Polar F6 Arrived, Sugar Doll Award for Everyone, What are Your Random Facts?

Hi Everyone!  It’s a warm, sunny, and a beautiful Saturday morning here!  I went for a quick run today with my new Polar F6 that arrived yesterday!

Chest Strap is a Size Medium.  That was what came inside the package.  I didn’t choose this size, it just came standard with a “medium”.  Whatever that means.  Probably means that smaller than a 32 ribcage and you’re outta luck.

You may recall I sent my Garmin back because the Chest Strap was too big, shifted around, and didn’t fit me properly.  Oh and it was heavy and clunky feeling.

I like how the Polar is more “dainty looking” than the Garmin.  Sorry but a huge hunk of black plastic on my wrist wasn’t really doing it for me.  Light Pink is more my speed!

Not sure if it’s the 90F weather, the fact that I’m well-hydrated, or that I’m becoming a true weightlifter that’s giving me that major vein poppage.  Oh and yes, I totally shave my arms now.  I did it pre-fitness show and I am hooked.  Just call me Arnold.  Kidding!

The Polar Chest Strap Fits, though!  I have it as small as it will go and it’s very tight.  I am a 34 bra so for all you 32 or 34 ladies, you should be fine with the Polar.

 Not riding down in the back, and I don’t have to play the tuck-it-into-the-sports-bra-so-it-won’t-wiggle game.  Yay!

So happy that it didn’t slip around on me on my run this morning!

In a perfect world, I wish it had GPS but for the $85 I got it for on Amazon, I am not complaining. 

From my last post, thanks for telling me about your stories of fear, or not, about going to the doctor or dentist.  Most of you don’t seem to fear doctors, but plenty of you fear the dentist!   However, the majority of you seem to go every 6 months for teeth cleaningsI go every 4 months, even though I have to pay out of pocket, my teeth are happier when I do it that way and I love the way my mouth feels just extra clean.

And talking to strangers.  I am glad I wasn’t alone in thinking it’s strange when adults are overly friendly with children.  And usually with a ridiculous amount of “excitement and energy”.  Basically quizzing Skylar as she’s cornered in the corner of the elevator about everything from her name to where we’re going to what we’re doing later that day.   As Ela said, many adults have issues having meaningful conversation with other adults and so they use kids (or pets) as an ice-breaker. 

In general, I am friendly with strangers in public settings, i.e the grocery checker or the mailman, but I am not up in their face like, HI HOW ARE YOU TODAY LITTLE LADY, asking them their personal details like their name or plans for their day.

And then, trust me, I have my days where I just put my serious game face on, I don’t look around, I don’t smile at strangers, I don’t talk unless I have to, I am all business.   I have things to do and it’s not that I am not friendly, but I am not going out of my way to be chatty Kathy or anything.  I think that many of us are a mixture of friendly and keep to ourselves.

And there was the burnt Lemon Honey Tofu

Not this batch, but the 1am batch 

Thank god I didn’t burn the house down and that this batch turned out much better than the charred remains from my 1am tofu attempt.

And the Jeggings.  Sounds like I am the only person who wasn’t that familiar with them, but they are cute, and apparently trendy!

Of course, just as I purchase long, tight pants for the first time in years, it’s now 90 and hot and there’s no way I am wearing tight black pants any time soon!

Moving On…
Sarah of Gluten Free Tries Vegan awarded me with this award.   Here are 10 Random Facts About Me….


1. I have a ridiculously keen sense of smell.  I can smell garlic on Scott that he ate 3 days ago on a business trip 2000 miles away.  I can smell bologna in the refrigerator as my grandmother used to say!  

2. I used to love and need 8+ hours of sleep per night.  As a mom, as a high raw vegan, I don’t know why, but I need a fraction of the sleep now that I used to.  I would love to sleep for 8 hours, but there’s not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to get done!  So, I get by with about 5.5 hours most nights.  It’s been this way ever since Skylar was born, 3.5 years ago. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.  For now, I am too busy living to sleep!

3. It takes a lot to get me to sweat.  I love to work up a good sweat, but I have to work hard to sweat.  90F and humid does the trick though!

4. I never go out to eat.   It’s been almost 5 years since I have eaten a meal in a restaurant.  I don’t count Starbucks or coffee shops as restaurant “meals”.   Why don’t I go out: 

1. Food Allergies.  I would rather cook it myself and know exactly what I am eating.  Recently I bought a new kind of crackers that said they were gluten free, but after living in the bathroom for a week, my gut told me, no, they are clearly not GF.  Same with restaurantsThey lie.  They are far too careless with dairy and gluten contamination, not to mention sodium, garlic, and onions.  I would rather cook at home and not get sick.
2. I have a 3 year old.  It’s not “relaxing” dining with a child and in a restaurant.  15 minutes in Starbucks feels like 2 hours with all the crisis-avoidance a mom has to do to keep things mellow.  Why would I pay money to “entertain” my child while out.  Again, I’d rather just cook at home.
3. It’s expensive to eat out!
4. I like the way I cook better, anyway.  That may sound conceited but I think I do a better job than restaurants on the food I like to eat.

5. I haven’t seen a movie in 5 years.  Last movie I saw was early on in my pregnancy.  It was hot and we had no A/C and I had horrible morning (all day) sickness and I went to a movie theater.  I don’t remember the movie, but at least I was kissing the porcelain goddess in a cool theater and not my hot house.

6. Loud chewing, whistling, humming, or people who need a tissue and I can hear the snot in their nose as they breathe...it all drives me nuts!

7. I never liked my name so after 3 decades of not liking my birth name, I legally changed my name.

8. I love body spray

In fact, I don’t shower after my morning gym session.  I spray down with body spray and then go run errands.   As I mentioned in Fact 3, since I don’t sweat that easily, it’s not a biggie.

9. I am a neat freak.  I love things orderly, neat, clean, precise, perfect, organized, anal you could say. 

10. I got my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Costa Rica in 2001.  I spent a month in Costa Rica and it was amazing I would love to have a month to travel again and do something like that again.  I would go to India if I could. 

If you Missed any other Random Facts and for some crazy reason want to know them about me:

Here was my Very First Blogger award, August 2009

Then, December 2009 the Beautiful Blogger Award

And recently, there was a Five Fun Facts Friday Post

I bestow the Sugar Doll Award to Everyone! (or for Evan and any other male readers, how about we call it the Stevia Dude Award)  I can’t wait to read more about all of you and your 10 Facts!

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1. I know it’s still early in the weekend, but best thing you’ve done or ate so far?  Any Weekend Plans?
Me = a nice, sweaty run with a non-slipping chest strap.  And, about to go to the Pride Parade!

2. Sugar Doll Award.   Give me a Random Fact about yourself, or Give me 3 or 5 or even 10 random facts.  Right here in the comments section.  Get Random because I love to learn more about you guys!

3. Can you drink hot beverages when it’s hot out?
I used to think my mother and grandmother were nuts when they would drink hot coffee in the summer heat.  My mom used to say that it takes a real coffee drinker to do that.  Well, I guess I am a “real coffee drinker” because I can chug some scalding hot coffee, even when it’s 90F out!

Don’t get me wrong though, my Vegan Iced Protein Coffee drink is perfect for hot days!

4.  Do you like Parades?  
Normally they are like Fireworks for me.  Fine for about 10 minutes but then I am bored.  However, not Pride Parade.  Anything but boring!

5. Favorite thing to do on summer weekends?
Me = Be with Scott & Skylar outside and soak up the great weather; preferably on a power walk or at a not too crowded beach or park.  But they get super crowded here in the summer, but that’s ok!

Stay Tuned For Gay Pride Parade Pictures!  Here were my pictures from Last Year

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!   Stay Cool, Be Safe, Unplug and Have Fun!  I will be back on Sunday with Pictures and the Weekend Recap! 

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