classmates and teachers and we always have some candy hearts!

  3. Holy….wow do those look good Averie. Just perfect. I haven't seen that chocolate before, I'll have to keep an eye out. In the past I've ordered the chips online, but it was such a hassle.

    I can't get my arms far enough through my legs to lift up in that pose yet. Yet! I'll get there :)

  4. Food Makes Fun Fuel Reply

    Local and homemade food is the best gift to recieve in my opinion
    Omg where did this weekend go? Homework homework homework!
    Happy birthday to Skylar! Gotta love a good cupcake.
    I just placed an order from iherb. All I got was Nunaturals vanilla stevia but all it cost me was 5.99 so I ain't complaining woot woot!
    What else… Oh. I need to add those peanut butter cups to my to-make list. And now I need to go because I leave things in the dorm oven for wayyyy too long

  5. Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg Reply

    Ohhhhhh, Averie. It is going to be so hard for me to read your blog during my sugar challenge. Talk about being self-masochistic!!!! Oh well…it will be part of the challenge, I suppose :-)

  6. Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Skylar………Happy Birthday to you!!!! Skylar, I hope you are having a very happy birthday!!

    Thanks for the coleslaw and pnut butter cup recipies. Yummie is all I can say!! The coleslaw dressing is THE BEST…wish I had the talent to make a ranch dressing that tastes a good as this.

  7. findinghappinessandhealth Reply

    omg a big bag of homemade goodies would be the best gift ever!!! but if u want to do a gift card, target or starbucks would be useful! you are so talented- those pb cups look beyond amazing! loveee them. i would want white and dark! and idk what me and the boy are doing for valentines day yet!
    oh, and you are such a great mom! Averie will for sure read thsi one day and looove every post!

  8. Fayinagirl (means Free One) Reply

    Skylar looks so excited! fun!!!

    I'd grab up both, the white and mixed goodies. Yummy!

    As for receiving something in the mail for valentines day; I've always thought that homemade gifts were the sweetest kind. =)

    We don't usually do anything for Valentines day. However, this year Chinese New Year fall on Feb. 14…so we'll be having our big ol' Chinese New Year bash. =)

  9. So glad Skylar had a fun birthday party! Sounds like she deserved that cupcake, though all your vegan goodies are even better in my book!

    Homemade goodies are always the best! I'd rather eat something delicious that I know someone put effort into then get a whole slew of storebought stuff. Plus, those cups look DANG good! I can't decide between white and dark, so I'd go with both!

    BF and I still don't have solid V-Day plans, but we've agreed to do something stupid and funny rather than sappy and romantic. Of course, I'd love sappy and romantic, but the guy took me to a vegan restaurant this month, so I can't complain :) It's the time spent together that counts, right?

    Have a great week and happy birthday to Skylar!

  10. Danielle (Coffee Run) Reply

    Skylar is adorable- She is a lucky girl!
    I think a big bag of your homemade goodies would be the perfect present.
    I've never really celebrated valentines day, so no plans over here. I'm thinking it's a good excuse to make some chocolate treats though ;)

  11. hey averie! oh my gosh once again you have got me drooling at your amazingness. those pb cups look delicious! aww happy birthday to sweet little skylar(: i did yoga with my mom today & tried some poses you have posted! so thank you for that(; xoxo soph

  12. The white chocolate chip cups look sooo good. I saw your older post on these and I tried to make them..but didn't really follow the instructions that well…they definitely did not come out as pretty as yours. I am going to have to try them again. I like how detailed you make the instructions and the pictures are so nice. Your daughter is such a lucky girl to have so many tasty (and healthy) treats around the house :)

  13. aw the birthday princess looks beautiful as usual :) I love Target .. it's my go-to one stop shop place. I could literally get lost in there for hours (read: days)

    I have actually never been a fan of white chocolate (gasp!) but you may have converted me. Those PB cups look killer!

    keep on keepin' in with the yoga grl — 500 hours?! woo-wee.. you're amaze!

    hugs and kisses <3

  14. Oh man I hope I'm your secret valentine!!!! I'm sending mine locally-made gifties but not homemade – no time for that (she says just having taken a two-hour nap).

  15. that picture of skylar with the cupcake is precious :) sounds like a fabulous bash!

    and those pb cups?? my my, fantastic!!!

  16. Those white PB cups are GORGEOUS! And I sooo can't wait to see more pics of Skylar's birthday!! :) Have a great evening darlin'!

  17. Fabulous recipe.. they look picture perfect.. I LOVED that cookbook!! I still need to return it to the library.. I think Ive reached my renewal limit! lol

    Looks like Miss Skylar had a fabulous girly birthday! You are a good momma!!! She looks so happy.

    Valentines day.. hmm well, it was our first "date' anniversary (so cliche) 6 years ago so we usually just go out to din (again, so cliche). We usually go to a nice Italian place because we usually never do Italian?! I dunno.. nothin crazy. We will prob walk there so Ill be rockin tennis shoes and yoga pants. lol

    Happy Sunday!

  18. Oh holy crap! Those cups look to DIE for! My mouth is seriously watering. I want one! Such cute pics of Skylar, as always! :):)

  19. Aww Skylar's so cute!! :) Hope she has a great birthday!

    Congrats on almost making it to the highest level of yoga certification. That's super exciting!

    Vegan white chocolate <3

  20. AVERIE!!
    hey lovely!!
    skylar is SO CUTE w. her gifts! she is one happy little girl!! what a great bday!!
    THOSE PB CUPS.. amazing.. i would loveee a chocolate one!
    i dk about vday! whatd you get for your hubby when yall were dating?

  21. Skylar REALLY enjoyed that cupcake!! That face of her's is priceless :) Happy Birthday Skylar!!! I'm so excited for you to finish the 500 hour.. what a great accomplishment ;) Congrats! PB cups look amazing!

  22. moretolifethanlettuce Reply

    the pics of that yoga studio are so gorgeous, i would LOVE to practice there! aww skylar looks like she had so much fun at her bday party, you threw a great one!

  23. The food has me salivating over here! The peanut butter cups!!!! Ahhh! Just went into the freezer to get some semi-sweet chocolate to get some chocolate in my mouth after seeing those pictures. Your yoga poses continue to impress me.

  24. omg seriously, i'm jealous of skylar to have such a wonderful chef around! your eats look absolutely fantastic! and i am seriously head over heels for reeses so i'm definitely going to try out that recipe :]
    tell her i say happy birthday!! ahh she's so adorable i want to babysit :]

  25. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!! :D

    You should seriously open up a vegan dessert shop! I drool every time I come over here!

    Sadly my boyfriend and I are in the long distance thing so we won't be together on V-Day :( But I'm coming down there to visit him this weekend!!

  26. Oh my god…those are BEAUTIFUL! Love the tuxedo colors! No one could say no to those…lucky Valentine! (I just packed up my package today!)

    I did my first tripod headstand today…hadn't been able to do one since gymnastics when I was a kid! I can also do my headstands with no wall now. Yoga just makes me so happy!

  27. thank you SOO much for your comment. it was like ONE BIG hug i needed. girl, if you pull the plug on yours…DON"T DO IT, coz the minute you leave i'll leave!! i'll just die because your blog is such a refresher from other blogs that are similar! you're an inspiration to me, and hell, i like to hang it all out here too! don't worry. i will keep on with my little blog! =D SOOO glad you have felt the same way sometimes! us baggy clothing peeps must stick together!

  28. eggplantexecutrix Reply

    Always wondered how one made peanut butter cups — neat! I probably should avoid those (self control issues, party of one), but maybe for gifts!

    I'm not a Valentine's Day lady because I don't do "tell me you love me" very well, but I try to be surprisingly romantic at other times.

  29. Kristin (Cook, Bake and Nibble) Reply

    YUM!!! Wow, those definitely look worth trying! I've been wanting to try your Raw PB cups, but can not find nooch ANYWHERE around here, when I do I will have to!


  30. Those raw peanut butter cups look to die forrr!! I would have BOTH :)

    Great yoga pose! I finally mastered crow :)
    <3 jess

  31. wow! Averie..just awesome. I completely adore the white chocolate PB cups! I had no idea that they made a vegan white chocolate and this just totally excites me. For me I think the dark and white combo are my favorite. Put some PB goodness in the center and those are awesome. Oh yum! I cant wait to make these. (where did you find the white chocolate btw?)

    Happy Bday to Skylar! It sounds like such a fun party. You did an awesome job hon!

    Congrats on almost finishing you yoga teaching training program. Im so totally excited for you. I wished that I lived closer to you so you could be my teacher!! I would have loved that. Oh well…maybe in August!=)

    Well I was just thinking about valentines day actually! I signed up for Janetha's secret valentine exchange. It just sounds like so much fun. I think for valentines day me and the hubs are gonna hang around town. We were gonna go out but I have a trailer due a day before valentines day. Could be dicey to go out. So I think we are going to do a fun night in. Maybe hit up the spa for a couples massage and some dinner. A little something like that. I usually dont get too into vday but oh well!

    Anyways sweetie I hope you had an awesome weekend. Take care love!

  32. Fit Chick in the City Reply

    She looks so cute eyeing that cupcake! I can only imagine the look on my face the first time I ate a cupcake.

    I missed out on the secret valentine giveaway. I really have to read more blogs. However, if I were your secret valentine, I'd be ecstatic with a bunch of raw goodies from you!

  33. peacelovenutrition Reply

    Your desserts always look so delicious! I need to start making them! Thanks for the recipes!

    I'm not sure what I'm doing for Valentines Day yet…might make the bf some cho truffles!



  34. Holy mother! I must make these cups! Can you please fly to LA and make me yummy raw desserts? We have great weather!

    And your daughter should win the Cutest Blogger Baby award. I say that as one who has no inherit soft spot for kiddos.

  35. MMM everything looks great as always. I just bought some new bags of chocolate chips, so I may have to make those pb cups. And for the record, I think I'd have to go with one of each. Shh ;)

    I FINALLY made your chocolate chip cookie dough balls yesterday. Those are the one thing I've wanted to try the most since I first found your blog a month or two ago. So good! Tonite I'm trying out the chocolate snowballs. Can't wait!

    Happy almost birthday to Skylar! She's a smart girl for requesting cupcakes :)

    I think homemade goodies are perfect with a nice note/card attached. Maybe a nice little piece or soap or a bath bomb or something too? But I definitely wouldn't be disappointed with just a homemade stash! Yum. Yum.

  36. averie you are a goddess…all of your creations are super fabulous!!!

    happy birthday to princess skylar…

  37. Based on all your recipes, I'd say a stash of your baked goods would be an awesome gift! I've got to stop making so many of your desserts…they're stocking up in my fridge and I can't eat 'em fast enough! I would love to have one of the dark chocolate/white chocolate peanut butter cups – I love my dark chocolate!

    We are celebrating Valentine's Day a little late because we are booked that weekend. Jon just booked us a hotel in Dallas and we're going to just spend time together for two days straight. I can't wait! It's not until March, though.

  38. I used to fall into the "young things" age group, but sadly, I think I am no longer a member…

    I am a dark chocolate all the way girl. Did you know that white chocolate isn't really chocolate. Heard that on NPR. I soooo need to make those pb cups.

    And, yes, the applesauce I posted about definitely reminds me of my grandmother too! What is it about midwesterners and making their own applesauce? I was thinking that a vitamix would work much faster as I was typing away! Lucky you… :D

    Happy birthday to Skylar!!!! I haven't forgotten the apron (*blushes*).

  39. runwritetherapylife Reply

    Glad Skylar had a great b-day party! She looks adorably eyeing the desserts. I don't even like white chocolate, but I could totally go for your half-white/half-dark cups. They look wonderful Averie!

    And I may be young, but alas, I have no V-day plans. Any nice single men in NY wanna take me out?

  40. I am dying for a peanut butter cup right now! I may just try to make them if I can dig up some cupcake liners. Awesome recipe!!

  41. Your desserts always look so delicious!! I want! I covet! Congrats about the yoga training teacher program. Someday that's something I'd really like to try. You'd be happy to know that my yoga practice has only increased since coming to school…I go 4 times a week now, as opposed to one or two. I'm addicted!! :-)

  42. Madeline - Greens and Jeans Reply

    Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite 3 year old in Phoenix! I don't have a day off until I get back from NYC, but I will be dying to catch up when I get back!

  43. Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) Reply

    We will be in Portland with a dear friend and her hubby and brand new baby for V-day. Ironically we spent last year with that same couple (sans baby) in Palm Springs! Perhaps starting a tradition :-)

    Chocolate please. I can only hope I'm your secret valentine. :-)

    Glad Skylar enjoyed her first ever cupcake!

  44. WOW they are so perfect!!!

  45. Happy Birthday, Skylar!!

  46. Awh, what a lovely birthday for such a cutie pie. :)

    Your peanut butter cups look divine! What kind of peanut butter do you use? It looks so light in color and creamyyyy.

  47. Hmm, I've never been a big white chocolate fan, but I think halfing it with dark chocolate would be delightful!

    I think a big box of homemade goodies would be wonderful! You could also consider some specialty ingredients, like nooch, chia seeds, liquid flavored stevia, etc.

    Valentines plans… don't think of anything special in the works. Not too exciting, huh?

  48. Oh my word, those peanut butter cups looks AWESOME. Is it wrong that I want one even though it's breakfast time? I love anything that's gluten-free, vegan, and homemade, espec if it's dark chocolate themed.

    Happy birthday little Skylar!

    Valentines day will be spent with the inlaws. But I'm going to bake some heart-shaped cookies for everyone to share.

  49. Wow I wish I was your secret valentine those cups look soooooo delish! No plans for the big as I'm a single maybe the cinema with my sis as her hubby doesn't believe in it! Ahhhhhh your little princess looks like she had a fun day what a cutie! x x

  50. We don't find peanut butter cups on this side of the globe, we hardly find peanut butter at all as it is definitely not part of our culture.
    Still I have come to love natural peanut butter, and oh yes I will certainly make these peanut butter cups, they seem so easy to make… and eat!

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