Vegan Haircare, Colors You Look Good In, Recycled Clothes & Recycling & ReUsing

Hi Friends!  How has your long weekend been so far?  Hopefully you have the day off today or at least are taking it easy and putting your brain on autopilot if you do have to work today.  Sniff, sniff for you.  My weekend was a bit of blur because I worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but now I’m done working for a few days and my true “weekend” is startingYay for that!  

 Today, however, has been anything but “relaxing”.  I’ve been laboring!   I washed the sheets on our bed, washed the rugs in my master bathroom, I went grocery shopping, I tanned, I cooked and cleaned, power walked with the family and lifted.   It goes on and on.  I ‘m sure you can relate.

I picked up another hair care product by Unite.  This is the Vegan, Gluten-Free hair care line that I mentioned here.

I am loving their shampoo and conditioner

And I splurged on their deep conditioning treatment

 Note the small bottle size next to my hand but with hair, I’ve realized, there is no price tag.  I’d rather save money elsewhere.   Like on my Money Saving Tips on Groceries Post!
I tried it out and I really liked it!  The thing about shampoos and conditioners that are free from most of the chemicals such as sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) and various “junky” ingredients in conventional products is that the natural product feels lighter.  


I was nervous it wouldn’t be thick enough to really coat my hair or give a good deep conditioning, but I find that the lightness is not a problem and it did a fine job.

Not sure if it’s totally worth the $26 after tax for this small bottle of deep conditioning treatment or if I am almost as well off to use their regular conditioner which is twice the size for the same price, but as a splurge, I do like it and am glad I bought it.

Next, I found this recycled tshirt I found at Buffalo Exchange.  I would rather save money on my clothes than my hair!

I loved the pale blue and the graphics.   Lots of you told me in This Post that I looked good in blue, so hey, another blue item is good.  

Can’t beat it for $8 bucks and it’s super soft

I actually wore it to our day at the Del Mar Race Track but it was chilly that day so I had a sweater over it the whole time.

 I’ve mentioned my recycled clothing finds here and a post on thrift stores, buying used, and deals here.  Can’t beat the cheapie clothing finds that aren’t as disposable as say Forever 21 clothes are!  Cheap thrills, I tell ya!

In the snack department, I made some Overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats With additional Tips Here 

Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats With additional Tips Here  

From yesterday’s post, most of you agreed with my definition of “perfect weather”.  However, I must have jinxed the weather because it turned chilly, windy, and overcast here.  Boo-hoo!

And to the question of longest you’ve gone without washing your hair, well Aimee and Madeline have pushed the multi week plus range with various outdoor adventures they’ve been on.  And I was glad to hear most of you don’t wash daily.  Push the envelope with washing your hair as much as you can because it really is better for your hair.  Unless you’re Evan and your hair is one inch long and it doesn’t matter as he said.

Paid Work vs. Unpaid Work and what’s harder?  Most of the moms resoundingly said, unpaid work is way harder, but more rewarding.  I agree!

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Have fun everyone!  Thanks Kroeger Herb!

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Dessert: Raw Vegan Cheesecake
This may seem “complicated”, but it’s an almond meal “crust” that takes 10 seconds in a Vita or Food Processor and the Cheezecake layer is just soaked cashews and a couple other things.  There are lots of Vegan Cheezecake recipes that use tofu, mine does not.  And it’s no bake.  Very easy.  Nothing I make it overly complicated, trust me.

Raw Vegan Cheesecake

1. Best Thing You’ve Done or Ate This Weekend?  Have you done anything extra special or out of the ordinary?
Me = being with my family has been nice, but we haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.  No one I knew was having any parties but that was ok since a low key day is nice.

2. Did you have today, Monday, off and what did you do?
Scott works 7 days a week; there are no “holidays” or total days of rest for us, but we spent a few hours together in the afternoon walking, talking, being together, and just unplugging and leaving our Blackberries at home.  Nice!

3. Do you have any colors that you look especially good in or that others tell you are flattering on you?
My mom doesn’t like yellow, and yellow really isn’t a great shade on her, and she never dressed me in yellow as a kid but I do look good in yellow.  Also, blues, teals, greens, purples.  I don’t know, I don’t think I look “bad” in any colors but there are some that are more flattering than others.  White or orange for me are colors that unless I’m tan, I don’t wear.  I also don’t wear black during the daytimeI reserve that for nighttime. 

4. What have you done to recycle or reuse lately?   
I am a huge donater of old clothes, shoes, kid stuff, you name it, if I haven’t worn it in 6 months or used it in 6 months, I try to pass it along to someone who can use it.  This eliminates clutter and buildup of unused items around my house and allows someone else to have something of mine they may be able to use.  Pay it forward type of thing.

I recycle everything I possibly can and use reusable water bottles, grocery bags, and more.  I’ve posted about it all before but my recycled tshirt made me want to ask what have you done that’s eco-friendly and probably helped your budget by recycling or reusing, or passing along?  Or any good second-hand deals you’ve come across lately?

See you all tomorrow, enjoy what’s left of the long weekend!

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