Give Away for Lunchbox Set: Winner Announced Now!

I want to thank everyone who entered the Lunchbox & Cooler Set Give Away!!!!

Black Cooler BagsRed Cooler BagsGreen Cooler BagsPurple Cooler BagsLight Blue cooler bags

EasyLunchbox food containers 
I had a feeling this Give Away was going to be popular and a Big Thanks to Everyone for All for Your Entries, Support, the 360+ Entries, and your Enthusiasm Surrounding this Give Away!

 …..Drumroll please….

….Click Here to Find Out who the Lucky Winner Is!



  1. Rebekah (clarity in creation.) Reply

    you're on my blogroll!

  2. Rebekah (clarity in creation.) Reply

    i subscribe girl!

  3. What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win because I'm a HUGE fan of tea and coffee and I've read only great things about the French Press method. Also, based on Tazo's website, it looks like the company puts a lot of value on social responsibility, which I think is great!

  4. I now follow you through Google Friend

  5. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  6. For another entry, I learned on Tazo's website that Tazo recently joined the Ethical Tea Partnership which ensures ethical tea sourcing!

  7. I also commented on your French Press Tutorial Post!

  8. Also commented on your Kitchen Appliances post.

  9. Also commented on your Archer Farms Coffee post

  10. All of your vegan donut hole recipes sound awesome, left a comment there too!

  11. Also commented on your Oats/Oatmeal post!

  12. Ahh totally last minute I know and I meant to enter earlier, but, whatever! This is an awesome giveaway and whoever wins is totally lucky :) I have a whole separate French press I use to make tea…so amazinggg.
    I want to win this because tea is basically my life, Tazo is an amazing product, and I'm obsessed with the French press!

  13. I follow publicly!

  14. And you're on my blog roll
    When I get my head together I have an email to send you :) Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  15. Tea is relaxing, especially something to look forward to.

  16. Samantha Weinstein Reply

    So apparently "tazo" means river of life. Pretty cool!

  17. I'm not that great at figuring out how to work that! But it's ok I'm sure someone deserving will win :) However do you know how to get that stuff in the UK?

    I've subscribed to your blog it looks AMAZING!!!!

  18. This contest would be awesome to win because my mom and I consider ourselves "tea-totalers," as in, we love our tea!!! She would love for me to win as well! :)
    your yogini sister,

  19. tea is benefit..nice article about tazo tea informative

  20. tea is benefit..nice article about tazo tea informative

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