New Shirt, "Gun" Pictures, and a Few Funny, Fun, Random Facts

Hi Friends!  I’ve been a busy girl today running errands, being a mommy, I lifted, went tanning, did housework, fought Friday afternoon traffic…grrr.   But I’m excited the weekend is here!

Remember my “new” white sweater from the recycled clothing store?  Well, I popped in there today for a quick second and found a new-to-me and barely worn tshirt.  It’s a brand they carry at Nordstrom for usually like $75 bucks a shirt.  I got this puppy for $9 bucks.  

It’s got cap sleeves which are super cute and in person kind of “flounce” and bounce when I walk.  And underneath the cap sleeves, I’m hiding my guns.

Click Here for the Rest of My Progress and Gun Pictures
Skylar’s still stoked about her new room and furniture!

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1. What are you stoked about?
Me = The Weekend and time with the family!


2.  Best thing you’ve bought lately for under 20 bucks?
Me = my new tshirt!  Or maybe my new sweaterAnd $3 jars of sunflower seed butter from TJ’s are pretty good, too!

3. A Few Funny, Fun, Random Facts:

I like to eat crackers with a certain side down.  Usually the salty side down.

I use lotion all the time. 

I let my calls go to voicemail at least 90% of the time.

I hate loud chewing or chewing sounds.  Or slurping sounds.

Skylar is already a huge backseat driver telling me the light is about to turn red.  Thanks, honey!

Have anything you want to share?

Stay Tuned For A Longer Post tomorrow…

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