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Hi Friends!  How has your day been?  I’ve been knee deep in grocery shopping, errand running, and just getting back into the flow of real life.   It’s an epic task getting re-organized after a trip, isn’t it?   Many of you told me that you too are guilty as charged of wanting to get everything done, all at once, after a trip before you can really breathe.

My body is all goofed up and confused with time zones and not knowing which one I’m in.  Aruba is 4 hours ahead of pacific time zone, i.e. 8am there is 4am here.  Even though I went to bed at 4am San Diego time, and had been up for 26+ hours, I really only slept a few hours before my body was tossing and turning and the bright, sunny, gorgeous not-a-cloud-in-the-sky San Diego morning sunlight had me up and out of bed.  

From my post earlier, glad you enjoyed a few last Aruba pool pictures

And regarding Post Holiday Blues and if you get them or not, it was interesting hearing who feels a little let down and blah after the holidays and who’s happy they’re done and enjoys getting back into routines and life being more business as usual.

I’m going to be making a batch of these tomorrow…
Vegan Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats with Vegan Chocolate Frosting  


Vegan Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats with Vegan Chocolate Frosting  

Which brings me to mention cleanses, detoxes, “detox diets” and those type of things that seem to be very popular post-holidays and as part of the New Year.  It seems many people want to ring in the New Year with a cleanse.  I don’t!  I want to ring in the New Year with chocolate…haha.


Questions & Thoughts
(Please Note, these are my personal feelings, I am not a medical professional, this is not medical advice, and there will always be a situation/health challenge/personal circumstance that’s an exception to the rule.  We all must do what we think is best for us.  I am simply sharing my opinions and what I do; that’s all.)

1. Cleanses & Detoxes

I dislike the words “cleanse” or “detox”.    For me, those words and choices imply we are dirty, bad, or that we are making such poor choices that we need to “cleanse” or “detoxify” ourselves.

I prefer to drink water, cut back on the less-than-wholesome food choices, exercise and sweat out some of the toxins.  Really, I just trust in the power of my liver, kidneys, and my body’s inherent purification system, and not embark on special cleanses or detox diets that seem to be all the rage at the end of December and in January.

I think that being mindful of sugar consumption is a good thing.  Even though I love desserts, I don’t eat everything I make or in entirety, as I’ve mentioned many times.   Just watching my sugar intake without going on a “sugar cleanse” has worked for me if I’m feeling a little sugared outRare but it happens to the best of us..haha!

In addition, I feel that cleanses and detoxes are just putting a Band-aid on the real problem which is:  What’s going on in your world that you feel you need this cleanse/detox diet?  If one does not address the underlying reasons and change your dietary and lifestyle choices as a whole, then you will end up back in the same situation in short matter of time; feeling as if you “need” to cleanse or detox again. 

Finally, many cleanses and detoxes are either not proven, not safe in the short term, nor sustainable for the long term.

I realize there are special situations, i.e. addressing candida, weight issues, thyroid issues, etc. where some people have found great benefit from cleanses and detoxes.  And, if these things have worked for you, awesome.  Just not my personal choices but we are all so different and must do as we see fit for our own selves.  I also am flexible enough to not write a cleanse off depending on future health issues as no one knows what the future will bring.

Do what you know what works for you and if you’re tempted to try a cleanse or a detox that you’ve researched, great and I hope you find improved health and wellness.

In related posts, I also wrote about Being Sugared Out on Christmas Eve that many people seemed to relate to, for if nothing else, my thoughts about moderation.

What do you think about cleanses, detoxes, and detox diets?

2.  Have you ever tried a cleanse, detox, “detox diet”?  Why or why not?

3.  Would you ever try one?  Why or why not?

Have a great evening friends!   And I’ll be back in the morning.  I have some exciting news!

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