New GPS System & New Cell Phone, Ways You Get Around, What Cell Phone Do you Use, Gross Things People Do

Hi Bloggies!  How was your weekend?  Mine was good but a fast blur!  Blinked and I missed it.  Whoa, where did it go?  Which brings us to Monday.  I mentioned last Monday that Monday’s aren’t my favorite day of the week.  It feels like there’s so much to get done and it’s a scramble-fest.  Last Monday was the day my car’s front axle snapped and then Tuesday I found out it was going to be $4 grand to fix it.  Still no real news or updates on that fiasco with the dealership vs. insurance company and who’s going to be picking up the tab for that lil ‘ole repair.

Sunday I went to Best Buy and relieved myself of some cash.  But, I “needed” these items.

First up is a Cricket phone.  Pre-paid phone, no contracts, unlimited talk and texts for $40 a month.

I need a backup cell phone and I need something to double as a land line for the house.  We got rid of our land line ages ago and long story short, we were with Vonage but due to the wiring and configuration of all our routers and boxes and computer paraphernalia in this house, it’s just easier and cheaper to do a cheapie cell phone and prepaid plan.

The phone itself is knockoff Blackberry and was $69.99Perfect.  

Hopefully the reception is decent.  There are so many prepaid phone companies and services now from Virgin Atlantic and Boost (both Sprint) to AT&T Go Phones to some real no-names. 

Cricket started in San Diego so at least the service will be good here, I am told, which is all I care about.   For traveling or my primary phone, I have a Blackberry with Verizon.  I still don’t have an iPhone (posted about this Here) because AT&T in general, in California, with the ocean, mountains, and valleys, frankly is not good.  So, I am with Verizon and the Crackberry as my primary phone.


Next up is a GPS.  Neither of our cars have GPS and I am frankly sick of relying on Googlemaps printouts I make and print off before I leave the house and I am not talented enough to use my Blackberry’s various internet maps features.  Plus they are small and not exactly user-friendly.  So I bought this bad boy because lately, I find I need it. 

See that LM in the name.  Magellan 3045-LM.  That means Lifetime Maps.  Meaning, I never have to pay $60 a pop to update the maps and everyone tells me they go out of date, fast. 
Free Lifetime Map Updates!  So this unit was a little more expensive than some of the others, but after one map update, it pays for itself. 

And it also has a nearly 5 inch touchscreen, live traffic updates, you name it, it does it. 
The Geek Squad Guy at Best Buy said that between Tom-Tom, Garmin, and Magellan, he feels Magellan is easiest to use and you get the most features for the best price.  Sold.

From Yesterday…
Thanks for all the compliments on my weekend pictures of me and Skylar

And thanks for filling me in on what Reader Request Topics you all have for me.  Unschooling, kombucha making, and Vita-Mix tips for Newbies, came up.  Thanks Aimee, Jackie, Bria for your suggestions.  I can definitely post on those things in the future, for sure!  What else do you want to know about?

Oh wait, I know…you all want to know about Sex!  I didn’t know how the topic of Sex and Sex Toys or a reader Give Away from Good Vibrations would go over, but apparently you all are horny ok with talking about sex and sex toys on the blog and lots of you want a sex toy give awayAsk and you shall receive.  Stay tuned for that within a few weeks I hope.  In the meantime, I was grateful that you all are open about sex and that you wouldn’t freak out if sex was discussed on a “food blog”.  As I said yesterday, sex is normal, natural, healthy, and part of life!   After all, that’s what we’re wired to do so the species continues. Eat, Sleep, and Have Sex.  That will keep the species going!

As for Free Samples, I was surprised at how many of you refuse free samples (Evan, Lauren, and many more of you) but many of you were all about them, like MegIf it’s free, you’re down.  But at least you guys don’t hoard.  Reader Sharon said it best, 

” Costco drives me nuts with the samples as I try to get in and out quickly and the hoards around the cheesecake – like – you really don’t know what cheesecake tastes like and are you really going to buy one if you try it – ugh! One day, they were sampling M&Ms – really – those need samples?! Now, samples at the farmer’s market – totally necessary. When there are a dozen types of apples, without samples I would never know which to buy.”   

Amen, my friend.

And Amber concurred with me that when you do actually want the sample, that stingy free sample store workers are the worst.

It’s always the samples I don’t want like some over-processed chips or candy that people want to give freely to either me or Skylar, but “good” samples that I actually would like, those are the ones that the Stingy Workers seem to dole out carefully.  hah!

Here were a couple snack plates I fixed for Skylar and I today.

 Raw Green Beans and all.  Are they ToxicNot for us apparently.
White Peaches are in season for about 2 weeks a year it seems.
I love them and load up on them for my couple weeks a year when I can!

Green Food: Raw Taco Nut “Meat” on Greensi.e. a Raw Vegan Taco Salad

Raw Taco Nut “Meat” on Greens/Raw Vegan Taco Salad

Dessert: Vegan Coconut Banana Cookie Bites
You can make these in the oven, without a doubt.  They will just be like making banana-coconut cookies.  They are GF and Vegan of course.  And if you have extra ripe bananas to use up, these will take those bananas off your hands.  Easy and fast!  

Vegan Coconut Banana Cookie Bites

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab: Upper Body Workout and Abs.  Used my Home Gym/FreeWeights & Bowflex and did Abs with my Exercise Balls from This Post

Tip of the Day:  My Terra Chips $25 Prize Pack Give Away!

Terra Chips

Have fun everyone!  Thanks Terra Chips!

***The contest ends on Wednesday, August 11, 2010***

Click Here to Enter!

1.  Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?
Me = Being super productive doing errands alone Sunday afternoon while Scott and Skylar played.  Maybe that’s not the “best” thing but it sure felt good to get things done in turbo mode!

2.  Have you ever used a Pre-Paid Wireless Phone or a No Contracts Phone?  Do you like it?  What do you have an how’s the service?  Any horror stories? 
I can’t wait to hear what you guys say!  Or, if you have any love/hate relationships with your current cell phone or cell phone carrier, let me know.  I still haven’t jumped on the iphone bandwagon for my primary cell phone.  Should I? 

3. Do you have a GPS device in your car?  If you don’t have a GPS device in your car and you live in a big city and you go to new places, how do you get around? 
I feel like the last person in the world who still uses Mapquest or Googlemaps printouts but half the time they are wrong and I end up semi-lost or in the wrong place and have to re-route on the fly.  In San Diego with all the beaches, bays, and random little curvy roads, this can sometimes be a major PITA.  Thus, the GPS.  What do you use?  Let me guess, your iphone apps.

4. Gross Things People Do
Sorry if any of you are eating while reading this.  You may want to stop eating.  Or stop reading. 

This morning I went for a quick little run and as I was running I could see this guy, and hear him.  From about a block away I could see him and hear him coughing and hacking up a lung.  He clearly saw me running down the block.  Well, right as I pass him, he hocks this giant phlegm ball and the major part of it did hit the sidewalk but some of the “backspray” hit my lower leg.  I honestly just kept running and didn’t want to be anywhere near Mr. Tuberculosis.   Not sure if he was homeless, drunk, or just absolutely the most inconsiderate person alive, but that’s my Gross Little Story du Jour.  Sorry if that’s too gross for you! Just imagine how I felt as it was on my leg!

Any gross things you observe people doing and wonder where they came from?  As my mother says, Were they born in a barn?
Public urination, spitting, nose picking in cars, you know you see people do this stuff.  Sometimes I want to just ask them what are you doing?

Stay Tuned For TJ’s finds and Phone & GPS Feedback once I get these things out of the box…

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