Gingerbread Cookie Decorating & Memories

Hi Friends!  It’s almost Christmas.  Good thing I remembered that I had this gingerbread man tucked away before Christmas comes and goes!  I bought this at TJ’s before we left San Diego, hauled it down to Aruba along with her Advent Calendar And almost forgot about the G-Man until yesterday.

Ready to Go: Just open the box and start decorating!   
No baking required.  We know that I’ve been a Microwave Baker this trip.

So Excited when I pulled this Rabbit Gingerbread Man out of my hat!

Let the Sugarfest Begin!


First we iced him.  (I helped but followed her directions)

Then, she put the buttons on.  Note the left-handed button application.  She did the whole man, using her left hand.   With everything else she’s a righty, pens, forks, playing with my cell phone buttons, but my dad’s side, who she takes after, is full of lefties.

So proud that she did the buttons, eyes, nose, and hair all by herself


Time to eat.

She requested, first, his left foot.

Then, she requested his arm.  Scott had part of the left leg and torso.

“Mmmm, good.  Can I have my water, please, Mommy?”  

Then, she ate some of his right leg.

And then his left ear.  Van Gogh much?

Savoring the last few bites before it was time to put this dry stale old man gingerbread man into a container for later.

It was so much fun.  This is the stuff memories are made of!

From my post last night about my cheapie produce finds here on the island and working vacations, it was fun hearing if you work on your holidays and vacations, or not.   Sounds like most of you work a bit but mostly just try to just relax and unplug when you’re on vacation.  Very smart!

Dessert: High Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls
If you’re looking for something that’s GF and vegan, try these.  And yes, tastes as good as real gingerbread cookies if you’re a cookie dough lover, make these!  You can bake them, dehydrate them

…, or just keep the dough raw.   
I know there are cookie dough lovers who just prefer raw dough,  Ahem, me.  No eggs, no problems.
High Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

(Same recipe, just prepared differently)
High Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls

1. Do you have memories of decorating cookies as a child?
I do!  I loved Christmas baking season.  I say season because my mother and grandmother loved to cook and bake, and Christmas baking season just intensified that.  Christmas was the time of year where butter, sugar, flour, and sprinkles were the 4 food groups.  And it was so much fun to help decorate cookies and make every kind of treat, bar, candy, cake, and fudge known to man.   And help eat it was part of the fun, of course!

2. What’s your favorite holiday cookie?  Or favorite holiday dessert?
Growing up, I remember decorating and eating more sugar cookies than gingerbread cookies.  I actually don’t “love” sugar cookies.  They’re fine, but I would definitely take a gingerbread or molasses cookie over a sugar cookie.

But I do love sandwich cookies as my grandma used to call them.  They are delicate, thin, buttery flaky mini sugar cookies with a layer of homemade buttercream frosting in the middle.  Kind of like a 5 star version of a sugar-cookie based Oreo.  To even compare them to Oreos is unfair…haha!

I love my mom’s Creme de Menthe bars.  This recipe of mine is a GF Vegan version of hers.  
Vegan Creme de Menthe Bars (No-Bake)

 Vegan Creme de Menthe Bars (No-Bake)

And my mom’s Seven Layer Bars like Katie just made were a staple in our house growing up.  My mom didn’t just make them for Christmas but for everything from funerals to high school graduations, she was always making and bringing a pan of those places.   I adore them!

More than likely this is my Mom’s Recipe because she uses Eagle Sweetened Condensed Milk in her Seven Layer Bars.

But this photo is from Katie’s Post 

I want this whole pan!   Great work, Katie!

Need any last minute holiday recipes?

Please check out my 12 Days & Recipes of Christmas Post with fudges, cookies, chocolate, and more

12 Days & Recipes of Christmas Post

Or, my Friends’ Dessert Recipes I Want to Make Post with tons of delish treats I’ve seen floating around the sphere.


It’s time for me to Hit the Streets & Beach on an Island Workout

See you all back here later today!

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