Farmer’s Market Finds, Happy Father’s Day!

Hi Gang, I wasn’t going to post today but I just couldn’t help myself and wanted to pop in and say hello!  Despite Scott being gone on a business trip and spending Father’s Day apart, Skylar and I managed to have plenty of fun.

I went to the gym and she spent time with the other rug-rats lovely children in Kid’s Club at the gym while I got a killer workout in, in just over an hour.  I worked out my legs and glutes, hard.  I actually hope I am sore enough to have trouble walking tomorrow. 

Then we ran a few errands and I realized it was the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market We practically live across the street from it!  It’s the largest farmer’s market in San Diego, and the biggest in Southern California, other than L.A.  And it’s on Sundays.  Perfect!


 These pictures are courtesy of Yelp because I didn’t have my camera

I could have bought a ton of produce but was just at the grocery store Friday afternoon and with Scott gone, didn’t want to over buy.

This is what I couldn’t resist on…

8 Ball Squash.  I’ve never had these!

Have you ever had them?  The vendor said they all the green squash pretty much taste the same, but I’m anxious to try them.

Gourmet Yellow Finger Squash

Broccoli for 75 cents as it was almost closing time and I asked for a deal. And got it!

Vine Ripe local, organic tomatoes for $2.50/pound.  Well, everything shown here is local and organic.  Love it!

White Nectarines in the back and Pluots in the front

Skylar ate her way through the market: Zucchini, watermelon, mangoes, turnips, onions, hummus and naan, Komboucha, Rice Milk Horchata, Goat Cheese, apples, squash, strawberries, blueberries, nectarines, blood oranges, lemons, apricots, you name it, she ate it!  I ate my fair share too, of course!

She came home and danced.  And then hit the bathroom.  Fiber much?  haha!
After no shower, the gym, and the market, I am happy and so is Skylar…

 …Because the weather has been like this all weekend.   Sunny, not a cloud in the sky.  73F and lovely!  And we’ve been keeping busy together.

Now I am off to take care of this little girl who needs me!

 Thanks everyone for the compliments on my Vegan Seeds Only Sweet Crackers

You can make them in the oven and they are really simple!

And thanks for your thoughts on Garmins vs. PolarsJust more research for me to do now.  It sounds like Polar may be a better fit for me because I don’t “need” the GPS feature, although it would be nice because I do cardio outdoors, exclusively.  But it seems that Garmin has better technology in terms of monitoring heart rate and therefore real (not based a formula) expenditure and what I am burning. I am leaning towards this one Not sure though….opinions and personal experiences with these unnecessary but fun gadgets, still welcome!

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Happy Father’s Day to All the Dad’s and Great Father’s!  Here’s to Wishing you All A Great Day (what’s left of it).  Hope you all had a great weekend with your Dads, Husbands, or the Father’s You Know!

Questions :
1. Best Thing You Ate or Did This Weekend?
Me = Hard to pick, but walking around the farmer’s market with Skylar was a blast!

2.  Do you like Farmer’s Markets?  What do you like to buy?
I love them, and could buy everything!  There are some things that aren’t necessarily any cheaper at the market than buying organically at the grocery store, but supporting local farmer’s is great!

3. Do you see food at farmer’s markets you’ve never had?
Me = Yes!  All kinds of olives, hummus’, greens, unique varieties of kales and chards and squash, mushrooms.  There is always something new to me.  Like my 8-ball squash today.

4. If you had $20 to spend at the grocery store OR the farmer’s market, what are things that you couldn’t resist buying?
Me = This is based on need.  And although I would have loved to buy pints of blueberries and strawberries, I didn’t need them (just bought some the other day at the store) so I went with produce that’s not as highly perishable.

5. What has made you smile today?
Me = knowing that I am raising a child who will drink komboucha and eat raw squash, but most of all, says excuse me when she needs to pass by a stranger in order to recycle her toothpick from her free sample.  

6. For anyone who uses TweetDeck to interface your Facebook and Twitter and post to both simultaneously which is why I use it...Anyway, I recently upgraded versions and now it won’t auto-shorten my links anymore.  It says you must be authenticated to auto-shorten.  And I can’t figure out how to do that!  Any tips?

Stay Tuned For A Big Post Tomorrow with all kinds of Weekend Recipes and Adventures…

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