Brazilian Blowout Update, Overpriced Things You Use & Buy Anyway

Hi Friends!  How are you doing today?  I had a dizzying array of errands on Monday, which is my “weekend” since I am off Mondays and Tuesdays.  An appointment in the morning, Whole Foods for Vegenaise.  I only go to WF’s for Vegenaise.   Everything else I get from the regular grocery store, TJ’s, or  (All new iherb customers save $5 Off your First Order.  Enter Code AVE630 at checkout Click Here to Shop)

After Skylar feasted on every known free sample they were handing out at WF’s from expensive juices to chocolate soy milk to GF Vegan organic cookies, we made our way to the regular grocery store for everything else.  Then it was off the bank, a couple vintage, funky, and used clothing stores to see if anything jumped off the rack at me for Halloween.

Yes, I found something.  Not sure I will be posting pictures.  My outfit is a little on the skimpy side.  Scott and I are going out together and I figured after being married 10 years, I’d give him something to look at.  haha!

I also picked up some more Unite

I posted about my love for this Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sulfate-Free Shampoo here
 But the stuff is not cheap.  Granted these are liter sized bottles and I will probably be set for at least 3-4 months, but still, $108 after tax for shampoo and conditioner.  Yikes.

Because I have the Brazilian Blowout, which I am still loving a month later, I have to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner but even if I didn’t have a Brazilian Blowout, I’d still use Unite.


Brazilian Blowout Update and See This Post if you missed the day I got it done.  (I also addressed the chemicals used question as many people wrote to me in a very alarmist manner.  I don’t know if they were trying to warn me or scare me, but yes, I did my research and personally feel comfortable with my decision.  To each her own; with hair, with chemical, with life, with food, do your research for what will work for you and your needs.)

For those of you who have asked if I am still liking my Brazilian Blowout, yes, I am!  I highly recommend it if you’re even thinking about getting it, do it. 

This hair has NOT been flat-ironed or heat styled.   It dried just like this.  And it was 90F and humid out.

For me, it has saved me tons of time and on not having to blowdry and flatiron my hair tiny section by tiny section if I want it to be sleek.  I can dry it haphazardly and just hit the ends with a half dozen strokes with the flat iron in huge sections, not tiny precise little sections, and my hair is smooth. 

I can tell as it’s been a month that the regrowth and roots are a little fuzzy/kinky which is to be expected as my new, naturally wavy hair grows in.  But the hair that’s been treated already is still going strong.  I will definitely be getting another Brazilian Blowout when the time for it is needed.  Whenever that my be. 

After dropping $108 on Shampoo & Conditioner, I kept the over-paying up.

At Target, $29 for Scott’s razor blades and $24 for mine.   Hey, at least we are smooth and stubble-free. Albeit in debt from our razor blades.  Kidding. 

Last but not least, I paid through the nose for a new whisk.  My 10 year old whisk broke this week and I needed a new one and couldn’t wait to make it to Target or a kitchen supply store, so had to settle for a $12.99 whisk from the grocery store. 

I love the feel of the silicone and it will last a long time, but paying nearly $15 bucks after tax for this bad boy hurt a bit.  Oh well, I cannot make Vegan Slaw Dressing or any of my homemade salad dressings without a whisk.  I refuse to dirty the Vita for certain jobs.

From yesterday’s post about Guacamole and if you like avocados, most of you said you do like them now, but that wasn’t always the case which is similar to my experience.

 Homemade Guacamole is so fast and easy!

And trying to find parking at the mall or crowded places, most of you have no patience waiting for a parking place.  Me either but in So Cal, sometimes I just have to be patient.  Many days it takes me 10-15 minutes to park at the regular grocery store or TJ’s.  It’s just crowded here and not enough parking places for the amount of shoppers.

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Dessert: Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies
These are super easy.  You need a food processor or a Vita.  Can’t go wrong with Dates, cocoa powder, agave, vanilla.  Allow to set up in the freezer and I store them in the freezer and always have a half-eaten gladware container of chocolate in my freezer because you never know when you’re going to need a chocolate fix.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies

1. Do you have anything that you “need” or use that’s an essential item, but that you find tremendously overpriced?

The following come to mind for me:
Razor blades
Window Treatments, i.e. drapes, curtains, blinds
Luggage as I discussed here
Kitchen gadgets

2. Do you have things that even though you’d like to skimp on buying them, it’s just not possible or is far from ideal?
For me, there is no skimping on hair.  Or razor blades.  The yellow and white brand of razors, ummm, no.  I value my epidermis.  

I’d rather skimp on not buying organic food, i.e. I buy conventional produce and save money on my grocery budget in the process.  Oh, I can feel those tomatoes being hurled already when I say I don’t buy organic.  You can hurl the non-organic kind at me if you promise they’re not GMO’ed.   haha!

3. Do you have a maximum amount of stores or errands you can handle cramming into one day?
With a child, I really try not to go to more than maybe 3 different places in any given day because that’s just too much in and out of the carseat but some days, it just happens that I have errand mania, like yesterday.  And as long as the free samples keep coming, Skylar’s happy.

4. Is there a section of stores that you naturally gravitate towards?
For me, it’s the accessories sections like jewelry, hair stuff, or purses if we’re in a clothing store.  Skylar’s a great little shopper, too.  And what a purse junkie.  She runs to the purse section of whatever store we’re at.  At age 3.5, she’s a connoisseur of handbags, clutches, totes, compacts, and purses.  I am in so much trouble$$!

If it’s not a clothing store, I guess I like to peruse gadgets and kitchen things, just to see if I “need” anything else.  Which I don’t! 

Have a great day everyone!  For my sanity, my sanity and for all the reasons I mentioned, I’m still trying to reduce my internet time so off I go to live my real life now and if I am not as present in the sphere, you know why.  I’m doing something Halloween-themed with Skylar today!  Should be fun!

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