Bargain Food, Working Vacations, Pool Pics

Hi Friends!  How was your day?  Scott had to spend lots of time working today.  Well, the entire trip he has spent about 6 hours a day working but that hasn’t made the blog.  Even though we’re “on vacation”, he still had to work.  He is self-employed, and I am an independent contractor, so we both make our own schedules, to a point.  When duty calls, we are there and need to put the time in to ensure we both have livelihoods.  But let’s not talk about work anymore.

Let’s talk about the fact that I got all this food for for $7 bucks.  The prices on the stickers are Aruban.  The US price is about 60% of that.  Score.  

More Papaya

They have the sweetest grapes here

For about a buck, peeled and diced sweet potatoes.   I hate peeling and dicing sweet potatoes or squash.  At home, I don’t peel them.  Here, I want to de-germ things and peel them best I can.

These were the sweet potatoes I made for Scott on his birthday

And this was Scott’s “Birthday Cake”.  A dense, brown sugar and cinnamon raisin type coffee cakeIt’s what I could find in a hurry because I wasn’t turning on an oven here and baking a cake myself.

 Moistest and Cheapest Birthday Cake, ever.

I’m glad you liked my post this morning about Using Up Ingredients

My butterscotch Rice Krispy bars with Chocolate Frosting seemed to succeed in that department.

It’s been a pleasure “using these up”

And it was fun to hear what you like to make, cook, or “bake” in the microwave or freezer.   Those may not be the methods for everyone, but hey, if it works for you, great.  And since I’m on vacation there is no shame at all for me about using the microwave to “bake” in my book!  Most people eat out 100% of the time on vacation.  We have eaten out zero meals and only gone out for drinks a couple times so what I am making at home has got to be fast and easy and I use the micro and freezer.

Here’s a few pictures of Skylar and I at the Pool Today while Scott was working

1. Have you ever done a working vacation?  Where you work some and play some?  Or when you go away is it 100% no working at all?
Honestly, I have never been with Scott where he doesn’t work.  All our vacations are working vacations. 

And not that I consider my blog “work” but it is effort to maintain it and update it.  Good effort that I enjoy, of course, or I wouldn’t do it on vacation!  But I have worked on blogging things while on our trip. 

And keeping a family in clean clothes, food, meals, grocery shopping, toilets cleaned, showers scrubbed, sand swept off the floors, etc. is definitely work so that counts, too. 

I wish I was just sitting around eating bonbons all day.   But Rice Krispy bars with Chocolate Frosting is more like it…haha!

2. If you’re celebrating Christmas, are the next few days action-packed for you?  Or not?
I definitely plan to hit the beach, hard, the next few days.  Nothing will be open here anyway starting midday Thursday through about Monday.  They take their holidays serious here and things close down.  So nothing to do but spend time with the family, hit the beach if there’s no rain, and zone out with my google reader when I’ve had enough sun.

See you in the morning, gang!

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