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Hi Friends!  How’s your Hump Day?  Boy, this week is going fast for me because of the Holiday on Monday.  I did run around like crazy today doing errands.  Then I came back and was stirring some sugar into 32 ounces of tea that was in an old glass Vegenaise jar.  Well, this is why, my friends, one should never trust glass that isn’t tempered because the jar cracked and 32 ounces of sweet tea poured everywhere.   All over my kitchen countertops, into my silverware drawers and all over my kitchen gadgets and utensils, and all over my floor.  Let’s just say plenty of F-Bombs were uttered and I mopped up tea with two huge bath towels, one roll of paper towels, had to Swiffer my floor twice, and it took me well over an hour of cleaning and mopping and wiping to get all the sugary cleaned.  Omg.  That. Sucked. Bad.

Whew.  Deep Breath.

On other matters, I sold Skylar’s old crib and mattress on Craigslist.

It was a great piece of furniture and it was very pricey when we bought it because that’s solid wood, not fake particle board and each side weighed about 75 pounds.  I only sold it for $100.  Skylar has a brand new room now and so it was time to pass it along.

It went to a nice young couple and in the effort of donating, decluttering, and paying it forward that I just posted about two days ago, I also gave them 3 end tables.  The tables were in my garage taking up space and I figured, yeah, I could probably sell them, but I don’t care to run any more Craigslist ads for awhile, so I just gave them the three tables and they were thrilled.  It made their day and it made mine to free up space in my garage.  I mean home gym!


In the mail, Paula at Sweet P’s Skin Care sent me some items to sample and I am also carrying these in my OpenSky Shop.  For anyone who missed it, I opened up an OpenSky Shop.  I’ve been hard at work adding new products so I hope you check them out!

I added all of these goodies to my shop since they are organic, natural, smell great, and work!

Everything is Organic, No SLS, and No Toxic Chemicals

Shea Butter

Everything Balm
2 oz. tin with balm that you can use for skin, lip, hair, nail or feet.  All in one balm.

And Aromatherapy Sampler
Thanks Paula and Sweet P’s Skin Care!

Also in the mail, a new book for Skylar arrived.

For any Jewish children, or children that have a Jewish parent, sign your kids up for the PJ Library.  Once a month, Skylar gets a new book in the mail It’s free.  It costs us nothing, and she cherishes these books and they give her a glimpse into Scott’s faith.  More glimpses than he could give her because he’s not a religious Jew, at all. 

I have posted before Here and Here about our half and half household.  The bottom line is that we are raising her with love and kindness and hoping to shape her into a wonderful person who cares about others and the world around her.  We don’t label her, and I don’t label myself, as a true practicing member of any one religion.  We are spiritual without following the tenets of any one religion.  However, I want to wish everyone a lovely Rosh Hashanah if you are celebrating it!!  Naomi, Cara, and many more of you!

From Yesterday’s post about Roasted Fennel & Veggies, it was interesting to hear that many of you, including Anna and others, agreed with me and said you don’t think fennel tastes like licorice I thought it was just me who doesn’t think so!  

Roasted Fennel With Potatoes & Carrots

And it was great hearing what fruits or veggies you haven’t tried but would like to.  Lots of you haven’t tried fennel, and some new-to-you veggies included turnips, parsnips, and heirloom tomatoes and new fruits like starfruit, passion fruit, and plantains.

As to the question of Holding Grudges and Handling Conflict, most of you said you get over things quickly and don’t waste your energy on being mad!  And that you’re even incapable of staying mad.  Naomi.

Or Christine said: “I try not to hold grudges because they usually only harm the holder – not worth it.”

Gabriela hit the nail on the head with this, though, in my opinion: 
“My motto is forgive, but don’t always forget. It’s not healthy to hold onto a grudge, but it’s not good to keep putting yourself into vulnerable situations with people who have wronged you, either. Trust is the most important thing in all relationships I think, and once it’s broken, it’s very hard to get back. I’m always very good at getting over little fights and such, but actually trusting the person again is a very different story!”

And Evan cracked me up when he said: “I think I hold grudges, and I’m AWFUL at conflict. The only thing that’s stopped me from going to res life and asking why the bloody hell the kitchen is locked is because I hate confronting people and I know too many of the workers there and I’d feel awful. I really need to grow a pair but that’s just how I feel.”

Good stuff everyone and thanks for your thoughts on Grudges & Conflict.  I am of the mindset that I really do feel better when the air is clear, and it kills me when I feel like people are avoiding addressing issues.  I feel like sweeping things under the rug, ignoring the situation, or pretending that a situation doesn’t exist does an injustice to everyone.

It’s not healthy, in my opinion, to leave things just hanging.  I like to get it all out, say my bit, let the other person say theirs, and then move on!

Dessert:  Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate   

Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate   

1. What kind of deals or products would get your attention on OpenSky?
Sometimes it’s cheaper and there are amazing deals on OpenSky, and on other things, not so much.  But if I can try to work with some vendors to bring you all great deals on things you actually want/need, I want to hook that up!  So what do you want deals on?

2. Is your week going faster this week because of the holiday on Monday?
Mine is!

3. Have you ever spilled something or dropped something that took a second to spill but hour(s) to clean up?
A bottle of foundation that I dropped years ago still haunts me and my latest sugary tea spill today.  Oy.Vey.

4. Have you ever sold something, given something away, or lost something that had sentimental value?
It was more of a tear-jerker day when I sorted through all of Skylar’s old baby clothes and cloth diaper wipes and slings here than it was actually selling the crib.  I think the fact that the couple who bought it seemed so nice just made it feel like it was being passed on to a good home.  And I love having the extra space in my garage!

5. How attached are you to material possessions?  This is different than being materialistic.  My grandmother was not materialistic, in the least, but she was highly attached to her teacup and miniature spoon collection and those were material possessions she treasured.

I thought I would feel more choked up about selling Skylar’s crib than I was, but I try not to attach too much to material possessions, but that’s easier said than done!  I have some things that are important to me because they have monetary value and I like them.  My jewelry, my car, my artwork, my furniture.

I also have some things with no monetary value like old blankets and old photos that are treasured. 

For the most part, I try to keep the list of things I “treasure” to be relatively small.  Basically, it can fit in my trunk if we need to make a mandatory fire evacuation like we did in 2007 with no notice!  It all had to fit in the trunk or risk being burned and gone forever.  That puts it all in perspective! 

Truly, your loved ones are all that matter!  Have a Great Day Everyone!

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