Summer Memories and Highlights, Fave Things about Summer & Fall, Do Breaks Invigorate You

Hi Friends!  How did Monday go for you today?  I know some of you started back to school today, or are about to.  When I was a kid and in college, we never started until after Labor Day or if it fell late, then maybe a few days before Labor Day, but I know some of you have been back for a week, or longer. Yikes, that means summer vacay is too short!

Today I went to the actual gym for the first time in a few weeks and it was nice.  I had been doing my workouts from my Gym Workouts tab at home.  And although it’s a huge timesaver, I can’t effectively do legs and glutes with my Bowflex.  I probably could, but it just takes too long to reconfigure the cables and pulleys so I keep them set up for upper body exercises and it was time to get my butt into the gym today.  And Skylar loved being at Kid’s Club (on-site daycare) for the hour.  I had a great workout, and appreciated the gym experience today.  I always like working out, I just don’t always like the gym.

From Yesterday thanks for your support about streamlining my posts in an effort to reclaim more real life.  Yes, I need to do that.  Not every post has to be in-depth revelations or a raw vegan masterpiece.  Sometimes shorter and sweeter is fine, too.  It was nice to hear about ways you’ve streamlined your life from paring down your workouts to organizing your grocery shopping trips better.

Glad you enjoyed my TJ’s product reviews as well

And I liked hearing whether you prefer to shop for Food Finds, Household Goods, Clothes, or Healthy & Beauty stuff.  It seems that food won by a narrow margin.  Not shocking I suppose among of community of Food Blog Readers.  But plenty of you do like shopping for everything else, too.


Moving On…
Summer is winding down.  It got hot here last week for a few days, for the first time all summer, but now there is a crispness in the air that is telling me fall is coming soon.  And next weekend is Labor Day.  Wow.  

In honor of good summer memories, I thought I’d show you some favorites of mine from this summer:

Leaving Phoenix and Moving back to San Diego!

4th of July Food and Lots of Recipes

And Fireworks Without ever leaving my bedroom home

Champagne with Amber


Farmer’s Market Trips

Setting up my Home Gym (Bowflex)

With Balls and Free Weights, too

Walks with Skylar and Scott through Balboa Park

Pool Playdates with Jenny and her kids

Brewing my Own Kombucha

A meetup with Madeline in San Diego

And with that, what are your favorite things, memories and highlights from this summer?

Baked Food Today in honor of Fall: Coconut and Olive Oil Roasted Potato Sticks (Roasted “French Fries”) 

Coconut and Olive Oil Roasted Potato Sticks (Roasted “French Fries”) 

Dessert in honor of Fall Apples: Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

 Raw Vegan Apple Crumble


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1. Best thing you ate or did all weekend?
Me = Time with my family!  And today’s in-the-gym workout was good.  And then we hit up TJ’s for a quickie trip.

2. What are your favorite things, memories and highlights from this summer?
I just gave you mine!

3. What are you most looking forward to about fall?
 I am looking forward to chunky sweaters and fall fashions.  Truth be told, fall scares me because it means winter is next.  And I despise cold weather which explains why I left my midwest roots and have lived on in warm coastal climates and oceans the past 10 years.  I do like to feel the “change of seasons”, but it can stop changing after it hits 65F.  That’s cold enough for me!  haha!

4. Have you ever taken a break from your gym, or from something you do everyday, and then it’s new again and you appreciate it more?  Or that it invigorates you and puts some spring into your step?
I rarely listen to music when I workout so when I put it on, it’s a special treat.  And when I was pregnant I was so sick that it was hard to work out or even do yoga, so when I finally did get back in the swing of working out again, it felt great.   And sometimes I take a “break” from certain friends.  Not on purpose, life just happens and then we’ll reconnect in 3 or 6 months and I cherish their friendship even more then! 

5. Anything exciting or new happen to you lately?  Anything fun planned?
I have a few things but you’ll have to wait til tomorrow for one of them!

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