New Commenting System Installed

Hi Bloggie Friends!  Many of you have told me that you can’t get through from time to time to my blog to comment.  As a blogger, we live for the comments and feedback from our friends so that’s a major problem!   Katie, EmptyNut, EatMoveLove, Diana, have mentioned it to me…and normally the problem resolves itself in a few days randomly on it’s own, or if you use someone else’s computer it seems to help, but I totally admit that Blogger is Glitchey.  And it sucks on all Blogger Blogs, not just mine, even though I own my own domain.  And in some future lifetime, I may try to figure out WordPress, but in the meantime, I installed a new commenting system.   My fave Peanut Butter Eating friend Jenny uses it, too. 

Skylar loves to shout her ABC’s Loud and Proud

and hopefully my new commenting system helps you shout it loud and Proud, too!  And it will help me reply and respond in the body of the comment field, which will be really helpful for everyone I’m thinking!

Please, drop me a comment if you could my bloggie friends just so I can see how this all works!!!  It’s not hard, you can either use your OpenID or just drop your name in without even having to register.  If you happen to have issues creating a userID, check this FAQ post out.

Stay Tuned For A Big Dessert Post Later Today…
And Please, Drop me a Line Letting me Know You Can Get Through if you have a hot second!


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