Calm Yourself with Natural Supplements, Probiotics & Vitamins

Well, just one more day til the weekend….wow, this week has flown by for me!  So far, 2010 has been whizzing by!  Today’s insanity accomplishments included changing the sheets on the beds, a major grocery run for fruits & veggies, putting gas in the car and having it washed because it was a filthy beast, crack and all.  And of course, this peanut has been my trusty sidekick through it all.

I’m glad you enjoyed my Fruity Vanilla Smoothie action yesterday!

And I loved hearing everyone’s stories about where you live, if you like it, if you can see yourself moving away.  Some of you said you could never move away, and some of you said you’re nomads I’ve got alot in common with all you nomads!   My thoughts are that we only have one go-around, so you may as well try to reside somewhere you enjoy!

Moving on to Today…
Dinner was a raw kale, brock, cauli, and carrot salad.

Dressed with my Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing


And Raw Vegan Balls made an appearance for desserts and snacks:   

Vanilla Sunflower Seed Butter Balls!

And Sugar Cookie Dough Balls


These are from my newly organized Balls and Holes Recipes Post!  

I thought I’d talk today about a few supplements I take.  I know that some people don’t take any supplements, and I am not a huge proponent because I believe we can get most of what we need through our diet But sometimes a little help is needed.  One of the things I supplement with is Magnesium.  I use Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm.

And yes, it really does calm meIn a matter of minutes.

Here’s what Peter Gillham’s site says:
“Magnesium helps your muscles and nerves function properly; it keeps your heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system and also assists in keeping your bones strong. This essential mineral helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure and is required for producing and storing energy.”

I just know that if I am magnesium-depleted, I am a little edgy, I get muscle cramps in my legs, I don’t sleep as well as I wish, my digestion feels a little sluggish, and so whenever I feel this way, I take a few teaspoons of this powder, mix it with water, and I’m all better.  

And if I need a quick calming fix, and remember to take it, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is awesome for calming down frazzled nerves, chaotic energy, and for ratcheting down irritability in a matter of minutes.

Natural Flower Essences

Just a drop or two under your tongueAhhh….much better!

The other supplement I take is a Multi-Vitamin.  I got into the habit of taking these Rainbow Light Women’s One a Day Vitamins when I was pregnant (and not pre-natal Vitamins as those just exacerbated my morning sickness, and I tried about 10 different brands) but these worked for me.

And they still do.  So I take One a Day.

I look at these vitamins as “insurance” in case I am not getting enough trace micronutrientsHard to believe, I know, with all the colors of the (raw) rainbow I am eating

…but hey, just in case, I feel I am covering my bases this way.

I also am a huge, huge, believer in probiotics as I have discussed.

70% of your immune system is in your gut, not your lungs or respiratory tract like you may think.  So if your gut isn’t healthy, you’re more prone to getting sick, catching illnesses, flu bugs, you name it.  The natural bacteria and flora in your gut are depleted and become imbalanced from things like stress, poor diet, alcohol, environmental pollutants & toxins, antibiotics and tons of other things.

I believe we can all do ourselves a favor and either start eating more fermented foods (go check out my homemade countertop coconut milk kefir or here for fermented action) or by taking a daily probiotic.  I know in the past 4 years I have been religious about taking my probiotics, and I get sick far less despite have a toddler who’s bringin’ home germs left and right.  Not to mention, your elimination pattern and overall GI health will become spot on.  Nuff said.     

These are my go-to Probiotics

And you can order all of what I use from
$5 Savings Code = AVE630
Use code AVE630 to save $5 and free shipping on all orders over $40.

If you are not able to make homemade coconut milk vegan kefir on your coutertop
(kefir=a fermented food.  Fermented foods = full of replenishing and “good” bacteria that our bodies need)
(and for those of you concerned with needing a truly dairy-free starter or water grains, check out this post for info

…but not sure why you can’t, because my kefir recipe only has 3 ingredients in it and you just let it sit out on your countertop!  No work for you!!!  Heather made it, so can you!

The Two Recipe Links are This One and This One.

But if you’re pressed for time and are not getting your fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut, or miso in your diet, I cannot say enough good things about probiotics!  Basic acidophilius and bifidus strains of bacterium are generally enough for most people and you can find probiotics with these strains in them at almost any health food store.

Don’t skip your “good” bacteria!

Yoga Today is an Astavakrasana (8 Angles Pose) Variation

While I was doing my yoga, so was Skylar.  That’s her downward dog. 

And here’s her busting a move to Lady Gaga’s Bad RomanceInfinitely better than Barney tunes!

Happy Day, Happy Little Girl!  Which makes for a very happy mommy!

Tip of the Day:  My 2 Pounds of Chia Seeds Give Away!!!!

Go Enter for a Chance to Win!!!   Tons of Ways to Enter and the Winner will be Announced Sunday!!! 

Next Tip of the Day & Questions: Use or for all your supplements, health and beauty items like lotions and body washes, and even protein powders and organic spices.  Their shipping is a flat rate, always fast, great prices, and they are both very reliable companies. 

Do you order things online?  Are you an online shopper?  What do you order and from where?

Do you take supplements?  Why or why not?  What things do you take?  What brands?  Do you feel differently if you skip a day or if you run out and don’t replenish your stash, do you miss your supplements?   I know I do!  Is there something you’d like to start trying or taking?  Fill me in!!!

Stay Tuned For Chocolate…

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