Birthday Party, Grocery Finds, Vegan Sweet Treats, Gratitude

Happy Hump Day!  We’re halfway there and I am really looking forward to the weekend!  I’ve got some cool yoga classes lined up, but we are also going to throw Skylar’s 3rd Birthday Party

When I say party, I should really define that as an intimate celebrationWhy?  Because we’re new in town and don’t know too many people, so it will just be the three of us, and that’s totally fine by me.  More desserts for us…haha!  Thanks to everyone who chimed in with all your special memories about the parties you had as kids!  The birthday girl has requested cupcakes so that’s what it shall be and other than that, I am in girly-girl birthday party planning mode!  Any more tips??

I’m glad you enjoyed yesterday’s post about my Yoga Class with the Yoga Master Dharma Mittra & the words of wisdom he had that I shared.

And of course I know you loved the Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls, too!

Melts in your Mouth, Not in your Hands!

And Thanks for Giving me your Perspective on PatienceAnd what’s easy and what’s challenging for you to be patient with.  I like hearing everyone’s take on topics like that!

Moving on to a few grocery finds…
I picked up these little crackers that were on sale for $1.99 in the organic section of the regular grocery store.  Michael Season’s Baked Multigrain Chips.


They are wheat and gluten free, although Skylar and Scott don’t have to be gluten-free, as I mentioned before, wheat & gluten are inflammatory and harder to digest for everyone, so I try to keep it to a minimum around here.

And while I was at the grocery, I stocked up Sale-Priced Fruit


Cherries!  I love cherries and haven’t had any in about 6 months!  

They still weren’t exactly cheap, but they were on sale and that was good enough.  And they were perfectly crunchy & juicy…ewww! to mushy fruit!

Strawberries were on sale for $1.88 for 2 pints!

Skylar Loves Her Berries!  Yay for Strawberries!  
Still sick, but happy nonetheless!

And Greenery.  Not on sale but essential!
Brock & Sugar Snap Peas

TJ’s lettuce mix, organic peas, and a yellow pepper

And a red pepper

I also love gum.  I know, classy to be chomping away, but there are worse things, right!  Anyway, these are my newest obsessions.  The Extra Family Fruit Sensations. 

The lowdown:
The Mango Smoothie tastes like an Orange Creamsicle, more orange than mango, really good
The Island Cooler is faint, pineapple/mango-ish, and is very light in flavor, and is the most subtle of all four
The Watermelon is a big Pop! of Sweet Watermelon flavor
And the Strawberry-Banana tastes more strawberry than banana and is also a pretty “big” flavor like the watermelon.  
Nothing worse than bland gum!  Or gum that loses it’s flavor in 30 seconds!  For the gum chewers and connoisseurs, what’s your fave these days?

Here was a bowl of greenery I savored:
Everything was raw except the Brussles Sprouts which were steamed for 1 minute.  Brock, sugar snap peas, carrots, tomatoes, yellow peppers, romaine, cukes

Dressed With a Fresh Batch of Vegan Slaw Dressing that I made yesterday

Oh, Remember the Tempt Ice Cream from my  Grocery & Mailbox Finds Post?

Scott, the resident ice cream connoisseur not to be confused with me the gum connoisseur, says that it’s “Amazing!”  I don’t throw that word around lightly.  This is a man who used to enjoy his full-dairy, full-fat, Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate ice cream and tons of specialty high end ice cream before I transformed him into a non-dairy guy, so for him to give this 2 Thumbs Up, that’s really saying something. 

I am not the best judge of ice cream because I prefer balls, any day.
For Dessert, for Scott, because that ice cream is long gone, I got busy with a batch of Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs
I generally make a batch fill up 4 bowls with the chocolate snowballs
And then he can grab out of the freezer, as needed.
Which is kinda dangerous because these are delish!
For my dessert, I snagged a No-Bake, Gluten-Free Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bar
Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars = Good Stuff!  

Shoutout to Danielle who made these and so did Tess and so did…hmmm.  Ok, having major Alzheimer’s Moment here.  There were at least a couple other people who made these…I swear to you, once upon a time I was magna cum laude.  Now I can’t remember everyone who made these.  I apologize!!!!!  My excuse: playing nursemaid with not enough sleep to a sick kiddie!

Yoga Today is Camel (Ustrasana).  Open your heart chakra, let the love in.  And give extra special thanks & gratitude to the Universe this week for all the lovely blessings you DO HAVE in your life today!  Even if life isn’t perfect, there’s always something to be grateful for.  What are you grateful for today? 

Tip of the Day:  Be Grateful!  I am grateful that I have an awesome little girl, who still happens to be sick boo-hoo but we’re rockin’ the natural treatments for colds like extra vitamin C, zinc, ginger, and extra antioxidants, I’m grateful for my husband, and all the new friends I have made in the blogosphere since I started blogging!  I am so grateful to all you guys who are always reading, leaving supportive comments, and encouraging words!!!!!  Thank You!!!!

Also if you’re into Vega, here’s a way to Save:

Vega Sport Performance Optimizer

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products at the Sequel eStore.
Enter promo code VNEWS-SPORT
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Have you tried Vega?  Do you like it?  Do you like their Bars? Or their other products

What’s your Favorite Gum if you’re a gum chewer?  I’d like to get more into mints, tooAny recommendations on mints?  Before I walk into teach a yoga class, which I need to hustle because I have to go teach a 5:30pm heated power flow class, it’s nice to have a mint, ya know?  But, I don’t like anything too strong and overwhelmingly pepperminty though.  I don’t want my eyes watering or anything!

What are you Grateful for Today?

Stay Tuned For Yummy Eats…

112 comments on “Birthday Party, Grocery Finds, Vegan Sweet Treats, Gratitude”

  1. hey babes! i have missed you, things have been crazy this weekend! but i am all moved in and finally a bit more relaxedddd yesss :) Love the recipe for these white chocolate cups! they are beautifula nd look so decadent. Happy birthday to skylar she is such a princess :)
    I think homemade gifts overtake ANY other gift!! they are so thoughtful and from you, that means delicious too!!!

  2. Skylar is SO adorable! Aww. I just love her. How awesome that she got her FIRST cupcake!

    Your PB cups LOOK AMAZING! I may have to try them.

    I was wondering what that position was called. In my new yoga DVD, they do a very simplified version of it where you only raise yourself a few inches off the ground, and all I could think was "HOW DO YOU DO THIS?!?!" ;)

  3. I just love getting comments form you !!! Can you get any sweeter!! U, me, and Janetha could be a triple threat!!!!! Brains and Beauty, we all rock that!!!!

    Clean Eating is a great magazine, I love it!!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow to Skylar, she looks like she was in heaven with that cupcake!!! So cute!! I think its awesome how you raise her to eat so healthy!! I think that is so important!! I really wish I would of incorporated more healthy eating with my son when he was that young, because its easier if you do it that way, if not its tough when they are older : p

    Cant wait to see the birthday party pics!!!

    Valentines Day, Mike is taking me to a suprise place for dinner : ) so that will be fun!!!

    Have a great Monday!! xoxoxo

  4. Girl you are killing me with this post! From Skylar's 3rd birthday party to virgin cupcakes, to WHITE CHOC. PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! OMG! My lack of sleep right now has me cravin' sugar like a wild woman. I think i'd go with the white ones…..cause that dk. chocolatey goodness is still tucked inside.

    Glad you guys had such a great b'day celebration. Happy that the little gal got her first taste of cupcake!

    Valentines…what, huh? What's that? Not happening for us either.

    $25…….would rather have priceless Averie goodies in my hands. xxoo

  5. To answer your question of which type I would grab…I would grab ALL of them! Peanut butter/chocolate cups are my favorite things in the whole world, and these just take it to a whole different level.

    Yours always come out looking so clean and perfect, mine definitely do not look so polished. I wonder why!

  6. awwwwwwwww your little pumpkin looks so cute and excited about her party! Sounds like you did a great job. I love the half black half white cups! They look pretty and yummy. Valentine's day plan= frozen yogurt and maybe a trip to the aquarium. Then we plan to make dinner together :)

  7. Oh. my. goodness. Those peanut butter cups look absolutely delicious and I can't wait to make them!

    Personally, a bag of goodies from you would be more than enough for Valentine's Day…your desserts rock!

  8. OMG those peanut butter cups look AMAZING! Its only 10 am and now I am craving chocolate =) Great recipes, as always. And Skylar's birthday looks spectacular!

  9. It looks like Skylar had a fab birthday! I love that you wrote her that "dedication". Awww. Too adorable!

    Oh my those peanut butter cups look fabulous! I need to recreate them :)

  10. Happy Birthday Skylar! Congrats on the 500 hr RYT, I'd love to step it up to the 500 hr level at some point. I totally agree with you about letting a kid be a kid sometimes.

    Your peanut butter cups are so pretty:) Maybe I'll attempt to recreate them as a Valentine's gift for my favorite boys.

  11. Everything you make always looks out of this world! I love how you always come up with new recipes… And I have just officially realized that I am probably the only vegan to never try agave nectar… I will have to change that soon, maybe i'll attempt one of your recipes and blog all about how i messed it up;)

  12. She shoots she scores!! Another total winner.

  13. You are a genius with all of your creative dessert concoctions! I have never had vegan white chocolate, but I really need to get some (or make my own) very soon. Looks delicious! :)

  14. awwww, Happy Birthday (almost) Skylar! our bday is at the end of Feb. I am thinking of doing just what you did… decorating the SNOT out of JJ's play room and letting his day just be fun.

    I have to get out of the funk from last year's disaster party!

    I would die for a bite of the half and half treat! they look beautiful! (as always)

    and plans for V-day? Well, we have spa gift cards we saved from Christmas and THAT is going to be our get away treat (probably THIS weekend) the 15th is our anniversary (7 years) and so V-day is always combined now with our anniv. they are both special to us, but on a tighter budget, gifts are small. Getting away for massages and a peaceful morning while Patti watches JJ will be a TREAT.

    a 25$ v day treat? PERFUME. I am out. or a pretty bracelet. I haven't had anything girlie like that in ages. AGES I say. (okay, a spiralizer would be awesome too) but I could use a fun treat and not one that requires I do dishes!


    I had no idea Janetha had a secret valentine thing going on! how fun!

    Happy February Averie!

  15. you and HEAB keep posting pancake pics and that is not helping! I have been craving them for days but haven't had time to make any!

    Party looks so fun! I am glad she had a wonderful birthday!

  16. OMG girl, those cups are fantabulous!!! I would definitely take BOTH since Im a sweetaholic ;) – BUT i must say, ive been off the raw sweets for 7 days, boooyah.
    Whoever gets them in a lucky duck!

  17. Awww, I'm so glad the party went well! And let me just say that those peanut butter cups look AH-MAZE-ING! :)


  18. Happy Birthday to Skylar!!! Looks & sounds like an amazing party!!! I love the pink…

    We don't really "do" Valentine's Day. It's a bit too commercial. I rather try to celebrate every day in a small way…

    Have a great week!

  19. All your goodies always look soo yummy!

    I have a question for you. :) What "power" do you blend your raw ball dough on? I tried making some in my Vitamix and I am not having as good of luck at it. The nut powder comes out great but after adding the dates/sweetner, it just isn't working out right.. I even overheated my Vitamix.. oops! I am thinking I just don't have the speed high or low enough or something. lol You make it look so easy with the blender. I don't want to have to get a food processor if I don't have to!

  20. Averie, Happy Birthday to Skylar! I am going to go and make those coconut snowballs RIGHT NOW for my Dad! And the peanut butter cups, WOW! :) Hope you had a great day celebrating!


  21. I hope I'm your secret valentine!!!!!!!!

  22. Oh Averie you are the best! I've made the "traditional" pb cups many times (which my boyfriend LOVES and requests frequently), and he was recently talking about a white chocolate version! I wasn't sure if pb and white choc. would "go", but your vanilla/cocoa solution sounds divine!

    Thank you, and really, we are never buying those chemical filled reeces ever again!

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  24. Oh my Lord – I WANT those "inside-out" cups!!! They look amazing!! Wow. You are genius :) Skylar is beautiful as usual as are you – this post is just full of goodness ;)

  25. So glad your girl had a great bday!!! Shes so adorable, and it looks like you had a blast as well!!!! <3
    Your so talented your eats just look so yummy! Have a great day! <3

  26. UMMMMMM why didn't i make YOU have your valentine be ME?! haha~ i should have! THOSE DOUBLE DIPPED ONES?! to die for. i love love love the double choco. and that is coming from me, who doesnt LOVE chocolate but dude.. those are gorgeous!

    skylar is, as always, the cutest little bug in blogland.

    i love you! sorry to be MIA~ not sure i will be back to commenting until after the trip.


  27. I'd go all white! Seriously, those look uh-may-zing. They are absolutely picture PERFECT!

  28. I looooove white chocolate(just bought straight cocoa butter offline

  29. I like to put nut butter on apples, bananas and just eat it plain :)

  30. My favorite way to use nut butter is to top sweet potatoes and oats!

  31. My favorite way to use nut butter is on a bagel or toast or english muffin :p

  32. Even though most real chefs don't consider white chocolate to be real chocolate (my pastry chef friend told me that), I still love it!

  33. Wow, this all looks so good! My favorite way to use nut butter is in oatmeal!

  34. Yuck. I hate white chocolate. I think I even posted that here already. It's not even real chocolate. Imposter!

  35. Your cups look good, but thinking about white chocolate makes me want to gag!

  36. I like white chocolate…but it has to be vegan! ;) And, I like to eat nut butter slathered on toast, bagels, oats, cereals, apples, and more! :)

  37. Wow these white chocolate peanutbutter cups look out of this world, and I'm not a reeses lover by any means! I'd love to try these. Unfortunately I'm still on that crazy hunt to find vegan white chocolate, why must ti be so difficult! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  38. I love smooshing peanut butter in with my SP&NB soup! It makes it soo delicious :)

  39. I love white chocolate though I definitely prefer the bitter dark stuff!!

  40. I love nut butter in smoothies, oatmeal, and straight from the jar! :-D

  41. i LOVE white chocolate!

  42. of course i love white chocolate…is there people in the world who exist who dont?!?!? except i have yet to find a vegan one so its been awhile!

  43. I can't say I'm a fan of white chocolate…but if it's with nut butter, I'm sure I'd eat it. Anything with nut butter I'll pretty much eat!

  44. I'm not a white chocolate fan, it's technically not chocolate!

  45. love white chocolate and peanut butter!! :)

  46. My favorite way to eat nut butter is to eat it off the spoon or with kimchi.

  47. Your yoga studio is absolutely gorgeous and looks so peaceful! And these peanut butter cups looks amazing! I will have to try this recipe for sure :) I love the fact that you are so passionate about fitness and being healthy, but aren't afraid to indulge in dessert too! I think it is the perfect balance!

  48. Favorite usage is just dipping

  49. My favorite way to eat nut butter is on top of a toasted English muffin and topped with a banana and some cinnamon!

  50. My favorite way to use nut butter is with my oats. Adds so much flavor! I also love it on top of ice cream.

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