Blogging as a Hobby vs. Job, Turning your Hobby into a Job

Hi Friends!   Wow, it’s already Wednesday.   I hope your Hump Day is off to a nice start.  I got a little At Home Workout in.  I’ve determined that I can be really efficient with my exercise balls, my 12 pound dumbbells and my yoga mat and that in 30 minutes at home, I can get a ton accomplished and feel great.  Not that I don’t love the gym but there are days and times when getting there and rushing just to workout on their gym equipment or use their heavy weights before their childcare closes is not worth it and and I’d rather just workout at home, leisurely. 

On my errands yesterday I stopped at Target.  Nothing like one reuseable shopping bag full of “nothing” but it came to $80 bucks at checkout.  Toothpaste, floss, deodorant, body spray, soap, a few other odds and ends like a light-up-for-60-seconds Barbie toothbrush, and bam, money goes quickly at Target.

Dessert:  High Raw Vegan Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes  
Tis the season for pumpkin puree.  Bust out the cans of it that you’re hoarding. You know you’re a food blogger when you hoard pumpkin puree.  Just sayin’. 

High Raw Vegan Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes  

From yesterday’s post about my cookbook review, it was fun to hear what books you’d like to get your mitts on.

And the discussion about Being a Pleaser, that was interesting to read everyone’s take.  Many of you said that yes, you are a pleaser.   Big time.  Many of you said you’re working on trying to not to be this way so much but that it’s not your inherent nature.  Me too.  And we must remember as I mentioned, that some people are simply un-pleaseable anyway.  Or situations are out of our control and we can’t shape the outcome to please others, anyway.  Good to let go, let go of that which we cannot control.   This is my life’s work.  


1. What’s your average Target bill? (or Walmart or Kmart if that’s more applicable)

If I am super careful, it’s about $50.  If I am not as careful, it’s closer to $80-$100.  If I throw any kind of clothing items for Skylar or I into the cart, it’s more like $150.   Ugh. 

I try to make my trips there about every 3 weeks or so, and so I can handle $100 every 3 weeks, it’s if I go more frequently than that that I kick myself because invariably I buy things I don’t “need”.

2. How Long Do You Brush Your Teeth for?
The 1-minute light up timer on the Barbie brush is great for Skylar and I used my electric Sonic Care toothbrush which has a 2 minute timer on it.  Two minutes is quite a long time and without a timer, when I am just using a regular brush and not the Sonic Care, I admit, I brush for far less than 2 full minutes. 

3. Last week I mentioned that Blogging is my Hobby, Not My Job, but sometimes I spend so much time coordinating things behind the scenes on my blog, it feels like a job.  Do you ever feel this way?

Does commenting on other blogs, writing your own blog posts, taking pictures of everything all the time in your life, ever make you feel like you should be getting rich from your blog since you’re spending lots of time at it?  Not that blogging isn’t awesome, it’s just a major time commitmentIf anyone has found a way to successfully blog without it turning into a major time commitment, I’m all ears at how you pull it off!

Check out my post on What I’ve Learned as a Blogger
This was a really popular post and I shared what I’ve learned about blogging, life, what blogging has given and shown me and you shared some of your highlights.

And also see my post on What Blogging Really Entails
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Does your blog ever feel like a job from a time-management perspective?  How do you handle it?

4. Would you like to turn your hobby of blogging into a job?  Get paid for it well enough to support yourself by blogging?

Part of me thinks at first blush, oh that would be cool.

Then I examine what I am doing now and think if I did any more or put any more time into my blog (which I don’t have to give anyway since I am working out of the house 4-5 days a week), I think blogging would lose its joy.   

I think we’d all like to get rich from blogging but I have realized that a very, very select few achieve those echelons where that’s a reality. 

And I do like to blog, but I also like other things, too.  Like being outside in the world and living life, not living at my desk, and so I don’t think I’d be a good “professional” blogger.  I am a hobby blogger, and that suits me now.  But hey, if I could do what I’m doing now, which is spending about 20 hours a week on my blog and support myself this way, I’d take it!  haha!

What about you?

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