Buying Quality Items, Does Price Paid Matter, Buying New vs. Used

Hi Friends!  I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!  This week is flying by.  Probably because the last two days I was off but it’s back to work for me today.  I got a nice 20 minute at-home work out in already.  Lovin’ the just 20 minutes part. 

Recently I ordered myself a new Mason Pearson comb from this site.  I love Mason Pearson combs and my last comb that I bought was in 2001.  It lasted almost a decade and I have traveled with it around the world, it’s been in suitcases, bags, purses, and throw around my many bathroom drawers.

It finally bit the dust and the old comb’s “teeth” got brittle and a couple of them snapped off, but one comb per decade, I’ll take that.

Here’s my new comb.  With any luck, Skylar will be in high school and I’ll still have it.  Wow, that sounds crazy, but conceivably true!

That’s why I say on some things, it pays to buy quality up front because in the long run, you purchase less, since I believe quality tends to last better and longer.


I ordered it through and they sent this free sample, too.  Spritz it on your face to cool down or as a body spray.  And I love body sprays!

I also bought a new-to-me sweater from Buffalo Exchange.   Brown zip front cotton sweater with white faux fur trimmed hood.  It’s so comfy on, too!

It’s crazy how the sweater was half the price of the comb.  
Used sweaters I am okay with.  Used combs, nope.

From yesterday’s post about trying new things vs. sticking with tried and trues, you all were a mixture but seemed open to change on certain things.  Some of you will gladly change up your food or workout regimes, but others said, nope, if it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it.

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Snack last night: Bring on the maca powder for Coconut Oil & Maca Popcorn

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Sawdust Maca Powder
Coconut Oil & Maca Popcorn

Dessert: High Raw Vegan Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cookies 

No baking, one bowl and one spoon.  Done. 

 High Raw Vegan Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cookies

1. Do you think how much you pay for something is a predictor of how long it will last?
On certain items, I believe this is true.  Vita-Mix vs. a Black and Decker, my money is on the Vita-Mix to keep on ticking.  I think for many appliances, from washer and dryers to flat irons, the more expensive items will last longer.   Clearly this was the case for me with my first Mason Pearson comb that lasted almost a decade compared to uber cheap combs.

But on other things, I don’t think it matters.  Expensive clothes don’t necessarily mean they are quality.   Sometimes expensive clothes are just that, expensive.  The quality of a Target sports bra vs. a $50 one, I just don’t see much difference, personally.

2. What’s the last thing you paid for that was really expensive and you had such high hopes for it, but it turned out to be a dud and under-performed?
For me, this would be my Garmin Heart Rate Monitor.

 It was such an under-performer, that I returned it, actually.  Some people love them, but for me, it wasn’t going to work.  

3. What’s the last thing you got as a total bargain and it’s surpassed your expectations?
I got this book free, but even if it wasn’t free, the $20 bucks or whatever it costs would be well worth every single penny, for me.  I love Ani’s Recipes!

4. What’s something you would be okay with buying used?  
I bought This Shirt Used

  I’ve mentioned my recycled clothing finds here and a post on thrift stores, buying used, and deals here.  Can’t beat the cheapie clothing finds that aren’t as disposable as say Forever 21 clothes are!  

And this tshirt was $3 bucks, used.  And it’s been one of my fave tshirts the past few months.  I reach for it all the time!

And my Macbook is Used and it works like a charm!

Tell me about your purchasing decisions….new, used, if price and quality are related, what has worked out well, and not so well, for you!

Stay tuned for a great vegan dinner recipe…

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