Blogger Meetup, Mailbox Finds, Raw Vegan Smoothie Recipe

How’s Thursday going? I admit, I’m beat tired and working on 4 hours of sleep. And those 4 hours were not consecutive. Playing nursemaid to a sick Skylar was my 1 to 4am calling card. So needless to say I was grateful for a coffee & a chit-chat get-together with Madeline of Greens and Jeans.

Madeline and I gabbed about life. And Skylar snacked.

And Madeline is such a great sport with Skylar and she plays along so wonderfully with all of Skylar’s little stories snots and games!

Like when Skylar shows Madeline how Fashionista Barbie Walks Down the Runway

And in between her snacking, Skylar’s nose ran all over the place.


But it was great to catch up with Madeline for java and chit-chat! Just what the doctor ordered for this very tired mama: A little Girl Time + Coffee!

I’m glad you enjoyed yesterday’s Grocery Finds Post

And thanks for letting me know those Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs had you drooling

Right along with the No-Bake Vegan PB Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

And thanks for filling me in on your recommendations on gum, mints, and everything you’re Grateful For

Good stuff and thanks, my bloggie friends, for chiming in!

Today when I came home from my coffee clutch with Madeline, I found a couple things waiting for me in the mail!

First, a kitchen scale

From Health Tools and Eat Smart Products

I have chatted with Katie before about how when I’m making raw vegan balls

…that it would be incredibly helpful to have a food scale like she does because 1 cup of dates can mean alot of different things; tightly packed vs. loosely packed can make a difference in the outcome of the batch or recipe.  I think another guy loves his scale, too.

Now I will know,  for example, that 100 grams of medjool dates will always work in a particular recipee,  rather than guesstimating quite as much.  Because with a scale, 100g is always 100g type of thing. Just call me Mrs. Alton Brown.

Thanks you so much Eat Smart Products for the Scale!!!

Speaking of Katie,  Anyone doing anything special with your food choices being that it’s Vegan Thursday? I’m not doing anything special per se because it’s just another happy-go-luck-vegan-kind-of-day for me, but maybe you’ll think about eating more natural, plant-based foods today. Because they really do make you feel so clean and energized!

Moving along…
I also am the very lucky recipient of a super cute care package from Isa Zapata!

Cute Handpainted Bags

Some postcards and art

Mommy & Me TShirts from Isa ZapataAnd I promise to model these when Skylar’s in more of a dress-up and try-on new clothes health status!

Thank you so much Isa Zapata!!!!!!

Dinner last night for me was a big bowl of Rabbit FoodRomaine, Sugar Snap Peas, Brock, Tomatoes, Cukes, Carrots, and Brussels

Dressed with homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

Dessert was a couple Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls that I made the other day.


Yoga Today is Sirasana (Headstand)
(I talked in this post about weight distribution with your head vs. arm & shoulder muscles. Check it out to stay injury-free in your neck!)

Tip of the Day:
Raw Vegan Blueberry Almond Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/4 cup raw almonds
  • 2 tablespoons flax oil, hemp, or coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons agave or pure maple syrup (note, maple is not truly raw)
  • 1 cup water or nut milk of your liking
  • Optional: Scoop of your favorite protein powder

In a blender, combine ingredients in order listed and puree to a smooth consistency.

Do you like smoothies?  I know a few ladies, ahem Deb and Allie, who do!  I love to chew, see yesterday’s gum chewing post if you don’t believe me, but I’d love to hear your favorite recipes and tips for The Perfect Smoothie Recipe!

Other Questions….
Would you say you have a good memory?  If I try, I would say I am an excellent memorizer. However, I need to pay attention and not try to multi-task while I am committing something to memory or else it’s in one ear and out the next. I have a pseudo “photographic memory” and I can look at something that’s written or in print and if I try, I can burn it into my mental hard drive, permanently.  Which is good and bad. It was something I practiced as a kid and helped me immensely in school, but now, it’s just a quirky fact about me.  How’s your memory?

Or, Do you have any quirky traits or random facts? I also hate garlic!  How’s that for random!

Stay Tuned For All Things Oats…

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  1. Your yoga poses kill me!! I love it! You asked about being snowed in…I'm a teacher in Nashville, TN, and we've gotten 3 snow days so far (Fri, Mon, today), which is a LOT for us. It never snows here!

  2. Oh how sweet! What a great birthday celebration!

    I can't say I even remember the last time I had a party for my birthday. I guess it was in high school. I am pretty reserved when it comes to getting attention, so I never think to do things like that now. I just turned 35 and I really just celebrate for my kids sake. I don't think you are ever too old to celebrate another year of life though. I think you should enjoy every moment to the fullest however you want to! Besides, it's your day!

  3. Happy birthday Skylar – hope it is a wonderful one!

    As for celebrating birthdays? Yo mean you grow out of it? I don't know when that happens – but I do know that my grandmother lived to 86 and we celebrated every year – so it is DEFINITELY after 86!

  4. Your Skyler is VERY CUTE and very happy :). I love all the pink she had for her birthday :).

    Have you heard of the Kefir Lady? ( you can buy Kefir grains from her that and once you have way too much she buys it back from you… I thought it was neat. I know a couple people who have bought grains from her.. I have not yet!

    As far as an about page… I like the idea… I would love to know your other hobbies.. other than yoga and making me drull while reading your blog… do you participate in any organized sports? team sports? How long have you been Vegan/Raw/Gluten Free? (this would specially be nice for your future readers). I personally would love to know and learn if you are raising Skyler Vegan/raw/gluten free? Are there issue with it? as in does she see other kids eat something and ask why she can or is not eating it?

    If I think of anything else.. I will let you know :)

  5. OH PS. in my book Birthdays are the MOST important day in anyone's life. again in my book they come before Christmas, Easter, Valentines day or any other day that you get a gift for. I am big fan of Shebangs.. but do believe that after a certain age you would want to spend it privatley with your family..but on big number birthdays.. I am a big SHEBANG believer :)

  6. Cue collective "AWWWWW!!!"

    Happy birthday Skylar, and I am so glad you are ALL enjoying it together. Because you're right, before you know it she'll probably think family stuff is lame! :( 3 is a great age because even the $1 toys are the cat's meow to them–I experienced that with my niece (just turned 4). Got her an on-sale set of My Little Pony mini books last xmas (for a whole $7) and it was the biggest hit–over princess barbies, and a Leapster game, all that expensive crap. AND she still plays with them a year later. Who'da thought?

  7. First of all Averie, you're White and Dark Chocolate Cups look fantastic! You are an artist to make them look so perfect!
    Second, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Skylar! She's so cute!!!! I hope today is special for her!
    Third, well, that's about it because I can't think of anything to answer the three questions you asked about… sorry, I know… I'm not too creative at the moment.
    Have a great day!

  8. What an adorable party! She is a cutie, for sure!

    My last big birthday was my 18th, I was on a trip to NYC with my family and best friend. We went to Nobu, a famed japanese restaurant in the city and it was the best meal of my life. SO good!


  9. Happy official birthday to Skylar!!

    Hmm…I would love to know how you got into yoga (if you haven't explained it already in another post). I know you used to be a bartender until you had Skylar, so when and how did your passion for yoga start?

    Ironically, my last big b-day hoorah was when I turned 18. The drinking age here is 19, and that's when the low-key parties started! My last birthday was perfection. Good food, and relaxing with the fam :)

  10. OOOOOATS! Love 'em all! Put me in a room with all that goodness and I would be in trouble.
    My first choice in this post would be the pancakes. They look sinful! From oat bran, to steel cut to good old fashioned, I am a fan of the oat.
    Here's 2 FFC links to oats (cause u asked!)

    Baked Pumpkin Pie Oats with Flaxseed

    Cocoa Coconut Oat Parfait

  11. Cute cute pictures from the party! SOOooo adorable!

    I think big birthday shebangs are fun at any age (as long as you enjoy the company of whoever's there with you!). My last great one was just a double date for my 21st with my now-husband and one of my best friends and her now-husband. I was the last one to turn 21, so they played it up as an extra-special occasion at a swanky rooftop bar. (Your 24th sounds pretty incredible, btw!)

    For the about me, I always like to hear a little about the backstory. How you got into your current lifestyle, if you were always interested in it, etc. Plus I noticed that sometimes Scott has different meals than you. Obv not HIS about me, but if you're not both vegan, I'd be curious how you blend the two eating habits harmoniously.

    P.S. Since I'm always signed into my own account, I didn't realize I had word verification on, so I clicked it off. Should be a breeze at the old OA site now :)

  12. Happy birthday to your beautiful baby!!

  13. oh my GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! those pictures are so frigging preshy. seriously, she looks absolutely adorable and happy as can be beaming ear to ear. the two of you honestly look so in love with each other, my goodness, what a wonderful day…so glad its all documented on film. its really just too cute for words!

  14. Love love love love love all the candids of you and Skylar. What a sweet girl with a sweet mommy! And what a great bday post. Seriously- happy birthday to Skylar. From one Aquarius to another. ;)

    And about your about me.. lolz again regarding what we talked about with the bombardment of emails you get a day. Obviously you have an interesting story and an interesting perspective about life- of course people want to know all about you! I love learning new things about all bloggies everyday. So go for it. Once again- much easier to do an about tab and toot our own horns on wordpress! :)

  15. Happy birthday princess :-)

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