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Hi Friends!  I hope you’re having a nice week and that things are going along happily.  The weekend is just one day away.  Even though I’ll be working, I still look forward to Saturdays and Sundays.  Last night was not a good night in our house.  I went to bed in the wee hours of the morning and am working on less than 4 hours of sleep, and not 4 consecutive hours, because moms are the ones who take care of sick kids and change sheets in the middle of the night.  Moms are the ones that clean up bodily fluids, wipe tears, give hugs, and are there to make everything better.

That said, I have to get something off my chest.  I am working full time, 5 days a week, and I am a full time mom.  This leaves very little time or desire to do much else.  I sleep very little and this just can’t go on long term.  The only way I can continue blogging and writing my own blog is to:
Reduce or nearly eliminate the commenting I do around the ‘sphere.
I cannot give personalized email replies to the comments you all leave me (as much as I want to!)

I have really enjoyed blogging the past 18 months or so, but lately it’s felt like a job on top of my other two jobs: my family and my paid employment.   And I am feeling the stress and it’s not fun.  I need to be fully present for my family, and re-align my priorities and spend far less time on my computer now that working out of the house is taking up a huge chunk of my time.  I know you all understand that life comes first; blogging comes way second.  Thank you! 

No, I am not stopping blogging, I am just streamlining the other aspects surrounding it and I’ve mentioned these things in the past but I know not everyone reads every post and I also need to put it out there again publicly so that I can hold my own self accountable to streamline my computer time and online life.

Whew.  Moving on…


The past week I’ve received a few things in the mail I wanted to mention:

Nature’s Pride sent me two loaves of bread.  I can’t eat the gluten-containing bread, but that doesn’t stop me from putting it to use with the fam.  

I opened the Oatmeal bread and spread Peanut Butter and Coconut Oil on it and Skylar gave it a thumbs up.

But Man Cannot Live on Bread Alone.  Enter: Chocolate.

Imagine my delight when I saw this huge neon pink label

Inside were snacks from Funley’s

Original Stix in the Mud Cookie Clusters
Peanut Butter

These don’t contain preservatives or trans fats, but they do have gluten in them.  I’m striking out with gluten in the mail for me personally, but Skylar’s having a field day.   Thanks, Funley’s, you made this little girl’s day!
Finally, I scored big time with this lovely 100% organic cotton hoodie from Ecolissa.  It’s fair trade, has a two-way zipper, and uses low impact dyes.

Melissa, the owner of Ecolissa, has been a long time reader of mine and I was both floored and delighted when she offered to send me something.   After perusing her site for over an hour, and consulting with her on email, I decided on this hoodie.

I ordered it in a size Large because although I’m lean, I am also tall (almost 5’11”) and I prefer my clothes not to be tight.  At all.   Even on me, the hoodie is long.  It could almost do double duty as a dress which next spring, I may try!

I love the shade of brown, called Mink.  It’s a really pretty shade of chocolate.  I almost got black, and I still am drawn to a few of the teal ones on Melissa’s Site, but the brown is versatile and practical.

And it has pockets.  Key.
Big Thanks to Melissa and Ecolissa!  

She also has a Facebook Page and a Twitter Page and is offering my readers a 20% off Discount.  Use Coupon code “eco20” for 20% off purchases. One time use. Cannot be combined with other discounts. Also, in the US ground shipping is only $5 per order

Every once in awhile when I post about things I’ve received, I get a few snarky comments from readers.  I have posted about What I’ve Learned as a Blogger and that it’s far cheaper to buy your own loaf of bread type of thing.  If one counts up the hours spent blogging (for free) vs. the items received, it’s far more cost effective to buy your own things.  Just wanted to mention this to head off any comments. 

Also see What Blogging Really Entails
Also see Blogging as a Hobby vs. Job
From yesterday’s post about my Top 20 Travel Tips, Suggestions, and Advice, I am so glad you liked it!  I put a fair amount of work into that one, so I am glad it was well-received and it was fun to hear your travel tips, stories (both great ones and a few travel nightmares) and also the plans you have for future trips.

I’m also glad I made you laugh with tips #3 and #17.  If you missed the Travel Tips Post, I hope you check it out.

Dessert: Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies
These were the first cookies, the first thing actually, that I ever made in my dehydrator.  I was so excited to get it in the mail, I opened it and naturally had to put it to use.  And these cookies are GF and Vegan.  Honestly though, you don’t need to dehydrate them.  You don’t even need to bake them.  You can just eat the dough.  Haha!  But if you shall choose, feel free to dehydrate or bake in the oven.  Either raw dough, dehydrated, or oven-baked are all great. 

Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Tip of the Day: 
I received the following email and wanted to pass it along to everyone:
“The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease (, to create the “100,000 Heartbeats” campaign, designed to raise awareness, support and $100K for WomenHeart’s heart health initiatives. You and your readers can help raise this money just by interacting with the 100,000 Heartbeats page ( For example, each time someone views a video, leaves a comment, interacts with the widget, enters the sweepstakes for a heart healthy prize pack, or embeds the widget on a personal site, a donation of 3$ or 5$ will be made.”

1. Have you ever owned any organic clothing and what are your thoughts on it?
I have a few items in my wardrobe that are organic and I have some organic towels.  What I love about organic and fair-trade clothing, aside from the wonderful concept and social/eco-friendly message, is that it’s always so soft!  I am a fabric junkie and the softer the better so that’s a huge selling point for organic for me; in addition to all the other benefits of buying organic clothing.

Of course, buying organic anything is generally more expensive than conventional and so I realize price is a consideration for most people whether that’s organic apples or organic leggings.  But if you can swing it, I don’t know anyone who would say they don’t love organic clothes!

2. Have you tried any new food or products lately?
I am always trying new things.  One thing that comes to mind that I am still loving is the Key Lime Gum!

3. If “(Wo)Man Cannot Live on Bread Alone”, what food, drink, or item(s) can you not live without?
For me it would be fresh produce, water, my internet connection (at least I’m honest), and a sense of humor and being able to step back when the pressure and stress of life is running pretty high and just chuckle at things.

4. What do you do when stress hits or life is moving at a pace or in a direction that feels chaotic to you?
Normally yoga, breathing/meditation, time with Scott and Skylar, stepping back from non-essential “duties” or projects I “think” I have to do, going for a workout, getting fresh air, a chat on the phone with a friend are some of the things I do.  What do you do that helps you feel re-centered and calm?

One more day til the weekend.  Enjoy your day everyone!

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