Technology Overload, Understanding It, Staying Sane

Hi Friends!  Happy Halloween one day early!  How’s your weekend going so far?  We are about to go on a little family walk and savor some time together.  I may try a few yoga moves and exercise ball workout moves in my garage if I get inspired.  We shall see.

I was happy to see this lady start following my tweets:

Ava Cowan (@avacowan) is now following your tweets (@LoveVeggiesYoga) on Twitter.

Ava Cowan
Delray Beach, Florida
Bio Gaspari Nutrition Athlete, IFBB Figure Professional, Co Owner of Pro Sports Nutrition in Delray Beach, Florida.
1,233 4,401 7,140
tweets following followers

Ava Cowan was actually the woman who way back in This Post, I had thought about getting tattooed on my arm.  Not necessarily her exactly, but an image like her.
 Photo Source

I ended up a blue-eyed version of a Victoria’s Secret model instead

 Tons of Tattoo Pictures and Why I Got what I Got are Here

But I still think Ava is smokin’ hot.  Not just because of her body, but because she’s intelligent, successful, and a smart business woman, and she is also one of the faces of Gaspari Nutrition.  When I was training for my fitness show and reading lots of fitness magazines, I saw Ava on the pages of so many ads. 


From yesterdays post about Halloween Candy, it was so fun to read about which candy was your favorite as a kid and if you traded with siblings or friends for “good” or better candy.   

I’d happily give up 3 plain Hershey Bars for 1 Heath Bar or Reese’s Cup!  It was fun hearing what you did, too.

Sadly most of you don’t think the Candy Honor System is going to work even though you most of you told me as kids, you played it fair and square, two pieces tops.  Hmmm.  It’s worked in the past for me, but this year we are living in a very well-populated urban area so not sure how the Honor System will work this year.  I think the Honor System may work better in quiet suburban cul de sacs.

Maybe everyone should just head over to TJ’s.  They handed Skylar and I a free chocolate bar Friday afternoon while I was doing a quick shopping re-stashing.

Since man cannot live on candy alone, how about some white carbs to go with the Halloween candy?

Coconut and Olive Oil Roasted Potato Sticks (Roasted “French Fries”) 
Coconut and Olive Oil Roasted Potato Sticks (Roasted “French Fries”)  

Dessert: Vegan Peanut Butter Chex Mix, aka “Puppy Chow” 
If you have to bring anything to a party this weekend and have precisely 5 minutes and want to please the vegans, gluten and soy-free crowd, without sacrificing one bit of taste or sugar overload, make this!

Vegan Peanut Butter Chex Mix, aka “Puppy Chow” 

1. Best Thing You’ve Ate or Done Over the Weekend so far?
I spent time with Scott and Skylar.  Scott and I overlapped schedules for a whopping 3 hours so far this weekend and it was great.  We talked about our week, our travels, and compared notes on life.  It’s always nice to do that with your significant other.

2. Are you going out for Halloween?  If so, are you dressing up?   If you’re not going out, what are your plans?
I dressed up for a work party and Scott and I are going to try to go out together but he may have a work conflict so we shall see.  However, nothing will be standing in the way of Skylar wearing that Princess costume we got her!

3. Do you understand Twitter?
I am a self-admitted Twitter dunce.  I really don’t understand much about the whole thing other than how to post my own tweets, and if someone happens to respond to me with an @LoveVeggiesYoga, and I actually see it, I sometimes try to respond back, but this is sporadic sine I feel like I miss lots.  Hashtags, the # symbol, all of it is Greek to me!  However it was pretty cool when I saw Ava start following me. 

I sometimes see my friends’ tweets but I am following so many people, I can’t keep it all straight.  I guess filters may be my friend.  If only I knew how to set this up.  Or even cared.

4.  Has anyone you really like starting following you on Twitter or friended you on Facebook?
One other time I mentioned that Matthew Kenney wanted to be friends with me on Facebook.  That was cool!

5. Do you feel overly plugged into technology?  Are you overly connected to the world between social media like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace LinkedIn, etc., the internet, your computer, Blackberry, iphone, (multiple) cell phone(s), land lines, texts, voicemails, etc?  How do you feel about this?

Gabriela just posted about this, and I have posted about it in the past.   I feel that there’s no escaping technology, even though most days I want to!   It’s just too much most days! 

The worst for me is email. I am never away from it.  My blackberry just enables the tech overload factor since that means it’s always with me and it’s always streaming in those new messages.  I get about 100 emails a day, and it’s a lot to manage!

By and large, I am grateful for the internet, emails, and cell phones.   Life was not necessarily better before cell phones.  It may have been easier in some respects but not necessarily better.   Having quarters for pay phones or even finding one that worked, not being able to change plans or alert someone to new whereabouts, plans, etc. before cell phones  No, that was not easier or better.  That was a PITA!  (pain in the ass)

And of course the internet has connected the world with the click of a mouse.  I think this is generally a good thing.

But not being able to get away from technology does wear on me; on all of us I think from time to time.

Let me know your thoughts on it all and how you manage it and stay sane!

Have a great Saturday Night and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…haha!

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