HALF OFF ON: Vita-Mix, Excalibur Dehydrators, Kitchen-Aid Mixers, Sun Warrior, & More!

Hi Friends!  I’ve had a long day and am looking forward to the weekend but wanted to pass along a coupon code that is good for the First Five People to Use It.  Once it’s been used 5 times, it won’t work, and it expires September 30.  Now is your chance to get anything you want that I sell in my OpenSky Store for 50% Off!

Coupon Code: FIFTYLOVE 
The coupon is good for the first five customers who use it and expires on September 30, so don’t wait.

Things You May Like to Buy at Half Off:

*******A Vita-Mix from $399 to $199*******
If you’ve ever wanted a Vita-Mix, a $199 cannot be beat (I don’t think)!
And Various Extra Containers & Blades, i.e. Wet or Dry are half off

A Variety of Excalibur Dehydrators:
9 Tray in Black from $220 to $110

9 Tray in White from $220 to $110

5 Tray in Black from $190 to $95


5 Tray in White from $190 to $95

Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixers
Commercial 5 Quart from $585 to $293

Professional Series in Black from $480 to $240

Sun Warrior Protein Powder
Chocolate from $47 to $23.50

Vanilla  from $47 to $23.50

Check out my OpenSky Store to see everything else I sell.  I have tons of superfoods, clothing, dishes, protein powders, bulk dry goods and spices, and more.  It’s all 50% Off for the 1st Five Readers to use the coupon code. 
Use Coupon Code: FIFTYLOVE 

Disclaimer: I received this promo code to share with my friends, readers, and family.  Your order, the fulfillment, the shipping, the order process as a whole, I have nothing to do with that.  It’s all handled by Open Sky.  I am simply posting a great code for all my readers and friends and your order is between you and Open Sky, so to speak.  Just posting this to cover myself.

Tip of the Day: My Zevia Give Away!

***The contest ends on Wednesday, September 22, 2010*** 
Have fun everyone!  Thanks Zevia!

Click Here to Enter!

1.  What’s on your agenda for the weekened?
Mine = time with  my family, working, a few longs walks I hope, and just enjoying life!

2. What kitchen item are you pining away for?  Or what other item are you wanting?   Will this coupon code help you get off the dime and order something?
Click Here to read about some of my Fave Kitchen Appliances & Tools

3. Fill in the Blank:
TGIF Because…. Tomorrow I get to sleep in!
TGIF Becuase…. I have help with parenting duties!
TGIF Because…. I think Google Reader Likes me Again today.

What are your TGIF’s?

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