Dessert Recipes I Want to Make

Hi Friends!  This post is a compilation of things I’ve seen around the sphere recently that I have been tempted by.  I would like to make all these things.  I am honest and I know that there is more food and sugar here than I have time or appetite for.  Well, I probably do have the appetite for it.  But that’s another story.  

I hope you drool over everyone’s creations just as much as I have.  Some are vegan, some are gluten free, all are delicious, no doubt!

And of course, this is in no way a post of all the great food I’ve wanted to make, these are just a few of the items that came to mind and all are from wonderful ladies and friends.  Which also counts for a lot in my book!

I hope you drool over Enjoy These Recipes….

Gabriela’s Car Bomb Cake
Please note this cake contains: Guinness in the cake itself, a whiskey ganache, and Bailey’s buttercream frosting.  I’ll take seconds and thirds, please!

Jessica’s No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies
Already vegan, and could become Gluten Free pretty easily


Katie’s Single Lady Cupcake


Madeline’s Pumpkin Beer Bread

Erica’s Big Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Janetha’s Red Velvet Cake



Kristen’s Double Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake (Vegan & GF)

Susan’s Chocolate Chip Blondies (inspired by this Smitten Kitchen recipe)


Veggie Girl’s Chocolate Caramel Pecan Blondies
Gluten Free and most of her blondie varieties are vegan

Heather’s Butterscotch Oaties


Jolene’s Chocolate Vanilla Bean Pear Crumble

Brittany’s Nutella Rugelach


Katie’s Fudgy Healthy Brownies
She calls them healthy, but swears they don’t taste healthy. 



Holly’s Christmas Crack

Pure 2 Raw Twins Smores (Raw & Vegan)


Angela’s Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies (Vegan)



Anna’s Vegan Pumpkin Cookies with Maple Cream Cheese Icing

DSC_0008 (68)

DSC_0012 (45)

Aimee’s Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake (Raw, Vegan; and note the Raw Oreos.  Just those would be awesome!)

My Dessert Contribution Today: If the recipes from these friends weren’t enough, please see My 12 Days and Recipes of Christmas Post I posted yesterday.

Everything from Fudge to Cookies to “Healthy” to Totally Not Healthy Recipes
Please Check it Out!

Also from my 12 Days and Recipes of Christmas Post, thanks for the feedback on my 12 Dessert Recipes!

I really appreciated your thoughts about how you feel about bloggers who post twice a day.  And whether you feel like you miss important content of theirs; or, whether you enjoy the more frequent updates.  

Most of you said that you do feel like you miss out on content when a person posts twice a day.   That although you love their blog, you don’t have time to read all their posts, or read them as thoroughly as you wish, if they post more than once a day.  Because we all read so many blogs, and we all have real lives, too, and don’t just live to read blogs.

I appreciate the honest feedback and I have thought about posting twice a day but know it’s probably not a schedule I could keep up with regulary once my vacation is over with and I am back to “real life”.  Some days, yes.  All days, heck no!  So, if you see a double post from me in a day, consider it a bonus.

I do like the idea of shorter, more frequent posts on so many levels.  But it’s easy for me to say this now, while I’m on vacation.  Ask me in a few weeks, and I may have a totally different tune.

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1. What recipe has you really drooling?

2. Of the recipes you see in the sphere that you want to make vs. those you actually make, how many do you truly make?

I see so many recipes each day that I’d like to make.  A few of them really do look easy enough to whip up quickly, the recipe is vegan + GF for me, or is decadently perfect enough for me to spend the time to make for someone else.

But unfortunately, my eyes are bigger than my stomach ambition and time available to get in the kitchen and get busy working on those cooking projects!

3. Any plans for the weekend?  Holiday shopping?  Holiday parties?  Tell me about what’s going on in your world!
I plan to spend time at the beach, be with my family, see our friends and neighbors down here in Aruba now that all the snowbirds have arrived for the season and catch up with everyone.  

Have a great day and pre-Holiday weekend, everyone! 

It’s not raining and it’s time to get my workout in outside with a beachside slow jog…

 …and then at home for 20 minutes doing some water jug lifting and yoga moves. Bye!

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