My Birthday! Joined a Gym, Household Projects, How To Celebrate & Age Just a Number?

Can I get a big TGIF!  I don’t think I’ve ever had a more action packed 7 days:

1. Fitness and Bodybuilding Competition last Saturday

2. Packed my House in Arizona

3. Drove Across the Desert

4. Moved back to San Diego


5. Unpacked Fully in less than 48 Hours in San Diego

No Boxes in Sight.  Ahhhh

6. Tackled Errands, Shopping, & Household Projects and Handyman Handywoman Work

7. ….And

.I’m going to Celebrate my Birthday, which is Saturday, June 12th!!!!!  (tomorrow)

I have no plans for tomorrow.  I have had plenty going on the past week, to say the least.  The less going on, the better for me!   Honestly, I would like to go out and get rip-roaring drunk because it’s been 5+ years since I’ve done that, especially given the craziness of the past week, but I don’t think my body would be too happy about that, so I’ll probably have a quiet night at home.  

But….We still have This

Back in the day, I had a serious love affair with Veuve ClicquotIt was always noon somewhere in my world and never too early for champagne.
Recently, it was Scott’s Anniversary Present to Us on May 14th.  Maybe I We should break into it! 

Well, not sure what’s going to pan out for my birthday, but thanks to those of you who chimed in yesterday about Men’s vs. Women’s Roles.  And also for telling me if you’re Traditional or Not.   Many of you liked to gender bend the “rules and roles”.  Women can swing hammers and men can stay home and raise the kids type of thing.  I love it how my readers and friends share similar outlooks on things like this.  Check the Comments if you’re curious.

And being handy around the house.  Seems there was an even split between The Handy Types, and the Not Really’s.

Well the curtains that I was so happy about installing yesterday in Skylar’s room? 

The tension rod couldn’t handle the curtains and the whole thing kept falling down.  Argh!
So as I asked you yesterday, are there things for the house you have to get after you move into a new place?  Well, I had to go back to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and get a curtain rod and different curtains for her room.  I swear, I live in that store for the first few weeks after I move into a new place.
So Take 2 with the Curtains:  I installed a curtain rod and curtains in Skylar’s room today!  And these seem securely mounted by yours truly.
Pictures get really dark when they are backlit with the sun.  Apologies.
I now have over 10 hours and $500 dollars invested into obtaining and installing window treatments.  Not to mention I need a back rub after holding a screwdriver overhead and standing on a ladder for two afternoons now.  

Moving onto the Master Bedroom… 
Can you believe I installed this myself?  
Plenty of F Bombs were uttered, but the rod and 4 panels are up!

I found Window Treatments that matched my existing duvet and bedding and decor perfectly!  It’s a shooting into/out of the light thing, but the silver shams and the curtains look great together in person.

This is outside on the The Third Floor/ Master Bedroom Balcony with Fireplace looking back into the bedroom.  Curtains are up.  No free shows!  Maybe Scott and I should go use the Fireplace + Champagne…hmmm, sounds pretty good!  It’s chilly here, too.  Like 60F.  Well, that’s chilly for me!

And this is the view from the Master Balcony looking onto Scott’s Office Balcony on the 2nd Floor and also down the street.  Note the scale of the cars.  It’s pretty high!

And I managed to Whack my left index finger with a hammer.  I was getting pretty pissed that I was still standing on a ladder, I was tired, and I just wanted to be done.  I gave a really good whack to get the screw started in the wall, and missed.  My index finger took the brunt.  It’s throbbing like a mother right now.

Random aside.  Remember my pretty manicure I got for my fitness competition?

Well what do those nail salons use in their polish?  I have soaked, rubbed, and scrubbed my nails (yes, those are my real nails, no tips, all natural) with acetone and cannot get all the traces of that polish off and it’s driving me nuts!

Gym Today:
And as mentioned I would be doing, I joined This Gym today!


It’s a 24 Hour Fitness and the main reason I joined is because they offer on-site childcare, which most urban gyms seem to negate.   And the eye candy is not bad either.   The boys at this gym are not into me.  Love. That.

I added unlimited childcare on to my membership because it was much more cost-effective to do it that way than pay $3 per visit.  But they only offer childcare in the mornings and then in the late evenings, not all day.  So I will still have to high tail it to the gym in the mornings in order to have care for Skylar.

Who happens to be fighting a cold.  Not a big surprise after the chaotic week we’ve had.

And here was Skylar’s Birthday Post if you want to check that one out. 

 It’s been 4+ months already since my baby’s been 3!

1. What do you like to do to celebrate your birthday?
In my younger days, the sky was the limit and champagne and swinging from the chandeliers was not just a figure of speech.  I’ve had some memorable birthdays!  Now, though, just being at home sounds good.   

Going out to eat doesn’t even sound that “fun”.  My body has been through an awful lot this week and I’d prefer not to have any accidental allergic/food intolerance reactions that invariably happen when I eat out.

What do you like to do on your birthday?

2. Most memorable birthday and why?
Me = age 19, graduated from college and then celebrated my 20th birthday a couple weeks later. 

And then age 25.  This was a crazy one.  We were living on the beach in North Carolina.  I did a sunset yoga class on the beach with Scott.  We had our yogis friends and other friends over to our condo with tons of food and drinks and we proceeded to stay up til 8am the next morningLaughing, skinny dipping, having a ball.  Complete with a hot pink cake Scott had made for me.   Sorry, no pictures.  Have no idea where they are.  That was a great birthday!

3. How old do you think I am?  I have absolutely no issue telling my age, and I don’t conceal it on Facebook and have many times wrote it in posts and after the guesses and opinions come in on how old I look, I will mention the number again.   How old do you think I look?  You can even break it down by face and body.  i.e. You have the body of a 63 year old and the face of a 79 year old.  Kidding, those numbers a little high. 

4. How old do you feel?
Physically, I feel as good as I did in high school.  I don’t really I feel that much older in my bones and in my physical body.  Well, I do get random aches and pains from running but my energy is awesome.  4 hours of sleep a night every night this week and still kickin’!

Mentally, I feel sharp.  Parenthood does kill off some brain cells because one is just so fragmented and sleep-deprived..hah!  But overall, my gray matter is still fully functional.  I used to be along the summa cum laude lines, so perhaps I had a few extra brain cells that could die off.

Emotionally, I feel wiser, more content, and more at peace with who I am, with the relationships I have with others, and just more comfortable in my own skin than I was when I was younger. 

So I guess I would say I physically feel like a high schooler, mentally I feel like a college girl, and emotionally I feel like a wiser older woman.

How old do you feel?  Is age “just a number” to you?  Do you have any anxiety about growing older?  (I really don’t have much.  Take care of my physical body, keep doing what I’ve always done, add a little luck and a prayer and a positive outlook and attitude, and I am not that worried about aging and as I get older, I worry less about it, paradoxically.)

5. What’s on your agenda this weekend?  Tell me what you’re up to!
Me = Hit my new gym both days to lift.  Saturday (my birthday) is still open and Sunday morning a plumber is coming over to fix a leaky toilet and a shower that doesn’t get fully hot.  Doesn’t that sound riveting.  I bet you wish you could trade places for that one.  haha! 

Have a Great Weekend Everyone and I will be back sometime over the Weekend with My Birthday Details….

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