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Hi Friends! How was your weekend?  Mine was nice despite not having real cooperative weather here in Aruba.  Tons and tons of rain, but hey, it’s ok.  I’ll take rain and being on vacation and not working any day. 

Thank you for the compliments on yesterday’s Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

My neighbor totally loved them, as I suspected he would!

I wanted to mention a few holiday gift guides I’ve seen even though I know it’s a little late in the game.


Gena recently published one

Christine did too

So did Gina

And I’ve seen lots more Gift Guides floating around.   

I have a little gift that I’d like to buy for myself.  It’s called a DSLR.  Specifically, a Canon Rebel.

EOS Rebel T2i EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit

 Photo Source

1. What’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever gotten that comes to mind.  Quick tell me right now, don’t over think it.  First thing that pops into your mind.
For me, it’s a piece of jewelry.  That I bought by myself.  It was a gift to myself for achieving a milestone and goal I was working toward.  It was and is still extremely special to me. 

The fact that I achieved the goal and milestone I was trying to achieve, and that I didn’t wait for someone else, i.e. a man, to buy this piece of jewelry for me makes the item even more special.  

2. Do you have that person on your list who “has everything”?  What are you getting him or her?  
I have mentioned many times that Scott and I don’t exchange gifts anymore.  We buy things as we need them throughout the year rather than making December unusually big.

My list of people who I bought holiday presents for this year was very short.  As in three people and one of them is my child.  So I didn’t have to contend with that “has everything” person per se, other than my parents who do have everything.

3. Cameras.   I have been thinking about getting a big, fancy camera.  The term for big and fancy would be DSLR in my opinion.

I have heard excellent things about the Canon Rebels.   There are a variety of Rebels; the XSi, the the T2i, the EOS 60D, and many more.   It’s one of those could spend a lifetime researching it, things.  

I am leaning toward the Canon Rebel T2i over the XSi Series because the T series does video, the X series does not.  

Then there are lenses.  I need something that is goof-proof.  Or at least doesn’t have a ridiculous learning curve. 

My #1 reason I have not gotten a DSLR yest is not price.  It’s that I am scared that I will have no idea how to use the camera and I will be the proud owner of a very expensive paperweight that just sits on my desk because I am scared of it.  And that it’s just too complicated.

Any ideas, advice, tips, product recommendations for me?  Anything you’ve bought and disliked?  That’s important, too!

If you have a DSLR you love, tell me about it.  Why do you love it?  Would you re-buy it again?
I have been chatting with Allie and Susan about it.  And I know that Ashley is a huge resource about photography and cameras.   I need your thoughts and opinions, so give ’em to me.  This is a big$$ purchase and I want to get it right! 

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I am off to Workout on This Path

….and with any luck, you’ll see me back here sooner rather than later.  As in later on today.

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