Finger Crossed: I Think The Commenting System is Good Now

Thank you everyone, totally and completely, for your patience with my commenting systsem issues!   For those just tuning in, I implemented a new commenting system yesterday with this post, and all was well.  Then, on my next post about Making Peanut Butter Cookies and Skylar was in an Apron

…it totally glitched up. 

And then on my next test post where I mentioned my Raw Foods & Yoga Retreat, it was kind of working, but not very well and some people couldn’t see the Comment Here Field unless you clicked on the actual post title. 

So, after major help from Emily The Blog Fairy, I think I’m back in business!  Hopefully you can all comment away now.  I think the minor glitches and technical annoyances will be more than worth it in the long run for everyone!   And if anyone ever needs help, email EmilyShe is lighting fast, extremely responsive, awesome at what she does, and more than reasonable!


Thank you guys for bearing with the technical difficulties!  Hopefully you can all get through now, and the “comment here field” is visible, and it doesn’t get all wonky and glitch up on me later! 


Fingers Crossed as I Hit Publish!!!!!!!!

Stay Tuned For A Normal Post later today and hopefully no commenting system drama…

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