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  1. Hey love!!!

    Awwwww thanks for taking the time to give me recomendations for cookbooks!! My sweet vegan sounds like something I would like!!!

    Did you like the kind diet book?

    Let me know if you got my email!! I hope you did if not I will send again!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is so cute how Skylar is trying to sneak some fudge when your back is turned. Adorable :-)

  3. That fudge looks decadent. I always love your no bake desserts!
    I have a soy-free, gluten-free vegan blog. Would you check it out? I'd love your support!

    Thanks :)

  4. Sophie @ yumventures Reply

    I have been wanting to read something by Michael Pollan, now I think I may pick up a copy =)

  5. Whaaaaa, I want chocolate! I still haven't had the money to go buy some more cacao powder. Friday is the big day!

    I think that fudge looks phenomenal! I have a Raw fudge recipe that is so, so , so good! I'll post it when I get my powder to make it : )

    Sounds like your yoga/ you day was wonderful. I'm so glad you had a little girl time too!


  6. I love your blog. I just discovered it the other day and decided we were meant to be friends. I love veggies and yoga! I was a pure raw foodist for two years, I have been a yoga instructor for the past 5, and I just had a little girl myself 6 months ago. Thank you for your insight and fun recipes. I have really enjoyed pursuing the blog. This may seem strange to say, but I think you are a beautiful person!

  7. So much chocolatly goodness in this post! Wow. that fudge is unbelieable. I wanted to ask you what is the difference between light coconut milk and regular? (besides the fat content=) Is there a difference in the nutrients that you get? Is it just as healthy or less so because its thinned out? Just curious!

    I try to eat as plant based as possible. Not that its hard because its what Im comfortable with. Ive always wanted to read those books my Pollan. I heard that they are wonderful! Ive been trying at my local library but its always checked out. Go figure=) I agree that you dont have to be raw or vegan but I do think you should eat as cleanly and healthfully as possible. I try to stick with the 80/20 rule. I dont think its realistic (or fun) to try and always eat to perfection. That way a little fun treat now and again is alright. You shouldnt be stressed out about how to eat! Just relax and eat what your body wants.

    Thanks for an awesome chocolate filled fantastic post! Have a great day love!

  8. I am with ya on the choices! I think anything goes as long as it is mindful.

    That fudge looks incredible!

    Chocolate fudge and chocolate ice cream are my favourite ways to eat chocolate! =)


  9. hey averie! oh my gosh. that fudge looks SO gooood! im making your white chocolate cups tomorrow(: im really excited, ill let you know how it goes! you are so amazing at yoga girl! xoxo soph

  10. Another great recipe! Yummm fudge :) I made your protein bars yesterday and they are a total hit! Josh had one for breakfast this am and exclaimed mmmmmm! Glad you had a nice weekend – love that you got in some great yoga time and time with your adorable little pumpkin :) Happy monday

  11. i am trying to figure out which of your chocolate recipes to make this evening…i am so in need of a chocolate fix…

    i have the kind diet…and i absolutely love it…it's a great book and cookbook!

  12. FUDGE! Yummamma! I love the stuff. Choco-coconut, choco-walnut and choco-pb are my favorite!

    I made Ari a PB cup last night. First time he's ever enjoyed dark chocolate, so thanks!

    I try to eat as ethically as possible and not put crap into my body. It's not always possible to eat like a saint, and I try not to beat myself up about it when that happens.

  13. "we shouldn't beat ourselves up if we eat something that others may shun or that someone else thinks is "bad" because it's your path, your body, your choices. Really, who cares what they think! So what; you ate it, move on. The beauty of food and our food choices is that in 3 hours, you can eat again and choose more wisely next time."

    I love this. It is SO true! Sometimes I think we put more stress on our bodies by worrying about what we did or didn't eat than we would if we actually ate something totally crappy. It is so easy for me to forget that we just need to do the best we can and try to be mindful and compassionate to ourselves and all creatures.

    Thanks for sharing Pollan's tips, I think he definitely has some great wisdom and ideas, even if I don't agree with him on everything. My favorite one that you shared is the eat plants not things that were made in plants tip. As for Alicia's book, I haven't read it, but what I've heard and seen so far tells me that it is one I would definitely like to get my hands on. Although some of her recipes rely a lot on processed stuff–which obviously isn't ideal–I think she gives a good intro to veganism for the mainstream by showing them that it DOESN'T entail a life of dietary deprivation.

    Okay now on to more important things…chocolate! I like it but I am not a huge fan of super dark varieties or plain chocolate bars. I will eat them but it's just not my favorite. Fudge, cake, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream that are chocolate are totally different stories, though. Them, I pretty much LOVE.

  14. Fayinagirl (means Free One) Reply

    Everything looks great, as usual!

    I haven't read Pollan's books yet. But, I did see the Oprah. It was good, pretty balanced.

    Like you, I believe food choices should be responsible and that we need to relax a little about it. Life is not a pass/fail class. It's all about growing. =)

  15. I'm a huge Michael Pollan fan and love "In Defense of Food". He hits the nail on the head and puts into words things we should've been doing for years. A lot of it is common sense.

    On another note, and I actually left a similar comment on Mimi Kirk's facebook in response to a Whole Foods thing:
    Be careful about farmer markets. Often enough, while they will sell stuff they've grown themselves, they'll also buy from wholesale distributors to supplement what they can't provide. I say this working in a situation where I see that happening and I have a hard time even going to farmer markets now because of it, especially if I know the farmer has been in the day before buying stuff from us.

  16. Averie, we seem to have the same thought processes. "you should be mindful and conscious about your food choices. Know where you food comes from, what's in it, and be mindful about what you're putting in your body." YES! A simple idea that many don't grasp!!

    Glad you liked the BodyCombat info. My fave class is BodyAttack. We have national trainers at my gym and they are phenomenal and motivating! :)


  17. I love your pictures. Very tasty.


  18. i'm thinkin skylar is a desertaholic just like her mama ;) you and her should come out with a life book on how to make amazing desserts while doing yoga and mom-ing it up :)

    i'm not a chocolate person but after seeing those sprinkles i kiiiind of want :)

  19. thetwentyfifthyear Reply

    I think Sirsasana is one of the most empowering and beautiful poses. Every time I see a photograph of it posted, it makes me want to build a super strong core so I can master it someday!

    Not a big fudge eater here, but I do adore chocolate – so long as it's milk. No white or dark for this girl! I also like traditional desserts – choc chip cookies are a classic; no need to fix what's not broken!

  20. I am so incredibly sorry this birthday wish is so belated (please apologize to Skylar for me!) but Happy Birthday to your little peanut! She's such an adorably beautiful little girl – I love how she pops up in your posts.

    I haven't read any of Michael Pollan's books, but I'm really interested in his new one. The one thing that makes me "afraid" is that I finally feel like I'm reaching a good place of balance with food (not being scared to eat certain foods) and I am worried I'll get caught up in "good" foods "bad" foods again. I know he is an excellent author on the subject though.

    Did you see the movie, "Food, Inc?" REALLY good and similar subject.

    YES I LOVE FUDGE!! Heheheh…

  21. Hey Girl…I've been keeping tabs on ya and still drooling over all the great and fun dessert recipes…yumm!


  22. Living and Loving in L.A. Reply

    Yummers! I love fudge. I'm going to be cooking up some yummy desserts tonight, and I think I might try this! Delicious, Averie!!!

  23. LOVE this post. You were right.. great minds do think alike.
    My favorite: "The beauty of food and our food choices is that in 3 hours, you can eat again and choose more wisely next time. Keep it easy, relaxed, and mellow is what I try to do" Love this! If I accidently drink/eat/consume HFCS for instance.. I give myself a break based on this sentance.

    I love what Michael Pollan says in his books, and I probably go with what he says the most out of everyone that is out there.

    Surprisingly I don't like fudge very much because its too sugary/sweet. I prefer chocolate because its so dark, and unsweetened/less sweetened. Etc. But great recipe nonetheless!

  24. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way.

  25. Your vegan fudge looks delicious!! I'm not a fan of fudge at all but this makes me drool and I definitely want to make some.

  26. I'm not a vegan (I'm a pescetarian) but I am lactose intolerant. This is typically incompatible with my love for fudge. I saw this recipe and immediately made it and oh my god it is amazing. It is 100x better than any regular fudge I have ever tasted. It's recipes like this that make me believe I could go vegan without giving up and tastiness.

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