Take 2 With My New Commenting System

Sorry to post so much the past dayI know I probably shouldn’t have to say that, but I am trying to figure out my commenting system and the only way I can figure out if it’s going to work is to create a Post and Hit Publish.   The new system was working really well on the first post I tried with it but then on the next post, it started off ok, but got glitchey and crapped out on meFor no apparent reason or change on my end. Sigh.

So I’ll Take This Post to Remind You All About….

My Yoga and Raw Vegan Foods Retreat!
s_Namaste_102209_15 by meisler4.

newnamaste_3 by meisler4.

On the Beach in San Diego
San Diego Beach   SurferBeachHotel.com by SurferBeachHotel.com.

This Summer in August!

Be there and get your Om Shanti Shanti on while eating your weight in veggies.
 Namaste_102209_24 by meisler4.


And Now I Hit Publish and Cross my Fingers that the new commenting system is working and keeps on working!

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