Back or Foot Massage, Memories & Scents, Favorite Scents & Perfumes

Happy Labor Day Weekend Friends!  How has your weekend been so far?  Even if you’re not celebrating Labor Day, I still hope you’re having an awesome weekend.  So far the highlights of my weekend are that I’ve power walked with Scott and Skylar and got a nice sweaty weightlifting workout session in in my garage home gym.

And here are a couple hot and sweaty post-walk pictures.

It got pretty warm again here, low 80s with a little humidity.  Feels like what it should have felt like in June and July but I am not complaining!  The early fall is many times the nicest and warmest weather of year here.

And I munched on some good food, and drank coffee.  Coffee on the weekend just seems to be extra special.  

I was especially delighted when I found this flyer on my car windshield

$19.99 for a 1 hour foot massage or $39.99 for a 1 hour body massage
I don’t care if it’s not the highest quality massage, that is dirt cheap and I am so there sometime soon!

And then the perfume I ordered came.   I ordered it online from Amazon after carefully cross-referencing a dozen Amazon vendors and various internet perfume websites.  It basically saved me 50% compared to buying it at Nordstrom or Neimans.  I don’t mind going to tons of different internet sites when I know that just a few clicks can save me lots of cashola!

Oh, how I love Chanel!

My Pink Chanel Purse and Wallet have been with me for many years and with any luck, they will be Skylar’s one day.

I haven’t worn Coco Chanel Mademoiselle in quite a few years and when I smelled it, memories of my pre-Skylar life came flooding back.   Getting dolled up and going out with friends til the wee hours and wearing some scandalous frocks, and doused heavily in my Mademoiselle.  

All good memories came rushing back when I smelled it!

From my last post, I’m glad you enjoyed my Holiday Meal and Recipe Ideas!

The three most popular were the:

 Fresh Vegan Spring Rolls and 2-Minute Peanut Sauce Recipe

The “Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

And the Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

And to the question of your favorite holiday, I think Christmas or Halloween won.  And most of you do care about holidays, but it sounds like you’re able to manage your stress and not get yourself worked up about things.  Awesome!

Snack Today:  Chocolate Coconut Oil Protein Popcorn
30 Grams of Protein, give or take!  But I don’t really monitor my protein intake or pay much attention to numbers.  If you missed my thoughts on Protein, they’re all Here.

Chocolate Coconut Oil Protein Popcorn

Dessert: Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs 
No baking, just one bowl and a spoon, 5 minutes to stir everything together, and pop them into the freezer!  They’ll please the coconut and the chocolate lover in anyone!

Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs 

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Have fun everyone!  Thanks Kroeger Herb!

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1. Best Thing You’ve Eaten or Done so far this weekend?
Me = My time with my family, outdoors, in the summery awesome weather!

2. Would you rather have a back massage or a foot massage?
This is so hard for me and it depends on the day.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am really prone to upper back knots, little crunchy marbles that plague me.  So I do love back massages but I also have plantar fascitis and so foot massages are awesome too.   Pretty much I am a massage junkie so I ain’t picky! 

3. Do you have a favorite scent?  Or Favorite Perfume or Aroma?
For scents in general, I like warm and sweet scents and aromas like vanilla, cookies baking, the smell of chocolate wafting in the air, and Yankee Candles in Buttercream, cotton candy body spray.

But I also like clean scents like lavender, lilac, lily, or citrus essences. 

Favorite Perfumes and some of the perfumes I’ve worn in the past:  The original classic Fendi, Gucci Rush, Armani Ella, Versace White Jeans, Chanel Allure, Chanel Mademoiselle, and tons more.

What scents or perfumes do you like?

4. I think we can all relate to scents invoking certain memories at times of our lives.  Do you have any scents that you smelled again for the first time in a long time, and it was like whoooosh! the past and your past life came rushing over you?  What memories did they bring up or stories from that chapter of your life?
That totally just happened with the Mademoiselle as I mentioned above and also Scott picked up a bottle of Gucci Pour Homme that I hadn’t smelled on him in years and it took me back to some of our more scandalous times and shenanigans…haha!

Hope You’re All Having an Awesome Weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow! 

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