Five Fun Facts Friday

Hi Friends, it’s time for a fun post:  Five Fun Facts Friday!

Here are Mine:

1.  I love to Scuba Dive and Can’t wait to Do More!

Here are some Aruba Pics I was looking atfrom my Christmas trip

For Newer Readers who Missed My Trip, Enjoy Pictures Here or Here or HereAnd for Older Readers who just want to torture yourself with gorgeous beach scenes, have at it!  haha!  It was an awesome trip and I am so grateful to have spent the holidays with Scott and Skylar there.

2. I am psychic.

Some people call this ESP, some people call it being a medium.  Some people call it hocus pocus.  But I often think of someone that I haven’t thought of in months or years, and an hour later, that person will call me or show up in my inbox with an email out of the blue.   My psychic abilities have more to do with people than things, i.e. I can predict that someone will reappear in my life rather than say what slot machine I should walk up to in Vegas and put money in.  But I’m working on honing those skills, too….haha!


3. My ears get really cold when I am outside if it’s below 65F.  I have been known to sport an ear warmer with shorts.  Fashionable, I know.

4. Skylar and I are going to a tattoo parlor later on today so that I can just browse around an artist’s portfolio that I found online that I would like to see more of.  Maybe getting some ideas for that quarter sleeve I am thinking I want!

5. I posted some Progress Pictures in my Gym/Workout Tab 

 I think a quarter sleeve could definitely work…

I’m working on making my butt bigger!Not sure if I’ve made much progress on making it bigger, but I’m trying, as I said I wanted to do!
Click Here for the Rest of the New Pics!

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1. What are your Five Fun Facts?  Post them here in the comments!

2. What’s on your agenda for this weekend?
Me = Family Day tomorrow with shenanigans, maybe the beach, who knows what we’ll get into.  And Scott leaves for a 5 day business trip.  Ugh.  Not looking forward to that so have to soak up all our time together that we can before he leaves!

3. Do you like jokes?  Like, when people tell a joke, do you generally find them funnyor not?
My humor is pretty dry and so normally, I am unamused.  But, certain things can strike me as randomly funny and I can get into them.   And I can handle dirty jokes, but I draw the line at bathroom humor.  Thanks for everyone who answered Skylar’s question yesterday about what’s in dirt.   I told her that most of you told her that soil has everything from decaying plants to rocks to animal poop.  She was incredulous and said but mommy, there’s no poop in dirt.  “Only in the potty.” 

4. Do you have any summer travel plans?
Me = No, not out of the Southern CA region.

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