3 Winners of the Naturally Nutty Give Away Announced!

The 3 Winners of the Naturally Nutty Give Away are:

Thanks again and many condolences to Katie at Naturally Nutty

TraynHarder23 said:
my dad moved to taiwan in my sophmore year of highschool and has been visiting home when he can. he recently came with me to Arizona to take me to my first interview..and i appreciated it because he sat me down and told me to
“be yourself. they’ll like you. you are different from the other applicants. if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.”. he basically calmed my nerves down, and i realized how much he really cares about me. he supports my crossfitting, and i guess it’s because i’m getting places he wishes he could. but he is always proud of me, and it really touches me when he comes home and tries to spend as much time with me, because it’s short.

Mi-An Dela Cruz said:
I love nut buttaaahhs!!
Ok so here’s my story about my dad..my hero. My family grew up in the Philippines, when i was 11, my mother left us for another man, leaving my father to raise 4 children. When I turned 12, we immigrated to the US. So my father had to raise 4 children in a new country…He sacrificed so much for me and my siblings and never gave up. We lived below the poverty line. But we never gave up. Today, my oldest brother is a Pilot for Delta airlines, second brother works as a Manager at a GENENTECH (biotech place), I just recently became a medical doctor (my dream!) and my sister is an R.N./M.S.N. at Stanford University Hospital! yes, this is a true story! it’s insane! :) Without my father, we would be nothing. I owe everything to him for not giving up on us. He is selfless, and just a genuine person. I love him so much! Win or not, I’m glad I was able to share this story with you, A!
P.S. Many blessings to all the wonderful dads out there!

Kara said:


My Dad is my hero. It wasn’t until I became an adult and had kids of my own that I realized justs how much he loves me and all the things he has done for our family. I have fond memories of weekend drives up to the mountains, rainy day picnics in the back of the hatchback, camping weekends, and house hunting just for fun. He has always been there for me.10 years ago I escaped from a bad domestic violence situation. My Dad (and Mom) were there to help me pick up the pieces- they patiently endured close to 5 years of on and off contact while I was in that relationship. When I finally got the courage to leave for good and I picked up the phone and asked them to come and get me (after not speaking to them for many months) my Dad dropped everything and came to get my baby and I. Multiple return trips to retrive belongings, court dates, paperwork, ect. my Dad was there every step of the way. Even now my Dad comes over and helps me with stuff around my house. I could go on, but I think you get the point. I feel honored to have such a wonderful and amazing Dad. 

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