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Hi Bloggie Friends!  I hope your day has been mellow and chill.  Mine, not so much.  It’s been anything but mellow and chill because I did the Grocery Store Shuffle this morning, then Target, cleaned my house, did tons of laundry, fielded 987887 emails, it’s been a blur!  Not a bad thing, just a bit crazy because shopping and schlepping to multiple stores with a toddler adds that extra dimension to things.  Carseat buckles anyone?  Not to mention, when I set out on errands, with rare exception, I am all business, no dawdling and no “just browsing”Get the item, throw it in the cart, turbo-walk up and down the aisles, and get outta there.  No time to linger, I have blogs to read…haha!

Today was the day I had to reload my Produce Stash.  I try to do one major grocery run per week with one, maybe two, fill-in smaller trips.  Do the math, that’s 3 trips per week.  Ahem, every other day.  Sigh.  But we’re plant-based people so we need to constantly replenish the fresh produce!  

Today I picked up red & green pears, bananas, and vine-ripe tomatoes

Apples Carrots, Grapes, Cucumber, Red Pepper…

…And Brussels’s Sprouts!  

Remember how I mentioned yesterday that I have been stalking sprouts at multiple grocery stores, but that they’ve all been out?  And lots of you wrote to tell me you’re having issues getting your sprouts that past week or so, too!


Well I’m in business again!  Thank goodness because I was going through cruciferous withdrawals!

And then I hit up Target and Picked up some essentials like toilet paper and coffee.  
Two New Flavors: Kona & Fudge Brownie

I’m still loving the Smores Coffee that I’ve mentioned before

But The Fudge Brownie Smells Divine…

And I can’t wait to brew some tomorrow morning!  

I wonder if the Fudge Brownie Coffee will taste like my Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies?

 Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies-Slighly Different Recipe than 1st Link

Or if the coffee will taste more like my Vegan Fudge-10 Minute No-Bake Recipe?

I can’t wait to find out in the morning and I’ll be sure to report back!

So I was glad to hear you liked my Nut Butter Stash from Yesterday

And also my Chocolate Goodies

Thanks for telling me about your drink-guzzling waysI’m glad to hear I’m not the only person who can down an ice-coffee in 27 seconds flat!  Sounds like you all are some turbo drinkers, too!  Hey, there are worse things.

And it also definitely sounds like I’ve got some ice coffee lovers in the house, too!  Yay for ice coffees in the summer for me!  Once upon a time I used to love a margarita on the rocks on a hot summer day, now I’ve progressed loving iced coffees on the rocks.  Although a really good margarita on a rooftop deck for happy hour on a warm summer evening, that doesn’t sound too shabby!

Since I haven’t discovered any rooftop decks with great happy hour specials lately, I’ll have to settle for this Blueberry Clif Bar.   This is not a flavor I would have ordinarily chosen for myself, I would have gone for chocolate, of course.  But I bought this for Skylar thinking blueberry is somehow healthier than chocolate.   In a bar like this, I really don’t think there’s much of a difference nutritionally speaking between blueberry and chocolate, but hey, I try.

 However, I didn’t count on loving this bar myself!

What I love about it is the Chewy, Dense Texture.  I hate airy and light bars.  I like to chew.  I love raw foods that are crunchy and that work out my jaw, and I prefer the same highly chewy factor in barsAnd I love this one!  

With Big Blueberry pieces embedded.  Nice.

The Texture of the Blueberry Clif Reminds me of a Cross Between My…
No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Protein Bars…  No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Protein Bars recipe photo

…And My Vegan Gluten & Soy-Free Homemade Granola, which I underbake so that it’s nice & chewy.   

I don’t really care for pellet-like granola that’s really hard.  I like my vegan granola soft and flexible!

I also broke into one of my Betty Lou’s High Protein Almond Butter BallsGluten Free, too!

I reviewed Betty Lou’s Products in This Post but the basic info is that Betty Lou’s is known for their Vegan, Gluten-Free, Organic, Dairy-Free, Wheat-Free, Soy-Free or Corn-Free snacks.   

The outside of the almond butter ball had tons of little almond chunks embedded in it.  Actual size is golf-ballish.

I pulled the ball apart so you could see the middle is dense and chewy like a protein bar is.  The inside reminds me of the inside of a Balance Bar or garden-variety protein bar…

….But these don’t taste garden variety!  Really good and although there is a subtle “protein taste”, there is also an almond butter flavor and the little almond chunks gave some crunch.  Good stuff!

If you don’t have Betty Lou’s Almond Butter balls on hand, just make some of my high Raw Vegan Almond Butter Cookie Balls, instead! 


Green Food: Asparagus, Sugar Snap Peas, Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Cukes

 And no Brussels Sprouts.  Insert sad face.   But that’s about to change since I scored some today!

Dressed with Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

I found a few Vanilla Sunflower Seed Butter Balls in the back of the freezer and was so happy to munch on chilly balls!

You can make These Balls with any kind of nutbutter: Sunflower, PB, Almond, Whatever Works.  

 Super Easy and The Fat from the Nut Butter Just Melts in Your Mouth.  Nummy.  

Looks Like I know what I’ll be making more of with my newly acquired Naturally Nutty Stash from Yesterday’s Post!

I also had a Chocolate Craving and decided to break into a Chocolate Inspirations Vegan Treat 

I really enjoyed the Chocolate Inspirations fudge bar.  It was dense and dark, not too sweet, but sweet enough.  

But if you don’t have any Chocolate Inspirations laying around, you can always make my Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate
My Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate Is Super Fast to Make and in About 5 Minutes, you Can Munch on Chocolate til your Heart’s Content! 

Yoga Today is Recovering from the 90 degree hot power flow class I taught last night!  Needless to say, my class was slipping all over their mats and panting and dropping like flies in child’s pose.  Insert devilish laugh when I know I have made believers out of people that yoga is more than “just sitting around breathing.”  Come to my class, you will not wonder if you “got a workout in”.  

And ok, here’s a yoga pic of the day….

 Sirsana (Headstand).  Your shoulders and arms should be absorbing about 90% of your weight, and only 10% is absorbed by your head.  If you’re feeling it too much in your head & neck, you need to really concentrate on building your arm & shoulder strength, ok love?

Tip of the Day:  Did You Check and See Who Won the Lunchbox Set Give Away?

Click Here if You Missed the Winner Announcement….Maybe You Won!

1. For the coffee drinkers, do you like flavored coffees?
I never used to but lately, I am totally grooving on them!  If you have any flavored coffees you love, do tell!

2. Fitness or Health Goals?  Or just any goals?
I have sort of a crazy idea that I would like to do explore the possibility of doing figure competitions.  Yes, those competitions where you spend insane amounts of time and energy sculpting your body and then prance around in a swimsuit being judged. Yes, those!   

I know, pretty crazy but I have always wanted to do them.  I sort of alluded to it in This Post.  

What’s stopping me?  The fact that I actually don’t enjoy lifting weights, at all!!! 

And, that I am naturally not a bulky person and have no idea how I would be able to transform my lanky yoga body enough into something more like this, while being plant-based?  However many readers have written me behind the scenes and for all of you who have, muah!!! 
3 years now
(Source Click Here)
I originally found this woman’s site through April’s blog, thanks April!

I don’t know where to begin on this possibly journey, and not saying I am going to pursue it, but it’s a goal and a thought I have rolling around in my head.  Just like spending a couple months in India on a yoga ashram is also a goal!  

What are your goals?  Fitness, dietary, health, relationships, self-care, what are you working on, either short or long-range?

Stay Tuned For Hot Topic Friday…

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  1. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. The weather here is still really up and down. One day it might be 75, the next 50. Ugh. Feels like the warm weather will never set in. My husband and I both work in the web world so I am fairly savvy – and just enough to be dangerous! LOL

  2. Love the new layout!

    You've got me wanting to do a figure competition now too! Unfortunately I'm a little too committed to cross country and track at the moment, but who knows what the future holds – it's tempting! (I say that now haha)

  3. I'm glad you got the commenting figured out, I tried to enter the giveaway earlier and it was a no-go, so I can't wait to go do it now!! Looks like Skylar had a great time with the Easter bunny…makes me want to be a kid again! My mom used to make a "bunny trail" of cotton balls throughout our house when I was little, and even at 20, I kind of miss it!

    The weather in NYC went back to being dreary, but I'm excited for the sunny 70s that are predicted for later this week!! Hope you've had a great Sunday :)

  4. LOVE the new layout Averie! I've missed you! I was computerless last week and had a fitness weekend with my BFF so I have been MIA for TOO long! Wow, what a post! All that food plus clothes and books? So much info, you're awesome! I hope you get a bite soon!


  5. Love your recap!

    It has been on-and-off warm here. Yesterday it was chilly, but sunny, so I had a nice time walking around, shopping for organic groceries and drinking a raw smoothie =D Today it was a little warmer, and it is supposed to get even nicer all week!!

    I am NOT tech-savvy. I know some html, but only some!! I really want a header on my blog, but I would not know where to start!! And I don't have the $$ to shell out for someone to help me. I wish there were someone to do it for me!! lol


  6. Love the new layout! And of course love all your beautiful & delicious looking food. I think you just convinced me to go to Target tonight to pick up that coffee… ok, off I go :)

  7. Skylar is a smart girl for recognizing the REAL Easter bunny vs. the man in the suit!

    I think you could totally do a figure competition on a high-raw vegan diet and then write a book about it lol. It would rival Brendan Brazier's ;)

    The weather here keeps teasing me…being warm one minute and then dreary the next!

  8. I love the purple! Good job!

    I actually changed my blog today as well (and in the process lost some comments…). I'm not very tech savvy; it's really all trial and lots of errors… The classes I teach all have online components and a lot of the educational software/online components out there are actually a lot less user-friendly than what I do with my blog. So I have learned to be easy going or I'd go totally nuts…

    Hubby could help me with my blog (his blogs look A LOT better than mine) but I guess I like to figure it out by myself… :-)

  9. As I already told you, I LOVE the layout! It's accomplished everything you wanted. The colors are so fresh and inspiring and it's just beautiful!! I'm sure you'll get the cauliflower pic worked into your header and get the comment system all straightened out soon.

    You're RAWkin'!!! :-D

    Love the Snack Taxis! And I love my reusable bottles as well. I adore taking my food/drinks with me and reusing stuff at home, too. I even save jars to drink out of/store stuff in. LOL

    Your pancake pics always, always make me crave pancakes – and I haven't made 'em yet! :-)

    Love all the Skyler pics, too. Just adorable! And I'm glad you finally got to get some time in outside. I've been able to enjoy the pretty weather a little but we've had a LOT of cold, rainy days in Missouri. Ack!

    I have quite a few entries in on the Tazo contest. Phew, another awesome contest!!!

    I'm having a giveaway too if ya wanna enter: $50 iHerb Shopping Spree. Eeeek!!! I'm so excited. :-D

    Big hugs,

  10. Averie!!! I love your new layout!!! So much fresher!

    Looks like a fun day with the "Easter bunny" lol :-)

  11. Nice job on the layout! I really prefer the cleaner look. Like you, I have zero tech knowledge and I spent many, many hours being very, very frustrated. Many not-so-nice things came out of my mouth and I definitely got way too stressed than one should be over a blog! Anyway, so glad that's done… for now!

  12. I love the new layout!!!

    Awwwww what a fun day it looks like Skylar had with the easter bunny and the reall bunny!! Too cute!!!!!

    Snack taxis looks so cool, I love the one with sushi on it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oooooooooh those newmans cookies look bomb!! I love mint chocolate!!!!! Yum!! Going to have to look for those cookies!!!!!!

    Love you beautiful!! Cant wait for a new week of postings of yours!!!!!!!

  13. hey averie, LOVE the new layout; purple is my favourite colour. sounds like an amazing week uv had. here's to another!

  14. I love the new layout! And I'm glad you got the commenting box fixed.. I couldn't comment earlier!

    It's not too warm here yet but it's supposed to get up to 70 this week!

  15. I love the new layout! I'm pretty clueless when it come to designing my blog etc.

    It was freezing here this weekend, I'm ready for warm weather!!

  16. god for you getting a techie. Blog upkeep can be so tiring and frustrating. Love the color of the layout! Thanks for the recap

  17. I LOVE your new blog layout! It's so clean and fresh looking! I love the cauliflower pics as well!

    It was cold and rainy here in DC… but this coming weekend we're suppose to hit the 80's!!! YAY!!!

  18. I think you would be amazing in a Figure competition!! They do look like a lot of fun!!! I used to get spray tans quite a bit in my skating tans!! They are SOOO COLD, sticky, and smellyyyyy! I don't miss them!!!

    That cheesecake looks wonderful, and I love all the homemade bars!!! I have to finally work up the courage to make my own protein bars!

    The new yoga clothes are adorable!

    I love you mama Averie!!!

  19. the weather here is yuck all over again, it's been raining all day today, and last week was wintery and cold all over again…i am definitely hoping for nicer weather this week and for the rest of spring and summer…gloomy weather and wind and cold totally bums me out…i had a massive headache all day, which started yesterday…and didn't go away until around 7 p.m. this weekend…

    i had a lot of veggies this weekend…cooked veggies…

    my boyfriend…as funny and ridiculous as he is wanted me to post a pic of his "perfect" steak yesterday, i'm sure you can imagine what i told him to do with his "perfect" steak…uh huh!

    i'm not tech savvy one bit…i have no idea what i am doing at all…but i'm sure i'll figure it out in due course…and when i do, i promise to pass on the info…

    it looks like you had a lovely weekend…sorry about your allergies…i am so not looking forward to allergy season…

    have a beautiful night!

  20. thanks for the recap and some skylar pics. i'm not go on and on about how people buy bunnies for easter and then ditch them in the woods after. but i worry about bunnies this time of year.

    i hope you are doing a snack taxi giveaway because i want to win it!

  21. first paragraph, last sentence…should read "didn't go away until 7 p.m. this evening"…i am still sorta knocked out by the headache…sorry!

  22. Wow those fitness models are smoking hot.. that body will never be mine ha but then again I am not working for that. I cannot believe that one lady is the mother of 4 WOW!

    Yay for a visit with the Easter bunny!

  23. I love the new layout too. It is much crisper and fresher and springier. I think it does decrease the loading time too.

    I make those snack taxi things too! If only I were better at promoting myself. I make mine a little different – with velcro across the whole top, so it is a complete seal. but I haven't mastered the waterproof fabric. So mine are really only good for dry snacks and fresh chopped veggies.

  24. oh man, i was doing the same thing with my blog :) at one point i had the font so small it was unreadable, and the "get bigger" button wasn't working (hmm, interesting… lol).

    we had a nice spring-like week, but it was cold yesterday and is supposed to rain all week. i should come back to az for a visit!!


    BTW, new layout rocks! It's so funky – kinda like you, Miss.

    Bikini competition?! That'll be one crazy feat!

  26. Still loving your new layout :)

    I agree about the whole recipe thing- I try to link all my recipes back to where I got the original, even if I tweek the original recipe. And, also when I'm busy I don't post a recipe on my blog. Plus, it's hard to find the time and creativity to come up with new recipes isn't it.

    The weather's miserable here. It's tipping down with rain and we're supposed to be getting sleet later on in the week! We're usually in sunny spring weather by now but not this year. Anyway, enough rabbiting on from me! xxx

    PS i'm so excited that you may try the figure competitions (if that's what they're called). Amazing! :) xxx

  27. Love the new layout! Just wanted to say that I tried your tofu recipe and it was amazing! I've never actually managed to make crispy tasty tofu before so thankyou, I'll be making this all the time now! xxx

  28. LOVE the new layout! I also love to hear the reasons why you chose what you did. I love knowing the significance behind the colors, it give the page meaning. All your techno. work paid off! Have a great week ahead, Tess

  29. I do like the new layout! As for the help on the blog, my husband did the design with me, but he does not do my blog at all. He does graphic design and he is a full time illustrator, so I lean on him for the technical stuff.

  30. Hi there! Just so you know, I left you a comment on this post last night but it isn't here…maybe your new commenting system ate it?

  31. I just wanted to report that I made your Sesame Ginger Maple Tofu and it was delicious! I am usually not a big fan of tofu, but I really *want* to like it. This recipe made me like tofu! It will definitely be a new dinner time staple for when I need a protein fix. Thank you! :)

    P.S. I agree with Scott – I like the crispy parts!

  32. What an amazing surprise to visit and see your cosmetic changes!!! Love the new layout, colors etc. Very clean & engaging. Upgrades suck when you are going through them, but they are so well worth it! My hubs is in the process of changing my "platform" hmmmmm……

    Thank goodness he is doing it 'cause I have no clue how to manage the tech side….enough on my plate all ready. I am impressed that you are so gutsy & talented!! Besides…..who could afford to pay for all this???? not me :)

    Weekend good, busy……Skylar is so sweet with the Easter bunny!!


  33. The weather here has really warmed up, but I see in the forecast that it's going to rain Wed and Thur.. BOO!

    I like the new format you chose for 2 reasons. 1) the page loads much faster & 2) I love purple!

    I feel ya on the blog issues… *sigh* Getting kinda deflated over here about my new blog and tech issues… I think I need to step away for a bit or something before it makes me cry HAHA

  34. yayy i really like your new lay out :) it is super cute!!

  35. I am definitely not tech savvy but I love your new layout- it's very spring-ish. Sadly it's raining and cold here so no spring for us right now, hopefully soon.

    I love the pictures of your daughter + the Easter bunny, adorable!

  36. I LOVE the new layout girl! And that fab cauliflower picture : )

    Seeing those pics of Skylar with the Easter bunny brought back all sorts of memories for me haha! I was truly afraid of that bunny. Skylar is a warrior in my book.

  37. I live in sunny sunny Florida, so I have been dealing with the warmer weather all winter long! Ha I love it but I do miss the beautiful four seasons. I love the new layout, and thanks for the tip to click out my google reader…I need to do that more often! Have a great day miss, loving your blog :)

  38. WOw, lots to get caught up on. Let's see how much this old brain can remember: The cheesecake always makes me drool- thank goodness I ate dinner!

    Bikini contest- why the heck not! Your only issue would be having to increase your intake of calories and protein. If you're down for that, you could easily rock it.

    Love those adorable baggies- yah, not good for mangoes and papayas but great for apples and such.

    Fun meetup. Great giveaways.

    Oy on the computer stuff. I sooo want to improve my blog but I just haven't had the time to sit down and devote. I've been somewhat impressed that I can manage as well as I do considering I never thought I was computer savvy at all. For once, I actually know more about computers than the hubs (blogs, that is). You're like me I guess- not wanting to jump ship to wordpress :-/

    Glad you seem to be doing well!


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